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Caravan Tyres Ageing- Second –hand caravan owners should check their tyres before a journey.

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Caravan Tyres Ageing

This advice also stretches to people who buy second-hand motorhomes. When you buy your shiny caravan or motorhome. One of the first things to do before you set off from the dealers is to check your tyres.

The dealers will have made the vehicle look like it is sparkling.  Make sure the tyres will have been painted nice and shiny with special tyre paint. But in my opinion, you should take a closer at the tyres. Before you drive your new prize position off the dealers car park.

All tyres are made to give thousands of miles of good service. They should also be well looked after by the owner. And this is the problem? Unless you know who the last owner was, then you will not know if the tyre were well looked after or not.

I know that this is probably the last thing on your mind but take a good look at the tyres, to see if they have the correct specifications, for your vehicle. If it is bought from a dealer then you can ask them if the tyres are correct for your particular caravan or motorhome.

You would be surprised how many people come to a cropper with this. Because we are in close proximity to the M62 motorway, we get many flat and damaged tyres brought into us by the motoring organisations. A large part of these people tell us that they have, “just bought the caravan” and did not know that the thing was fitted with the wrong ply tyres.

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Some are fitted with car tyres and not with a higher load rating to carry the correct weight. The worse scenario is the tyres that have caravan tyres ageing. The best sign for this is cracking like crazy paving around the bead and tread area. A good check when purchasing your caravan will detect this cracking. It can be very dangerous and the cracks will only get worse and eventually result in tyre failure.

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Here is a quote from the excellent

“There is no known technical data that supports a specific age for a tyres removal from service. However, in the interests of safety a number of vehicle and tyre manufacturers recommend that tyres (including spares) that were manufactured more than a certain number of years previously be replaced with new tyres, even if they appear to be usable from their external appearance and the tread may not have reached the minimum legal limit. It is recommended that any such manufacturer instructions should be followed. The age of your tyres can be found by examining the DOT (or date of manufacture) code found on the tyres sidewall markings. To understand more about tyre sidewall markings and how to check the age of your tyres download our handy guide to Caravan tyre safety

download our handy guide to Caravan tyre safety

VW Camper Van Batteries+Make Sure To Fit The Right Batteries+On Your Cherished VW Camper Van.

VW Camper Van Tyres

"VW Camper Van Tyres

VW Camper Van Tyres and a free battery check

There is no doubt that camper vans have become very popular.Including the iconic VW camper vans. Of course ,camper vans are technically self-propelled vehicles. So, that have been adjusted according to the needs and specification of the campers. Many are designed to the owners specific needs. In fact one of my sons Aaron has just purchased a splendid red one. These vans are equipped with a broad range of features and amenities. Of course, that will introduce a more convenient camping activity. VW campers do hold their value. Even second hand you can pay between £15000 and £20000 for a good one. Many still go for camping vans for lease. Because, buying a new one would require a big sum of money. Therefore out of reach for some people.

Some of the benefits of Hiring Camping Vans

Compared to normal camping in a tent. Then hiring camping vans will surely offer you more freedom with superb comfort. Of course, these vans have comfortable seats. Equipped with a functional entertainment system. Consequently, that you can use to pass time in say bad weather.

Campers rent and lease a van so to try them out. Hence before going out and buying. In fact thats exactly the thing that I am going to do myself?Another great advantage of leasing a campervan is the accessibility of home-like comforts. Most of these vans are very well equipped. Including,a functional kitchen, dining table set, and a portable toilet.

So if you are traveling off/grid and in the middle of nowhere. You do not have to be concerned about where your next meal will come from. Or how you will attend to your personal needs (There are usually bushes about though)? Of course, everything that you need are already inside the van.

One obvious thing to check out would be the condition of your camper van battery. Even if you hire a van then the battery should be checked.

Hiring a camping van will allow you more camping freedom. You can virtually take the van  anywhere you want. Traveling with camping vans will definitely give way for a more fun-filled and exciting outdoor experience. Including travelling on the continent. As a result, I see millions of camper vans and motorhomes in France and surrounding countries.

Camper vans are a better driving experience

Unlike when traveling in an your every day car. Then these vans are capable of providing a more rewarding riding experience. As long as you have the correct seat belts fitted in the rear of the van. Then your family can sit in the rear and perhaps pass the time away playing cards and games. Of course while you drive to your next destination.

If you have children traveling with you, they will feel more at ease in the rear with chairs and a table.If it is a really long journey then there are also beds where they can easily doze off. While waiting to arrive on your travel destination. During long trips, the van can also serve as a convenient place. For you to park up and where you can spend the night.

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