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Pirelli Tyres are joining in with the winter and all-season tyre popularity Boom.

Pirelli Tyres


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Pirelli tyres are grabbing a chance to supply the growing popularity of winter and all-season tyres amongst European drivers for winter use.

Pirelli tyres go for new technology compounds

There is no doubt about it that there has been a massive shift in direction, as regards the public changing to winter tyres or all-season tyres, before the winter arrives here in the UK and the rest of northern Europe. Some countries, such as Germany, have to fit winter tyres by law, but the UK relies on common sense from many of its vehicle drivers.

In fact according from figures issued by the tyre industry the number of winter tyres fitted to our vehicles, will have doubled between a five year periods of 2013 to 2015.In my opinion Pirelli have not been as active as the could have been in the winter tyre market, but they now hope to make amends with the Pirelli Cinturato All-Season tyre. This tyre is also

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli scorpion winter all traction

available with the new tyre seal system, that ads another safety feature to the tyre, by making the tyre practically puncture proof.

This new tyre will have the three snow flake winter tyre marking and so it will be good in the snow as well as a normal wet winter that we would see in the southern European countries, making the tyre a true all-season tyre. Pirelli Tyres of course has a number of what you could call full winter tyres, as we know them.

Pirelli tyres Scorpion Winter traction

Other tyres from the Pirelli winter range include the “SCORPION™ WINTER” which have been especially  designed to fit modern SUVs and CUVs, for the use of winter motoring, with a special emphasis on the upper end class of vehicle, including the SUV’s and cross-over vehicles. The main reason for this tyre was to control better down-hill braking and cornering in snow and other winter road conditions, whilst keeping total control of your vehicle. These were especially designed with the larger size tyres fitted to the likes of the BMW and Mercedes people carriers, to help in bad winter weather conditions.

Pirelli tyre Winter Sottozero series 3

These asymmetric winter tyres has been developed with the high performance and sport car market in mind. The “WINTER SOTTOZERO™ SERIE 111” will guarantee a top performance weather you are driving on dry roads at speed such as on a motorway, or on a snow covered mountain pass, on your way to the ski slopes. Like winter tyres from most other tyre companies .This tyre has a special compound that gives the tyre great flexibility in a temperature of 7 degrees and below, giving the tyre a better grip in the cold and snow.

Pirelli tyres Winter Snowcontrol 3

This will be the winter tyre for the, what I would call the average car, that has to perform in colder climates or say drivers living in hilly and mountainous regions. This tyre is made in

pirelli winter tyres

Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres

smaller sizes to fit the average cars and I would say that they are a step ahead of the new Pirelli All-Season tyres, for the guy in a more extreme environment, say the difference between Scotland and the south of England.

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Kumho Tyres-sponsoring two further German football clubs –

In addition to its newly-signed deal with Champions League and German Bundesliga team FC Schalke 04, Kumho Tyres has come on board as tyre partner for two further German clubs. Hamburger SV and Her…


Kumho tyres are extending what is now a long standing partnership between football clubs and major tyre companies around the world, the big clubs have massive exposure on TV stations and the tyre companies want to be seen supporting football.

Kumho tyres join the trend of Football sponsorship

In line with latest advertising trend of many of the leading tyre companies, Kumho tyres now sponsor a total of two clubs in the German Bundesliga. The three teams that now fly the Kumho flag are now down to two, with the deal at  FC Shalke04, finishing, Kumho have signed a contract to replace them with, Hamburger FC and Hertha BFC and the sponsorship deals are until the end of the 2016-2017 seasons.

Yong-Sung Kim, who is the managing director of Kumho Tyre Europe GmbH, said in an interview, “after recently finalising a long-term partnership with FC Schalke 04, we are now

kumho tyres

Apollo tyres now sponsor Manchester United after the Kumho pullout

pleased to have found in the Hamburger SV a long-established club that we can cooperate with in the coming years. HSV possesses one of the largest fan bases in Germany and we hope to clearly increase our brand awareness with the help of this partnership.”

As a Kumho tyres dealer here in Yorkshire, this is good news. Although the deal is in Germany then we can still see matches and Euro matches on UK TV through the Sky network and this will follow the success of the Kumho tyres sponsorship deal that has recently been finalised with Manchester United.

Kumho tyres Motorsport pulls out of the UK

The sad part of the German football club sponsorship is that Kumho tyres are pulling out of the UK and moving it to Germany. We have given the South Korean tyre company much support in this country and I really wonder if moving out will give them any better sales here in the UK ? Only time will tell.

Another popular budget car tyre maker will be joining Kumho in Germany, and they are the Chinese company of LingLong tyres. LingLong are now a popular name amongst the cheap tyre end of the tyres customer base. They too have joined Kumho into becoming sponsors of the German Bundesliga team “VFL Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg general manager, Thomas Rottgermann commented,” LingLong Tire are placing their fate in the international platform of VFL Wolfsburg – and sustainably so, over a period of at least three years.”

Other tyre orientated tyre sponsorship deals come nearer to home, with Lassa tyres renewing their advertising deal with the English Premier League over another year period. The Lassa adverts will be visible on the LED pitch side boards that surround the pitches of 21 Premier League fixtures.

Also Cooper tyres that are the parent company of Avon tyres, the well-known British tyre brand are to sponsor Arsenal Football Club from the beginning of this season 2014-2015. The

kumho tyres

Cooper tyres and Arsenal link

tyre brand name will be seen on TV all over the globe, watched by football fans during the Champions League games, a great catch for the tyre company.

On the down side Continental tyres have been rumoured to be pulling out of the World Cup sponsorship deal. According to a German newspaper, “in future the tyre maker intends instead to solely sponsor regional confederations, such as Europe’s UEFA. This change to the company’s multimillion commitment is also said to apply to the next World Cup. “

Watch this space, as they say.

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Michelin Pilot Sports Tyres will be used on the next generation of performance tyres for BMW –

michelin pilot sports

Michelin is the official tyre supplier for BMW’s new M3 and M4, marking the latest stage in a long and fruitful relationship


Michelin Pilot Sports  are becoming the dominant force to contend with in the best tyre company in the world, and are constantly coming up with more and more accolades in the motoring world including the announcement that BMW are to use Michelin’s on their new M3 and M4ranges.

Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres for the new BMW M3 and M4

I seem to doing lots of writing about the Michelin tyres products of late, but they do seem to be the tyre world’s most active manufacturers of late. The giant French tyre company are attacking all sides of the car industry with their involvement in motorsport on the rise and them the development of their Michelin Pilot Sports series of tyres that are aimed at the very fast and sporty cars, such as these BMW’s.

The BMW logo is that their cars are the “ultimate driving machines” and in their opinion by fitting the Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres they will indeed be fitting the ultimate tyre for the new BMW range.

This is nothing new as the two giants of the auto industry have worked together for over 30 years, starting in the 1980’s when Michelin tyres were fitted to the M5 range, and have developed tyre products to match the handling and performance of the M range of cars right up to the point of the Michelin Pilot Super Sports, that will be used on the new M3 and M4 range.

As I have written on many occasions, I was brought up in the tyre trade as a Goodyear man, but over the years I have begun to realise that Michelin tyres were always a bit more Michelin Pilot Sports expensive to buy for a reason and that reason was the quality of their products, I can honestly say that I have only ever seen one suspected faulty tyre in my whole 40 years as a tyre retailer, which is a great endorsement for Michelin tyres.

Michelin are also at the forefront of developing new types of organic chemicals to add to their compounds. This is known as “Bi-Compound “ technology, similar to the “dandelion latex” that Continental tyres are developing, a kind of latex that has the same molecular construction as rubber latex, that has been used to make rubber tyre compounds for over a century.

These different materials that are used have helped the tyre companies develop tyres will give better control and handling when used on the motorsport circuits or when fitted to the very fast sport saloons and coupes that are produced today and the Michelin Pilot Sport tyres are no exception, offering BMW with all these qualities, whether they are driving on normal roads or on a race circuit, where speed is of the essence.

The new tyres are to be brought out on both 18 inch and 19 inch tyre sizes as BMW original equipment. Here in Halifax Yorkshire UK we do have a customer who no doubt will be buying one of these BMW cars, as he is a BMW fanatic and loves going on race days to prove his driving skills. The guy is also an avid fan of Michelin tyres and so I cannot wait to see what he does and so that I can take some pictures for my articles.

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Michelin Zero Pressure Tyres-Run-Flat tyres will get you out of Trouble in an Emergency

Michelin Zero Pressure Tyres

For high standard of equipment and In all fairness Michelin are not the only company to make a run-flat product. Most tyre companies including some budget tyre brands make a run-flat tyre.

Michelin’s call their tyre the ZP or Michelin Zero Pressure.

This of course refers to the fact that when the run-flat tyre deflates, it will carry on running with zero air in the tyre. This is exactly what the run-flat does. Because of the much stronger

Michelin Zero Pressure

Michelin run-flat tyres

side walls the tyre will not deviate from its course. The driver is warned about the deflation from inside the car by the TPMS system (tyre pressure monitoring system).

Let’s face it our roads are probably the busiest in Europe and nobody enjoys having to change a wheel at the side of the road, in fact they now warn us to stay well away from the car, at the top of the embankment, while the recovery truck turns up, because of the many accidents caused by broken down vehicles being hit from behind by other vehicles who lose concentration and smash into them.

With the Michelin Zero Pressure run-flat technology fitted to your car this will be avoided. These tyres will lose pressure from a nail or a screw penetration but your car will keep a straight line and you will be able to drive home, albeit at the reduced speed of 50 mph, but the tyre will let you travel 50 mile which should be enough to get you out of trouble and have the tyre changed

Michelin Zero Pressure Tyres-Can you mix run-flat tyres with normal radial tyres?

Michelin recommend that you should never mix a Michelin Zero Pressure run-flat with a non-run-flat normal radial tyres. The only exception to this rule is if you were stranded in the middle of nowhere and the only tyre depot for miles around could only get you a normal tyre then this would be acceptable as a last resort, get you home step and the tyre must be changed back to a run-flat as soon as possible.

The Michelin Zero Pressure run-flats have completely different sidewalls; they are made of much thicker materials and are known as “Self-supporting tyres” or SST’s. They have two other identification markings on the sidewalls.
1: ZP allows you to drive at 50 mph for speeds up 50 mph (most of the M1 motorway at the moment)
2: ZP SR allows you to drive for 20 miles at 50 mph

Michelin Zero Pressure offer the same ride capabilities as a normal radial tyre

The first time I drove a BMW Mini that was equipped with run-flat tyres I thought I was in an old truck going down a cobble road. The ride was horrendous, and my staff, who regularly test drive cars say that this is a common thing, the ride is very hard, because the sidewalls are so thick and re-enforced. Michelin claim that their Zero pressure tyres are not the same and give just as good a ride as their normal radial tyre range.

Although I have not tried out as car fitted with Michelin Zero Pressure, this has got to be a step in the right direction and I will try out these tyres as soon as possible to quantify their claims.
However some fleet companies are now looking at the Michelin Zero Pressure, because of the more comfortable ride and also improved fuel consumption. These tyres have been tested by fleet company Alphabet’s Operational Services Manager, Andy Williams,
He explained: “The comfort compromise everyone used to associate with run-flats has disappeared with the latest technology of tyres.

I have tried Michelin’s new Zero Pressure (ZP) range

Trust me, you can’t tell the difference from standard tyres. Yes, there have been critics of run-flat tyres in the past, but Michelin has answered all of them. It is high time fleet managers start to embrace the new technology as it has so much to offer.

The combination of a smooth ride and the increased safety is something they just can’t afford to ignore. The fact Michelin Zero Pressurethat a tyre keeps its shape when it loses pressure could be life-saving in the event of a tyre blow-out.”
As I have stated earlier this means that the fleet car user can now safely drive the vehicle to a tyre centre or garage and have the tyre replaced.

This will help to reduce down time caused in the past by the driver calling out the emergency services because they are not able to change the wheel themselves, or the car is stranded in a dangerous place.

For the private drivers who are fitted out with run-flat tyres it would be well worth trying out these new Michelin Zero Pressure, because of the better and less harsh ride, that is associated with the other run-flat makes of tyres.

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Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres Fitted on this Lotus Elise Owner Insists

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres help to stabilize the Lotus Elise

For a number of years now I have been proud to own my very own garage and tyre centre. I say this because despite all the moaning’s that go on over the years, regarding “things

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

Dale fitting 2 x Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres to a lotus elise

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

changing” and “if this and if that”, we still carry on doing what we are best at. This in my opinion includes a great mix of different types of customers, making my job much more interesting.

Every one that comes through the door are different and require different things. Let’s face it most people who drive cars, just don’t want to spend any money on them, without the exception of a few drivers who seem to know exactly what they want. In general though when their car breaks down or requires new tyres then this becomes a distress purchase.

I would say that at least half of our customers are in this category. Especially in recent years when the economy of most countries has been stretched to say the least, and consumers are watching their finances more than ever. A good example is the recent upsurge in the sale of part worn tyres, I am sure that drivers know exactly what they are, but are willing to take the cheaper option. We are also noting that our clients that are buying tyres are opting for the budget tyre option.

One of our main suppliers have recently complained to me that their sales of their Mid-Range Tyres have fallen in the summer months, but it not “rocket science” to understand that this is the school holiday season and people are paying for their summer holidays or spending their disposable income on days out with the kids, certainly buying tyres is the last thing on their minds. The customers that are buying tyres are usually the distress purchases and these are the ones that go for the Cheap New Tyres.

This is not a new thing, it happens every year, but the affect does depend on the economy and peoples disposable income. The same affect has given rise to upsurge in shoppers using budget super markets like Lidl and Aldi. This has been price driven by the consumer’s lack of spare cash. This is a bonus for these outlets because shoppers are finding out that the cheaper products on offer are also of good quality and so in my opinion the big supermarkets will lose out to the smaller cheaper guys for good.

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

new Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres fitted to lotus Elise 2

At the other end of the market stores like M&S food are also doing well by selling the better quality products in packages and deals, making the customers purchases hard to resist. We in the tyre business should take notice of this and become sharper at the selling end. We find the mid-range brands are a bit slow to react apart from complaining that sales are down, but in my opinion they should give the retailers a better package, to pass onto the motorists and help lift their sales.

The larger names in tyres are still hanging on

The brand names in tyres will always survive partly due to the following that they command, the one I am most thinking about is Michelin. This great tyre company have always been renowned for the quality of their products and have been the benchmark for other companies to follow. The largest tyre company at the moment is Bridgestone, who have also gained a reputation for quality and design over the past years. It is always nice to hear when a customer calls in for tyres such Michelin’s or Continentals fitting onto their cars. It is a much easier job for us when the driver knows exactly what he or she wants, but it is all within the diversity of our customer and products range.

This brings me onto a car that we had in on the other Saturday. The car in question was a Lotus Elise and the guy knew exactly which tyres he wanted fitting. They were 22545×16 Yokohama UK ADO 8R tyres to the rear of the car. This little sports car is always a head turner and it has this effect on me, when I see one I always take a second look. This little car is very light and is able to accelerate at 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Because of the light weight of the car this improves the road handling including steering, cornering and braking.

Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres

Michelin tyres have always been a popular choice for many motorists

When I had a quick word with the owner he explained how good these Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres were, because of the cars lightness the tyres help stabilize the cars performance and give it great stability. This particular Lotus was a 97-98 model and though a little old now was still in great looking condition as you can see in my images. The car was first released in 1996 and was a stunning little spots car and although there have been many changes and variations the basic car has remained the same. Newer versions of the car now come with updated lead lights and alloy wheels with improved aerodynamics.

The little Lotus Elise had the new Yokohama ADO 8R Tyres fitted and went on its way. The car looked stunning with its new tyres and we will look forward to see the car when the front tyres are ready for replacing. We do get many people who call into us knowing what they want and believe me it makes life a lot easier.

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AVON TYRES AROUND FOREVER- From the 1960,s to Today-Avon tyres are Still Supporting Motorsport




Old sixties Garage with a vintage Avon tyres advertising sign.

In my long career in the tyre industry, (too long), it is fair to say that there has been many changes that have taken place in the tyre industry, some were good and others bad. The large tyre manufacturers bought out the small niche manufacturer, for example Goodyear Tyres took over Kelly and Lee tyres and a few others on the way, Continental Tyres bought out


Avon tyres ZR5 slick racing tyre on an F3 car

Semperit tyres and a few others, (the names of who slip my mind at the moment), and so on and so forth.

We also remember the fight to take over control of the tyre retail chains, starting off in the sixties and the seventies. Michelin took over British retailer ATS, Dunlop formed the National Tyres chain, by merging some acquisitions, including the very large retailer Marsham tyres. Pirelli formed the Central tyre group, and the list goes on and on.

I worked for a small tyre company in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, UK

But we were swallowed up into the National tyre group and became primarily Dunlop and India tyre retailers. This was the main aim, to sell the products of the mother company. To be true full, I really enjoyed what was going on, and it all became a learning curb to me for the future. Times in the sixties were great for me as a teenager; it really was the “swinging sixties”.

I clearly remember that the working man had more disposable income, and they were beginning to buy more cars, these cars needed puncture repairs and new tyres, things started to get busy. We had a very mixed type of business community, in the area where we were living, from large textile mills to farming on the outskirts of the towns. We also had all off the service industry that comes with a large populated area, such as hauliers, builders, bus companies and the smaller types of business like the solicitors and local banks and building societies all of who used cars and trucks and therefor had to buy tyres.

In the sixties we had to be “jack of all trades”.

Where as in today’s tyre market we generally stick to one thing, such as we in Halifax only service cars and other companies specialise in truck or earth mover tyres. We never knew what would come into us next; it could be a puncture repair on a tractor rear from a farmer to a small cart wheel from a mill basket on wheels. We also had a mix of different cars, from the rich mill owners with their Rolls Royce’s to a bus conductor with his Mini.

One of the things that stand out in my mind is that we used a large amount of inner tubes in those days and also wheel balancing was relatively new thing, most wheels were balanced with


Shaving a tyre at the Snetterton race track, this removes the small stones and grit that have penetrated the tyres outer layer

a simple bubble balancer and wheel alignment was not a word in our vocabulary in the sixties. Radial tyres were replacing X ply’s and more and more cars were coming out on radial tubeless tyres.

Avon Tyres come into the story

Some of the cars that were coming in for tyres would include the new Rover 2000. I remember this car because apart from the fact that it was very different in style and size the car came out on 165×14 Pirelli Cinturato tyres, but I believe that it was my first introduction to Avon tyres, who also made 165×14 radial tyres for this model. The new Rover became very popular with the new “middle management” customers and in 1966 a TC version was released which made the car capable of over 100 mph.

Avon tyres were better known for their motor-cycle tyres, but started to push into the car tyre market. We were also witnessing new tyre sizes to fit the newer types of cars that were competing for the new wealth that was emanating from then new business confidence that was giving the UK a “buzz”. Cars like the E-Type Jaguar were getting more popular as second hand versions became available, from their start off at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961.

Jaguar cars were getting more popular amongst the wealthy mill owners who would by one for the wife and kids, but they came out mainly on Dunlop tyres who had formed a good relationship with the Jaguar company, although I do remember that Dunlop had balancing problems with some of the  tyres. It was in the 1980’s that Avon tyres were fitted to some Jaguars, the tyre that was used was the Avon tyres Turbo-Steel radial and was fitted to the XK model.

AVON TYRES AROUND FOREVER-Avon  became more popular

Bringing out many different tyre designs and patterns over the years, but one of the things that have impressed me is that they have always had a strong involvement in “motorsport”. This developed from the motor-cycle side of the business. But back in the sixties and seventies the car manufacturers started to race and rally sporty versions of their models. Such cars as Minis, MGB’s and Ford Cortina’s were developed into track and rally cars. Avon tyres are one of the few companies that have kept up the


Avon tyres historic racing tyre

tradition right up to the present day, and can offer tyres that are just as good and competitive as they were in the original racing days.

Avon tyres still make tyres from the 450×17 vintage car tyre to the textile radials that have a special cling rubber tread compound that is used in making the Avon textile radial. The Avon Historic All Weather tread patterned tyres are designed to give excellent road holding in all-weather applications while keeping the period look of the historic range of racing cars. It is FIA approved for different historic racing series throughout the world. The textile radial is a “V” rated tyre so is capable of speeds of up to 150mph, ideal for vintage racing.


This tyre was developed as a formula Ford 1600 tyre and is used for the pre 1974 historic car championships. The tyre is also used for the pre 1965 1000cc formula 3 races and small bore vintage cars such as the MG Midgets and Frog Eyed Sprites. It is a great attribute to Avon to continue making these tyres an all sorts of sizes for this different array of cars.

The list of tyres that Avon make goes on and on and I will be covering some of them in different articles. From my early youth to the present day I have always been a huge fan of the Avon Company and we still buy their tyres to this day. We were sad when Avon were taken over by Cooper tyres but the old name has survived, and we can look forward to many years of this excellent tyre product.

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Yokohama Racing Tyres AT SNETTERTON 300 CIRCUIT.

To be truthful I am not a mad follower of motor racing, probably something to do with the fact that in the whole of West Yorkshire we do not have a race circuit. The nearest one is Croft

Yokohama Racing Tyres

Yokohama Racing Tyres slick tyre removed

in North Yorkshire and I have visited this track a few times in the recent past, to see various motor racing events. The last one was a British BMW championship meeting through Kumho tyres.

It came to me with great pleasure when I was invited to a race meeting in Snetterton, Norfolk, UK. The race meeting was a good four hour drive from my beloved Yorkshire, but never the less I decided to do the round trip in the day and set off at 5.30 in the morning. The day was going to be red hot ,you could just tell and I was looking forward to watching the cars perform on the Yokohama Racing Tyres, that we sell in Halifax to our public.

I arrived early because the roads were quiet due to the fact that it was Sunday morning, and I met the Yokohama Racing Tyres UK guy Paul Cox. Paul was to be my guide, as I have said I know little about the motorsport circuit although I love the atmosphere that these events can generate. I took my camera to take some shots of the cars, especially with the Yokohama racing tyres fitted. This is always the sign of a good tyre company, the research and development that these companies gain is invaluable when it comes to developing tyres for the regular cars that we use in every day usage.

Paul turned out to be a very knowledgeable guide having competed in motorsport racing himself for a good many years and now helping to coach his son to become a race car driver at the age of seventeen. The racing today was to be the British F3 and GT championships and when I arrived it was a lovely sunny day and the crowds were already building up.

British F3 has always been one of the proving grounds for future F1 drivers including the 2009 World champion Jenson Button. Some of the drivers competing on that day are expected to become future F1 stars and included Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Riciardo, so watch out for those names. The weekends racing also included the BRDC Formula 4 Championships with

Yokohama Racing Tyres

Yokohama Racing Tyres F4 tyres

other up and coming stars on show, I could not Waite.  These cars run on 2 litre Ford Duratec engines and develop 175 Brake horse power BHP. They are supplied with a Cosworth engine management system and are operated with a 6 speed Sadev transmission system that works from a paddle shift. Yokohama Racing Tyres are the suppliers of the wet and slick compound tyres, the main purpose of my visit.

Paul was really enthusiastic about showing me round and I was very impressed with the politeness of the drivers and the guys in the pits who allowed me to take pictures at will. He also knew many of the drivers and introduced me to a couple of them in between their busy schedules. One of the drivers was Jon Minshaw the owner of the famous Demon Tweeks motor parts stores, who took time out between changing driver’s mid-way through a race.

Yokohama tyres fitting area was most impressive.

Paul also introduced me to the YOKOHAMA TYRES UK tyre fitting team fully equipped with fitting machines and wheel balance’s all ready for the action, in fact when we were there they had already fitted in excess of  a hundred slick tyres due to the hot sunny weather the slick tyres give a better grip, than tyres with a tread on them.

One of the other drivers that I saw was Sir Chris How who has only recently changed from cycling to the British GT Championships and is said to be a “natural” at motorsport, making 2014 his debut year in the Nissan Academy Team known as RJN. Also in his year of racing was Rick Parfett Jnr, son of his famous namesake from the band, Status Quo, who incidentally I saw live at Leeds Arena, last December, with my wife Michelle. Rick the elder often watches his son race but was not there on this day.

Yokohama Racing Tyres

Yokohama Racing Tyres advam F4 tyres

After watching a great days racing and talked to many of the pit guys I thanked Paul for a great day out and headed for my long drive back to Yorkshire, looking forward to my next race meeting later this year.

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Eric Roberts






CAR TYRES-technical developments to create a Greener tyre.

Like any other product that is man made car tyres develop and change over the years.


The tyres that were made say thirty years ago would not be suitable for today’s cars. The tyre has developed into part of the evolution of greener cars, especially in recent times when

vehicle emissions have become a very important part of new car development.

Tyre companies are trying all sorts of new techniques to develop car tyres that will give a better “rolling resistance”. Better rolling resistance makes it for a car to move forward easier, whilst at the same time enabling the car to give a smooth ride and stick to the road when cornering and in bad weather conditions.

Tyre companies are using new and much lighter materials, including new materials that go into the compounds that make the materials that are used for the outer layers of the car tyres, for making the sidewalls and tread area. One of the main products used is still latex of course but tyres companies are now trying other materials to try lesson the use of petrol-chemicals derived from oil.

One of these leading the charge is Yokohama tyres. Yokohama is experimenting with many materials and one of the more successful ones has been “orange peel oil”.  Another tyre company that are trying new materials is Goodyear tyres. Goodyear has teamed up with a biotechnology company called DuPont. The two companies are working together to produce molecules to try to match the molecules that are found in tyre compounds. Rubber is a molecule and by replicating similar molecules from sugar molecules they will be able to manufacture a product that could be used to make tyre with and replace the dependency of latex, the natural material that tyres are made of at the moment. For more reading…

Continental tyres are also one of the Worlds car tyres development innovators. Over the years they have formed what they call their “green kitchen” to enable them to develop more CAR TYRES,michelin tyresenvironmentally friendly compounds, by replacing the more dangerous chemicals used in tyre making with new more eco-friendly products, similar to what Goodyear and other tyre companies are experimenting with. More information… 

Michelin Tyres UK are going down the same road. Michelin have always been at the front of car tyres development, ever since the invention of the “steel belted radial” and are now looking at all possible ways of future tyre development, including the use of old tyres…

“Terry Getty’s, Michelin’s research and development director stated that the tyre giant’s innovation strategy continues to focus on exploiting raw materials to the maximum. He further said that TREC is a perfect illustration of eco-design and will help them creating latest high-performance tyres using high-quality raw materials derived from old car tyres”.

 This includes Michelin’s latest tyre, which will not lose any grip all the way down to the tyre tread wear bars, due to the different compound depths within the tyres.

Now more important to switch your Michelin tyres round

Tyre rotation has become just as important as ever, because of the new developments and the need gain every bit of wear that you can out of your tyres. In my opinion there is also a need to match the tyres that are fitted to the car, especially if your car has the latest tyre specs that have been developed between the car and the tyre manufacturers.

We are pleasantly surprised though, how many of our customers do indeed practice this now. They are up to date with the fact that car tyres from different tyre manufacturers are now CAR TYRES,michelin tyres advertdifferent and that they should be matched up for a better performance, that will give the car the same handling qualities when braking and cornering, in any type of weather conditions.

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Yokohama Winter Tyres-Will Help Your Car Through the Tough Yorkshire Winter Ahead?

Yokohama Winter Tyres for winter performance

Tyres are arguably the most important part of your car. They fill a variety of roles in car performance, most importantly making sure that the car can roll! Without strong, adequate ones you run the risk of getting a blowout on the motorway or not being able to control your car in extreme weather conditions. Your mileage will also be lower with poor ones fitted to your

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Yokohama tyres take a huge part in motorsport

car. You want tyres that are strong, durable, and silent on the road. You also want them to last a long time. If you live in a snowy area, you probably want even more specialized wheels that perform well in snowy or icy conditions. Yokohama Winter Tyres are one of  the best in their class for such a job.

Now there is no overall “best tyres”. Some will enable faster driving. Others function better with wear and are more durable. However? if you live in cold areas, such as the Welsh mountains, North and West Yorkshire, the Lake District and most of Scotland. Yokohama Winter Tyres  are amongst the best.

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Are designed to give you complete control over your car and maximum traction in icy conditions. They use specialized technology and tread designs to ensure that icy driving is no problem. Just driving slowly and carefully isn’t a valid option, especially if you live in a city that receives tons of ice and snow. You need the control, grip, and precision that Yokohama Winter Tyres offer.

There are several false ideas that people have concerning winters . First, many people believe you only need two winters  or that you don’t need winters  at all. Regular summer ones or even all-season ones don’t offer the same level of control or safety as winters, especially in extreme conditions. Also, contrary to popular belief, you want to have four winters fitted. If your car uses a winter pair in the front, then a regular set of tyres on the back, then each end of your car will react differently. This can be extremely detrimental if you are sliding on ice or driving in extreme weather. Investing in Yokohama Winter Tyres is much safer for accelerating, braking, and handling of the car.

Traction control and ABS brakes offer only limited benefits to cars with winters fitted. Traction control does not help with the the traction of your car in any way, but  controls the

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Yokohama racing tyres

acceleration of your tyre. Winters will  give the grip you need in winter conditions. Similarly, while ABS brakes will only ensure that car tyres will not lock up, they also don’t improve the actual  traction.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of Yokohama Winter tyres.

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Michelin Premium Tyres are Still Amongst the Best Including the Alpin Winter Tyre Range

Michelin Premium Tyres

Energy Saver

Michelin Premium Tyres one of the Best

Just the other day I was filling in a tyre complaint form, for a suspected faulty tyre, that was made by Continental . The tyre was from an SUV and had started to crack around the shoulder area. The cracks were very deep and so I recommended that we sent the tyre back to Continental  to have a look and see what they thought. I always say suspected fault because we never know whether or not the problem was caused by a mechanical fault on the car or not. Some faults are easy to detect and I have learned what to look for over the years, to determine if it’s a fault or not.

But in this case I was not sure, these SUV’s  are very big now and must come up against much flexing, whilst carrying a large weight, perhaps causing flexing cracks in the shoulder area, so I decided to send them back. Faulty ones are not a very common site these days, not even on budget tyre makes. In fact after giving it much thought, I cannot remember seen a genuine faulty tyre for years now.

I am old enough to remember the bad old days when the tyre manufacturers were have a hell of a time with steel belted radials. The two companies with the biggest problems were Goodyear  and Firestone  and thousands were recalled or exchanged free of charge. The problem was that the steel wire that was used to make the steel belts in the tread area was not properly protected from oxidisation (rusting). When they were punctured the water would penetrate the steel belt and cause it to rust. The tyre then started to lift the treads , causing them to go out of shape. We also had them with bad balancing problems.

Michelin Premium Tyres

Michelin Premium Tyres

Michelin  coated their steel belts with an alloy made of brass, which was able to stand up to oxidisation and therefore they did not have any problems with out of shape tyres. The patent that Michelin had on the wire was eventually sold to the other tyre companies and the problems that they were having were eventually eradicated.

Michelin tyres warranty

This brings me onto the reason, that Michelin are perhaps still the best tyre product in the World. From the off the tyre manufacturer from France was streets ahead with the Michelin Premium Tyres X range . They were streets ahead of the other tyre makers and the X tyre became famous for its high mileage and reliability, the tyre would do twice the miles as its nearest rivals and the X was followed by other well-known tyre designs in their repertoire, we had the  ZX tyres, the  XZY and the XZL, XM and XC and many more that have escaped me. Michelin Premium Tyres also make an excellent winter tyre range, lead by the Alpin. This tyre was developed from the experiences of years involvement in motorsport especially auto  rallying.

Michelin Premium Tyres to me have always being the epitome of the best products you can buy. They can always guarantee you safety on the road through good handling an d steering qualities, while at the same time giving the car a smooth ride, whatever type or make the vehicle might be. Michelin tyres France always incorporated leading technology into their tyre products, making Michelin Premium Tyresthem a World leader.

When it comes to first rate premium products, Michelin tyres PLC have become a household name. These premium ones give much better handling, grip, endurance, driving comfort and accuracy. Michelin Premium Tyres quality has never been compromised on its tyre materials and design.

the Primacy 3, Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and the tyre developed for the SUVs, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP.

Michelin tyres leaders in greener tyres.

Because of mounting pressure from the Governments onto the Car manufacturers to make more fuel efficient models, then the car makers exerted pressure on the tyre companies to produce

with a much improved rolling resistance. Michelin Premium Tyres were quick to react and developed the more eco-friendly Fuel Saver tyre.

Because the tyres grip the road they consume a large portion of the cars fuel, because of this they brought out the Michelin Energy Saver tyre range. They reduced the rolling resistance of these tyres by incorporating a secret compound mix that reduced the carbon monoxide emissions from the car that they were fitted to. One of the ingredients used was known to be silicone has been used by other tyre companies. Another breakthrough has been the making of a different type of tread rubber, known as Durable Security Compound (DSC) this enables  Michelin Premium Tyres to retain the gripping characteristics of the tyre right down the tread ware indicating bars, yet another first for Michelin tyres energy saver tyres.

Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Michelin Premium Tyres in Yorkshire online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.