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Toyo Tyres Control Rubber- for Hyundai Coupe Cup in 2015 – Tread Magazine

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

Toyo Tyres Control Rubber

New post: Toyo Tyres to Be Control Rubber for Hyundai Coupe Cup in 2015


Toyo tyres ,like so many other tyre manufacturers are constantly dipping their toes into the motorsport scene, at all levels, this article is about Toyo supplying the Hyundai Coupe Cup in the 2015 season using their R888 tyre.

Toyo tyres backing smaller motorsport races

I have been a great fan of Toyo tyres for many years now and one of the reasons is because of the smaller motorsport events that they supply their tyres to.

They support events such as the Honda V-Tec challenge; these events give the chance to take the first steps into motor racing, for the owners of the performance Honda cars. These Honda owners have got together to create their own dedicated racing series.

Toyo tyres also support the Jaguar Saloon & GT Championship;

These are a group of Jaguar car addicts who are members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts club and organise race events and social gatherings.

toyo tyres

Toyo tyres supporting the BMW championships

The next group that Toyo tyres support are the Porsche Championship; this event was formed in 2010 for Porsche owners with the 924 and the Boxster 3.2s models; Each model, having their own championships. These cars can accommodate a grid size of more than 40 cars and race on some of the best circuits here in the UK. For results you can visit…

Other events that Toyo support are the championship events for the six Classic and Historic car championships, which is split up into different classes and engine sizes and the cars compete at circuits all throughout the UK. For further information visit…

One of the most popular events that Toyo tyre support is the Production BMW Championship; this is based on the extremely popular BMW E30 3-series cars, and is run on racing circuits across the UK, I was lucky enough to watch a day’s racing at the Croft circuit in Yorkshire UK. For further reading and the results visit…  

Other races that Toyo Tyres Control Rubber support are;

The Racing Saloons, BRSCC  Alfa Romeo Championship, Hyundai Coupe Cup, BRSCC MK2 Production GTi Championship, Mondello Park Blackchurch Motors Fiesta Championship,  Rally Sports Association and last but not least the Toyota MR2 championship.

I am fond of this series because I once owned one of these small mid-engine sports cars and loved it. The race is open to the novice and experienced drivers and the cars require very

toyo tyres

Toyo tyre Porsche racing

little modification to bring them up to racing standards, for MR2 results…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres. Give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.Selling Toyo Tyres online from our website Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists. Hence who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes Carrying out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Toyo Tyres Proxes-Announces $210 million plant expansion and UK Football club Sponsorship.

Toyo Tyres Proxes

Toyo Tyres Proxes


Toyo Tyres Proxes-announces $210 million plant expansion

Daily Tribune News

Nathan Deal increased the bond capacity for the company’s expansion to $910 million.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Toyo Tyres

Toyo tyres have also released a new tyre. Hence, the Toyo Tyres Proxes CF2. Of course,the new Proxes 2 tyre is capable of excellent performance. Naturally, on all types of road conditions. This tyre is the latest in a long line of tyre products to come from Japan.

The tyre as also been designed for the high demand of comfort required in today’s car market. The new tyre has high speed stability and road handling

Read more…

“We have also been equally stringent in our design demands for comfort and efficiency. Low noise and excellent high-speed stability ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, while the clever blending of Super Active, Grip and Wear Resistant polymers offer drivers improved fuel economy and 25% less rolling resistance than the outgoing Proxes CF1.

The tyre itself is capable of up to 41% longer life than the outgoing model too, showing just how much development has gone into this clever case design.”


To give an update for Toyo Tyres Proxes

Early this year in April 2014, Toyo Tyres have signed a sponsorship deal with the giant Italian football giants AC Milan.  Together with Toyo, AC Milan are members

Toyo Tyres Proxes

Toyo Tyres Proxes have signed a sponsorship deal with Italian football giants AC Milan

of the Italian premier league and command a world wide presence and they are following the trend that is linking tyre manufacturers with the big football clubs, a good example of this is the massive deal between Manchester United and Apollo tyres, earlier in 2014. This season the 2014-2015 season will be Toyo Tyres Proxes first football season sponsorship deal with AC Milan will be announcing different promotional activities between the Japanese tyre company and A C Milan.

Toyo Tyres Proxes-Thanks Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres . Giving a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Selling Cheap Toyo Tyres Proxes online from our website . Using the  selector and choosing your size. Of course,we offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work .Leaving their car with us for work doing. As a result ,we are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Carrying out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

UPDATE-Toyo Tyres Proxes are now sponsoring Leicester city football club here in the UK…Leicester City Commercial Director Ian Flanagan said: “Toyo  is a brand that already has a strong sporting portfolio and we are delighted to help them further their presence in top-flight football with Leicester City.

“Their UK offices are based not far from us in Northamptonshire, providing some fantastic opportunities for them to engage with our supporters and the Leicestershire community and to benefit from the feel-good factor generated by the Club’s return to the Premier League.”

Toyo Proxes CF2: Toyo’s new high performance Summer Tyre

Toyo Proxes CF2

Toyo Proxes CF2

Toyo Proxes CF2

Presentation of the Toyo Proxes CF2, a high performance summer tyre: Strengths, dimensions, prices, similar tyres.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Toyo tyres keep up with the times

Toyo have developed the new Toyo Proxes CF2. Enabling them to use the latest modern materials available to them.Thus,in the drive for a greener and lighter tyre. Hence for the modern car and SUV. Therefore the  tyre structures and the tread pattern design. As a result, will help Toyo to  guarantee a high level of Safety.Including, durability, customer savings, and comfort. Of course, when driving the car.

Toyo Proxes CF2 benefits from an improved tyre construction which incorporates a new full-silica tread compound. The new tyre  is expected to have a longer life, an excellent wet road performance and much lower fuel consumption than its predecessors.

I have always been a big fan of Toyo tyres products and that includes this Toyo Proxes CF2 and in my opinion is the right choice for drivers who are looking  for a high performing and a safe tyre for there medium and also high powered cars. To bring the Toyo situation up to date we no longer sell many cheap Toyo tyres in Halifax, because of a change in their marketing pland. Almost all their tyre sales now have to go through a wholesaler, although i must admit that the stock is now more available to us, but we make less profits.

Thanks Eric Roberts…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

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Toyo Tyres F1600-Zacharie Robichon first win in an open-wheel car during the Toyo Tyres F1600 stop

Toyo Tyres F1600

Toyo Tyres F1600

Zacharie Robichon writes about his first win in an open-wheel car during the Toyo Tyres F1600 stop at Shannonville Motorsports Park.

Post Updated 6th Jan 2014

Toyo tyres

Toyo have always been one of my favorite tyre companies to deal with. Most of the time over the past 30 years Toyo have been a big supplier of small independent tyre companies such as my own company here in Halifax UK. But like most other tyre companies toyo decided to go down the tyre wholesaler route , to sell their products, thus cutting out us retailers, we also had an option to buy direct, but the tyres became available to anyone to sell and toyo became just another cheap car tyre on the market. The outcome is that retailers stopped sellintoyo tyres  .

Toyo Tyres F1600

English: TV personality Huell Howser rides as a passenger in a 2-seat Indy Racing League open-wheel race car at the 2009 Long beach Gran Prix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naturally, going onto to sell other similar products, such as General Tyres. We now use Yokohama tyres and Apollo tyres in there place, although Toyo are still a good product and if their policy ever changed, i would take them on board again,”what goes around, comes around” as the saying goes.

Toyo tyres are today still supporting the F1600 race series with their tyre products. Zacharie Robichon is still a prominent contestant.

Eric Roberts.

Eric Roberts

Toyo Tyres F1600,Zacharie Robichon

Toyo Tyres F1600



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