Goodyear tyres Safety App-Available to All Motorists especially Young Drivers

Goodyear tyres Safety App

Goodyear tyres Safety App; Goodyear tyres Safety App is mainly targeted at the younger driver. The young drivers are in my opinion the least likely to take onboard safety issues when it comes to safe driving. We have all been there in our younger days and done silly things. This, unfortunately, includes drink driving and more recently driving under the influence of drugs.

Tyre safety is a major issue to me. This simply because I feel it my responsibility to inform the public about tyre safety and the risks involved. Young men, in particular, seem to be the ones that flaunt the law. They overtake in silly situations. I have also noticed that recently this has become a more common problem.

This is when accidents happen? When a car is driven too fast out of a junction or at a roundabout can be a dangerous manoeuvre. But with a set of tyres that are not

Goodyear tyres Safety App

Goodyear tyres Safety App screenshot

correctly inflated can double the chances of things going drastically wrong.

This Goodyear tyres Safety App

This app is to inform young drivers about the dangers of distraction while car driving. Goodyear has used a 360-degree gaming App called, “driving academy” and partnered up with the Driving Instructors Association to show the dangers of driver distraction. This is most relevant when driving along and using your mobile phone at the wheel.

Young drivers account for many of the near misses, with 23% of you drivers, admitting that they have used a mobile phone when driving their car.

Kate Rock, the PR manager of Goodyear Tyre UK, says that “One in five young drivers have an accident in the first six months of passing their tests. In the tyre industry, you simply lose points if you get distracted, but transfer the scenarios to a real life driving environment and distractions can end up changing lives”.

It is the target to encourage all young drivers to study such an App to improve their driving skills and have more thought for other road users. Don’t forget the tyres?

Customers can get this app, which is available at drivingacademy.goodyear.co.uk and can be accessed using Google Cardboard – or without.

Tyre Price Match-Independent tyre companies like Pellon Tyres, can always Give a better deal?

Tyre Price Match

Tyre Price Match-One of the things that have come out of the internet price war, is the ability to price-match. Tyre price match has become part of our weekly diet of working out the right price for our tyres to sell online.

Like many other independent tyre retailers in the UK, we always try our best to satisfy the service levels that we offer to our customers. Some of these customers, have been coming to us for years and trust us to give the best quality of work and service at a fair price.

We are always busy from word of mouth recommendations and we believe that this is still the best form of advertising. We do however offer our customers the

chance to look at our tyre website at www.pellontyres.co.uk and check out the price of their tyres. This is always helpful and the internet tyre market has now

Tyre Price Match

Tyre Price Match;Range rover for 4×225/55R20 Michelin tyres

grown to 20% of all tyre sales in the UK.

The only downside to this is the fact that, we are probably not the cheapest prices for every tyre that a customer wants to buy online. It is the same scenario for all the internet tyre stores. This also applies from the smallest to the largest. There are also some tyre products that you can buy on one website but not from another. If you want a general grabber for your 4×4 in the Halifax area, then we are the only place that you would be able to buy from in the Halifax area of the UK.

We always pride ourselves on being able to source a tyre for a customer. We have a supply chain that stretches all across Europe. To my knowledge, we have never failed to be able to match a tyre for one of our customers and this is a great benefit of dealing with a local tyre company. We are there to help you, the customer can see a great effort and the many contacts that we have with other tyre companies.

Our prices are very competitive, I fact the new buzz word is “Tyre Price Match”. We are finding that our loyal customers with knowledge about our excellent service will ask us to tyre price match. We are delighted to do this? We realise, that some of us are price driven and we are happy to help if possible.

In fact, our latest tyre price match came from a driver with a beautiful Range Rover SUV. His tyre size was 255/55R20 and he needed 4 tyres. Because of the price decided to look at different websites for a price. The price on our website was a little more expensive than another tyre company. He wanted to deal with us, Tyre Price Matchbecause of his past service and trust in our work standards. He rang deb in reception and asked for a tyre price match.

The tyres he wanted were top of the range Michelin Latitude Sports tyres and the most expensive. We shopped around our suppliers and to his surprise, we were able to beat his previous quotes. The customer was delighted and we fitted his tyres on a Saturday morning. If you like dealing with us we will gladly price match is possible, we are a small family business and as they say “every little helps”.

Michelin Energy EV-tyres- Fitted to a Renault Zoe in Halifax UK.

Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Michelin Energy EV-tyres -Saturday’s at Pellon Tyres, in Halifax. Are filled dealing with tyre customers and tyre enquiries. Thus, like many UK tyre dealers, we attract a varied amount of different models and makes of cars. Saturday is generally a tyre day?

This Saturday just gone was no exception?. It was a steady day with cars calling in and out at regular intervals. We often jack car’s up outside to remove their wheels and fit tyres or carry out puncture repairs. Especially, if the weather is dry, and this Saturday it was.

There had been nothing special in on this day, we fitted a couple of General tyres onto a Toyota, an odd Bridgestone and few economy tyres. This was until one ofMichelin Energy EV-tyres my staff pointed out a sort of plain looking car, a Renault Zoe.

The Zoe was jacked up and having a damaged Michelin tyre replaced. Because this was exactly the same tyre that came off. The guy had brought the car in for a puncture repair. As a result, to be repaired. But the screw was too close to the shoulder, and could not be repaired.

I noticed that the 195/55R16 91Q Michelin EV-Tyres were, in fact, double A rated. Not forgetting that the two companies, Renault and Michelin have deep roots in France and have been developing tyres together, ever since tyres were invented? The joint tyre development for the Zoe tyres began over four years ago. Both companies worked very hard in the development, to design a tyre that would achieve

Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Both an increased driving range and would also fit in with the French emission standards, and the Michelin EV-Tyres, are what they came up with.

When I had a chat with the customer, he said” I bought the car for my wife?.  Most of her driving is done at a local level around town, so we tried the Zoe, it’s great, and we just plug the car in on a night and recharge it for her next day’s driving”.Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Vincent Rousset-Rouvière, Head of the Michelin Passenger Car tyre Replacement unit in Europe, and Bernard Dumondel, who is the “Customer Specifications Electric Vehicle Director” with Renault, look back on this exciting developments and the technological challenge and the major stages in the fruitful collaboration between the two groups, to develop and introduce the Michelin EV-Tyres.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- a great all-year round tyre performer

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres-As I have stated many times, Firestone tyres have had a shaky past. We all now know about the problems of the past with faulty steel belt problems?.

The good news is that since the Bridgestone take over. Then Firestone are reaffirming their status as a leading European tyre brand. The new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres are heading the company in the right direction. With a tyre that allows the driver freedom to visit anywhere he likes.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- One of Firestone tyres latest offerings to improve the companies image in the mid-range tyre market.

This Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. Along with other great tyres in the range including the TZ300 run flat tyres and the Destination HP SUV tyre range. Are helping to establish Firestone as a leading mid-range tyre manufacturer again. Firestone also produces the S790 high-performance tyre for the large sports saloons.

The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres were introduced at the beginning of 2015. Because, the new tyre offered a welcoming fresh design. It is made of innovative new materials to add a touch of class to the mid-range tyre sector.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Because, the Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres, comes with a new slogan “freedom to drive” and is aimed at the young at heart, (that must include me?). Consequently, the new tyre is more fuel efficient due to a better rolling resistance and a silica added compound, which is the general theme for most tyre manufacturers these days.

Therefore, Firestone drivers will love the nice comfortable journey on their new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. The tyre buying public should have few problems finding a Multihawk 2 to fit their car: We offer these tyres IN my Tyre Shop in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Finally, the tyre will be introduced in 36 sizes for 13″ to 15″ rims, covering more than 95% of EU demand in the small to compact segment cars.


Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre-to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre,

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

I will be the first to admit that I thought that Apollo would eventually melt Vredestein down into their giant tyre manufacturing machine?

Vredestein was always a niche tyre manufacturer that developed a very good tyre product, from their factory in Holland. Like most tyre retailers we also became very familiar with the Vredestein staff at their warehouse here in the UK. For many years, we sold the Vredestein products. The Dutch company always came out with different ideas, to help us sell the products including designer tyres. The special products, though, were the winter tyre range.

The Vredestein winter tyres were world renowned for quality and performance.

Then came Apollo tyres? They saw Vredestein as a door into the European and the UK tyre market. At first, things did not change. But as in all take-overs, Apollo began to run Vredestein tyres, their own way. The distribution centre has changed along with the computer system.

Vredestein Ultra Satin Summer Tyre

It looked very much like Apollo were going to “overpower” Vredestein into the Apollo tyre brand. This announcement of the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre came as a surprise to me, (a nice surprise)

There is no doubt that we are now dealing with one of the most progressive tyre manufacturers, in the world and Apollo Vredestein has chosen the high-profile setting of this year’s Geneva Motor Show to launch its very latest tyre products, including the Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre. There will also be additions to its Passenger Car range as well they will be announcing that the company’s ambitious growth strategy has now entered a new and exciting direction.

The new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre

Vredestein tyre dealers who have for many years promoted this excellent product and the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre, will be Unveiled on the Apollo stand. They will show off the new tyre which incorporates a number of benefits including outstanding driving performance, superior energy efficiency and low noise levels.

Apollo-Vredestein will also unveil the new Vredestein Ultrac Vorti high-performance pattern in 24-inch size option has a special tread pattern for both the front and rear axles and has been specifically designed for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, as well as the new Vredestein Ultrac Satin summer tyre. This is altogether great news for all the Apollo-Vredestein dealers across Europe and the UK

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres-A great quality tyre at an affordable price

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres-For those who have never heard of Jinyu tyres, I have decided to introduce them in my blog.

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Like many other tyres manufacturing companies the JINYU Tyre Group Co started to produce tyres in 1995.

The 1990’s saw a huge revolution in the tyre manufacturing sector. Because, this coincided with the opening up of cheaper manufacturing in China. With  the automation of the tyre manufacturing sector. Many of the leading tyre companies, started to open up factories in China. Making it the largest tyre making nation in the world.

New tyre companies soon sprung up. With the Chinese government spending billions to become the largest manufacturing base in a short period of time. This included Jinyu. Who with assets of 4 billion RMB, began producing tyre products in its ultra-modern tyre factory.

Like millions of other products produced in China.  Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres were produced and exported all around the globe. Including here in the UK. In fact, Jinyu produces tyres that are exported to over 100 countries, making over 3 million passenger tyres a year.

Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres

Unlike many other tyres produced in China the Jinyu tyres have won many acclaimed certifications for their quality. Unlike other tyre companies. Jinyu has made promises to honour their distribution system and will not offer their tyre products to others. Because, if there is a distributor already established in the country that they export to.

In the UK, the Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres are imported by Bonds of Pocklington. Consequently, Bonds are now establishing a network of Jinyu dealers across the UK.

Finally, we have had very good results, including the winter tyre range. Because, Eric Roberts says, “Jinyu YH11 Passenger tyres are a great tyre and the product fits in with our new portfolio of brands, including the newly acquired General tyre franchise for the Halifax area”.

225-45R17 Summer Tyre-Used in ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) tyre tests

225-45R17 Summer Tyre

These tyre tests are considered to be one of the most accurate and dependable tyre tests in the world. The ADAC is the German version of our RAC or AA. The testing is carried out and the results are compiled into data, rather than just a scoring method.

225-45R17 Summer Tyre

Continental racing tyres are one of the reasons why their tyres are number one in road testing.

It was no surprise to me that the Continental Sport Contact 5 tyre, once again came out the top tyre in a combination of all the testing data. Continental have also picked up more points in the tread wear part of the testing, and will be very difficult to beat in future tests.

New versions of tyres made by Michelin, Dunlop and Goodyear were not in the tests this year, but I still feel confident that Continental, with their 225-45R17 Summer Tyre, will be the top tyre for a few years to come.

225-45R17 Summer Tyre

This excites me because here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK, we are Continental stockists are also great fans of General tyres, one of the Continental owned brands that use the same quality ingredients to make both types of tyres. The fact that they are made by Continental gives us great confidence when we offer the very popular tyre size of the 225-45R17 Summer Tyre, to our customers, we know that they are the from the same factories and made from the same tyre materials and compounds.

Another brand that we offer in Halifax is the Apollo tyre brand of Vredestein tyres. Apollo-Vredestein came fourth behind third-place Pirelli tyres.

Michelin came in ninth place overall. There is no doubt at all that Michelin were very disappointed with the result.

  • The total tyre results for the winner of the 225-45R17 Summer Tyre, was the Continental scoring the following points-
  • Dry conditions 9.6
  • Wet Conditions 8.2
  • Rolling Resistance 7.8
  • Comfort 5.4- Giving a total of 39 points.



305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y-Bridgestone Potenza RE050A fitted to Porsche Carrera 4S

305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y

One of our wealthier customers knows how to choose his cars. His latest choice is a Porsche Carrera 4S. The guy can go through tyres. He can 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Yhandle this type of car and very often visits race tracks to test his speed skills when the tracks have their open days.

The Porsche 911 was in immaculate condition. Like his other cars though he quickly wore his tyres down and last week he called to us for the tyres replacing. The guy always returns his old tyre with the same match as the cars original equipment fittings.

This car was fitted with 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y. The price came at over £200 each.

The right tyres are now critical, and many of the modern supercars are fitted with unique suspension and drive systems. These systems are computer calibrated to react to the specific tyre performance. The Carrera 4S is equipped with the electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management four-wheel-drive system, to obtain peak handling performance at speed.

Because, when my customer bought the latest 911. Then, Porsche succeeded in upgrading the supercar to me much more usable; it was also to be more refined and more comfortable to drive than ever.

305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y

Another Porsche refinement was to fit 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y, Bridgestone tyres as original equipment. This tyre was to prove perfect for the sporty 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Ydemanding driver in both wet and dry weather conditions. The new Bridgestone also fits new Ferrari cars and the new upgraded VW Golf.

Hence, the tyre also comes out in a run-flat version, on certain sizes, to add more safety to the mix. Have these tyres to cope with a top speed of 189 MPH and 0-62 in 4 seconds? Wow

Other 305-30R19 BST RE050A N1 102Y tyre features include.

  1. State of the art driving precision from Formula One technology
  2. Response and control beyond your dreams
  3. Superb wet grip provides ultimate safety
  4. Speed: Y (Max Speed: 186 mph)
  5. Load: 102 (Max Load: 850 kg)

Goodyear Online- Tyre giants to sell Goodyear tyres online in the USA

Goodyear Online

Goodyear online;Could it spread to Europe?

The tyre operating system in the USA has always been different to the UK tyre operations. America has always had a tyre retailer franchise system, across

goodyear online

A typical Goodyear franchise in the USA will be fitting for Goodyear Online

its retail tyre market. In other words if you want to buy say a Firestone tyre then you would go to a Firestone outlet. This outlet would only sell the Firestone products.

This system has never caught on here in the UK. Tyre retail outlets, like my own here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK have always sold multi brands. The UK system in my opinion is best way of offering the consumer a bigger and better choice of tyre brands.

The national retail outlets have always pushed their own products, but have never come close to the USA franchise way of running a tyre retail outlet. I think though that things may be changing and it is no thanks to the internet?

Goodyear Online has recently introduced an online platform, where you can buy Goodyear tyres online. This is in the USA and covers the whole country. The tyres will be fitted at more than 4000 outlets, including the Goodyear franchises 600 tyre fitting stations.

Although this does not apply in the UK, I believe that it may set a precedent for the future of the tyre industry. We all know about the recent buy outs of online tyre retailers across Europe? So is this the start of a similar thing?

Goodyear Online

Michelin and Apollo tyres have both bought online tyre companies and I wonder how long it will be before they start marketing their own products online. At the moment they sell multi brands of tyres, but will it change to a Goodyear Online type of situation, where Michelin sell only Michelin tyres and have them fitted across their ATS network of tyre retail branches.

Michelin have a massive following in the tyre world and in my opinion would be able to pull such a move off, selling the Michelin only product online across

goodyear online

A Goodyear Online screenshot

the whole of Europe?

Because of the Goodyear Online move, may be just the start of things to come? Where it leaves anyone else that sells tyres, I do not know. Consequently, I could be completely wrong, but with all these moves from the tyre manufactures, then something is in the air. Watch out for Bridgestone tyres and their next move?

more information…https://www.goodyear.com/en-US/tires/auto-tires 

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP-Tyres fitted to a nice white Range Rover

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP cheaper than BlackCircles

I love working on a Saturday morning in my tyre depot work shop. I do not fit tyres anymore because I have lost touch with all the new tyre sizes. Believe it or not the wheels are becoming too heavy for me to lift. It is a young man’s job and I am afraid that I have to stick to computers these days.

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

White Range Rover in for 22 inch General Grabbers

However I do enjoy my Saturday in the workshop. I always keep my camera or one of my staff use their mobile phones. This is just in case we see anything interesting or even nice looking. Last Saturday was no exception.

We had a few good jobs in. One of them was a really well kept Range Rover finished in white. It was great looking  car.

Earlier on in the week the guy had inquired about winter tyres for this Range Rover. He chose to go for some new

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

Range Rover new wheels

22 inch wheels and decided on using 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP. This was a good choice as readers of mine would know that most SUV vehicles are useless when driving on ice and snow? Winter tyres are required for safer winter driving.

285-35R22 General Grabber UHP

The 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP is said to be the star of the General Grabber family and has been engineered for fast and strong-horsepower SUV/4×4 vehicles, just like the Range Rover. With rim sizes up to 24 inches and at speeds of up to 270 km/h, these 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP not only looks good, it also provides a top performance in its group! With its highly developed tread and the very good quality, this 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP tyre offers safe handling in on- and light off-road terrain, making the tyre a good winter choice.

The 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP, guarantee, for a safe performance.

The new 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP tread pattern is characterised by steep, extended grooves from shoulder to centre and sipes, with sturdy tread lugs.

The design of the 285-35R22 General Grabber UHP is combined with advanced silica tread compounds for flexibility in cold weather below 7 degrees, and a reinforced construction, makes the UHP tyre comfortable, durable and extremely safe in both wet and dry conditions.

Our online price for this tyre was £148.85 compared to £181.61 from Blackcircles and was not available from Asda tyres. Showing that shopping local can save you

range rover wheel and tyre money?