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Post Updated 29th Dec 2013

Goodyear Tyre Leaders Many changes over the years

Over the many years that I have been in the tyre industry Goodyear tyres have always been at the fore front of tyre development and tyre technology. The company was started in the USA and after many years of tyre development Goodyear Tyre Leaders were well established in the motoring world and this is when I started to take an interest in the tyre industry after I became a failed mechanic (another story).Goodyear Tyre Leaders

I started working for a company by the name of “Tyreservices”, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodyear. It was hoped that Goodyear Tyre Leaders could run Tyreservices as a type of dealership, such as the kind of thing that Goodyear did in the USA. This did not work out because in my opinion the British tyre market was was much smaller than the American market and to survive tyre retailers had to sell multi-brands to survive the hot competition.

Goodyear were a premium brand and Goodyear tyre prices were kept highly inflated to try maximise profits. However Goodyear owned a company called “Kelly Springfield Tyres”who had their own sales force, and operated separately from the Goodyear sales force. This enabled branch managers like myself to sell Kelly but advertise them as cheap Goodyear tyres with free fitting. This ploy worked very well, all parties were happy. Kelly tyres were made of exactly the same rubber and produced in the same factory as Goodyear Tyre Leaders. This move to sell Kelly helped different branches to compete in their area, selling the Goodyear Car Tyres product but in the form of Kelly tyres.

We also got the chance to offer three grades of Goodyear tyres when they bought “Lee Tyres”, this became the third brand to be sold in the Goodyear name. The problem came when we entered another recession and all our sales dropped due to the lack of money from consumers (the same as it is at the moment). All the three Goodyear Tyre Leaders owned tyre companies began to argue with each other as the fight to sell tyres became tougher. The Goodyear brand became more difficult to sell and the sales of the cheap tyre went up, because that’s all our customers could afford.

Goodyear tyres pay me for a cruise

We at the Huddersfield branch were doing extremely well selling Kelly tyres and I was often visited by the higher Goodyear Tyre Leaders management team to convert my sales to their products. One guy called John Evison was always trying to get the Tyreservices management to pursued me to buy their tyres, but I was a rising star in Tyreservices eyes as I had taken the Huddersfield branch into a £30,000 profit situation from a previous 5 years of losses, happy days ?. This by the way took me on a Caribbean cruise at the expense ofGoodyear tyres and a great trip it was.

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