VW Camper Van Tyres-Make Sure To Fit The Right Tyres On Your Cherished Camper Van.

VW Camper Van Tyres

VW Camper Van Tyres and a free battery check

VW Camper Van Tyres

VW Camper Van Tyres on 13 inch wheels

This is the time of year. When many VW camper van owners head out to the open spaces. Including visits to many thousands of rallies. Hence, that are common place here in the UK.

Many of these classic vans are renovated to very high standards. Including complete interior refits. Also working on things like complete modified suspension. Including, wheel and tyre upgrades.

We can all see them on weekends. Proudly driving along a motorway. As a result, sometimes in twos and threes, going to some show or other. Therefore,It is worth a mention though to these proud owners to always check your VW Camper Van Tyres. Including, having your Camper van batteries checked out before you commence on your journey. Camper Van owners, do not not want to look a fool at the side of the M 1 motorway with a tyre blow out, with your beautifully renovated VW camper van ?.

The batteries are also very important, normally the van will also have car battery (019) and a Numax leisure battery to run the lighting or perhaps a TV. Perhaps an 85 amp leisure battery, so it is important that these are checked before you start to venture out after the winter months. It is also worth a mention that your batteries should be charged over the winter period. You can now buy intelligent chargers that will charge your batteries over the winter period, they will switch on and off automatically when the battery is fully charged, this gives you a perfectly charged VW battery when the camper van is not in use and saves you buying a new battery every year. A good charger is made by a company by the name of Numax chargers. These chargers are probably the best you can buy.

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VW Camper Van Tyres

Beautiful interior

If you have recently bought your camper van already renovated then it may be wise to take note of the tyres size.

These vehicles come out on many different tyre sizes and to keep up the appearance and specifications you do not want to look for “cheap tyres”, you want to be looking for a good mid-range tyre such as Apollo VW Camper Van Tyres  Please though check out the tyre size and just as important your LOAD rating. The load rating determines how much your VW Camper Van Tyres can carry, your local Unipart centre will give you free advice.

And finally please carry on giving us pleasure when we see you on the motorways of Britain.VW Camper Van Tyres

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Caravan Tyres Ageing- Second –hand caravan owners should check their tyres before a journey.

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Caravan Tyres Ageing-This advice also stretches to people who buy second-hand motorhomes. When you buy your shiny caravan or motorhome. One of the first things to do before you set off from the dealers is to check your tyres.

The dealers will have made the vehicle look like it is sparkling.  Make sure the tyres will have been painted nice and shiny with special tyre paint. But in my opinion, you should take a closer at the tyres. Before you drive your new prize position off the dealers car park.

All tyres are made to give thousands of miles of good service. They should also be well looked after by the owner. And this is the problem? Unless you know who

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Caravan Tyres Ageing; Scenes like this are all too familiar and many are caused by tyres problems

the last owner was, then you will not know if the tyre were well looked after or not.

I know that this is probably the last thing on your mind but take a good look at the tyres, to see if they have the correct specifications, for your vehicle. If it is bought from a dealer then you can ask them if the tyres are correct for your particular caravan or motorhome.

You would be surprised how many people come to a cropper with this. Because we are in close proximity to the M62 motorway, we get many flat and damaged tyres brought into us by the motoring organisations. A large part of these people tell us that they have, “just bought the caravan” and did not know that the thing was fitted with the wrong ply tyres.

Caravan Tyres Ageing

Some are fitted with car tyres and not with a higher load rating to carry the correct weight. The worse scenario is the tyres that have caravan tyres ageing. The best sign for this is cracking like crazy paving around the bead and tread area. A good check when purchasing your caravan will detect this cracking. It can be very dangerous and the cracks will only get worse and eventually result in tyre failure.

Here is a quote from the excellent tyresafe.org

“There is no known technical data that supports a specific age for a tyres removal from service. However, in the interests of safety a number of vehicle and tyre manufacturers recommend that tyres (including spares) that were manufactured more than a certain number of years previously be replaced with new tyres, even if they appear to be useable from their external appearance and the tread may not have reached the minimum legal limit. It is recommended that any such manufacturer instructions should be followed. The age of your tyres can be found by examining the DOT (or date of manufacture) code found on the tyres sidewall markings. To understand more about tyre sidewall markings and how to check the age of your tyres download our handy guide to Caravan tyre safety

download our handy guide to Caravan tyre safety