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Tyres History

Tyres History

A look at the history of tyres. In my opinion this could be pretty boring? As a result, all my followers know about my passion for the lumps of rubber . Hence, that are used today in there millions. Consequently, I have written about the history of tyres in the past. However I do believe that we must keep up the good work and continue publicizing the facts about this wonderful invention.

In fact, over the year then tyres have not really changed very much. of course they are still round and black and fit any vehicle on our planet. The materials and the tyre sizes have however changed dramatically. Tyre makers having to keep with modern car designs and at the same time thinking about the environment. However take a look at this article and see what you think.

Eric Roberts

(American English) or tyre (British English) have come a long way, from being carved out of stones to the modern day, sophisticated soft compound slicks meant to tackle the most challenging circuits in the world. So how did tyres evolve from Fred Flintstone’s leg propelled car to providing traction to Lewis Hamilton’s 900 hp W07? At […]

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