General Tyres Lighter Weight- As your Car Tyres Are Becoming More “ECO” Friendly

General Tyres Lighter Weight

General Tyres Lighter Weight; Car tyres are going down the environmental friendly road

General Tyres Lighter Weight

General Tyres Lighter Weight

More and more tyre manufacturer.Hence, are going down the “green” road.Thus, striving to make their car tyres more fuel efficient.Therefore, as part of the drive to make cars more environmentally friendly. Tyres are very important.Especially, in the drive to increase better fuel efficiency. I seem to remember a similar thing that was launched in the 1980s.Hence,  when tyre manufacturers started to bring out tyres.Naturally, with a different aspect ratio and less rolling resistance. As a result became the buzz word for the people that worked in the tyre trade. All the major car tyres makers. Thus,  claimed that their car tyres went further and lasted longer.Than any of their competitor’s tyres. But things settled back down.Accordingly, the green issue was put to one side.Until a new upsurge in interest in the environment. As a result, the need to make claims of a greener tyre again from the major tyre makers. 

General Tyres Lighter Weight

Tyre makers have done many different experiments.Especially, with rubber compound mixes. Thus, to try and improve the rolling resistance of tyres. These compounds reduce the friction between the road surface and the tyres.Whilst at the same time retain the tyres grip. These compounds have been produced by companies.hence, such as General tyres, sold here in the UK. The new compounds also reduce the tyres weight. Naturally, and help in the total weight of the car. Motorists just think that a “tyre is a tyre”. Therefore, just a black lump a rubber. But billions of dollars are spent on research and development.Hence, by the major tyre companies. To improve their green image. This is one of the reasons for a difference between cheap budget ones that are made by the big companies such as Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental and Michelin to name a few.

One of the new materials that are added to car tyres compounds these days is Silica,

This is the main material.That helps achieve a much lower rolling resistance. This and a greater understanding of tread design and technology. Have moved tyre design along in “leaps and bounds”. The new tyre designs help the cars soak up energy from the road by staying at cooler temperatures than their earlier counterparts. These new rubber compounds and tread design have made these modern General Tyres Lighter Weight and quieter, with far less road noise coming through to the car’s cockpit. I hope that this article helps people understand the amount of work that goes on in the constant updating of this product, and all this has to be worked in with the cost of the car tyres.

 Eric Roberts

Europe’s Tyre Waste-Recycling three million tonnes of TYRE WASTE

Europe's Tyre Waste

Europe’s Tyre Waste

Cordis News

Recycling Europe’s tyre waste

Cordis News

Waste tyres are potentially fully recyclable. The recovered materials can be put to other uses, in turn reducing the environmental impact of this priority waste stream.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Europe’s Tyre Waste mountains are receding

From what i hear the Europe’s Tyre Waste problem is slowly getting better and we are re-cycling more and more of these tyres.

We can still see piles of Europe’s Tyre Waste that have been dumped all over the place , but i think that in general  dealers are responsible people and dispose of their old tyres according to the law. The law regarding

Europe's Tyre Waste

Europe’s Tyre Waste problem, just dumped outside this French garage

Europe’s Tyre Waste is a European directive, but i have noticed that when traveling in France that almost all of the  retailers and garages have their old casings stacked at the side of the building in a massive heap, we in the UK  have had to go to the expense of a container to keep our scrap tyres in before final disposal. hey ho,we always have to play the game by the rules ?

There are now some improvements in the recycling of used tyres including mixing the tyre pellets (that are created from the waste tyre) into the tarmac that we use to make new roads with and apparently this will you a much resilient road surface.

Eric Roberts…

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