Winter Tyre Preparations

Winter Tyres Safety Benefits-Should I buy winter tyres ? Well of course you should ?

Winter Tyres Safety Benefits

Winter Tyres Safety Benefits

Winter Tyres Safety Benefits

Fitting winter tyres on your car will be one of the safest things that you will ever do? In very deep snow there are a few other driving tips that will help you on your journey.

Firstly, even with the confidence of having winter tyre fitted, then stay at home if the snow is falling heavily. So, if you are out and about when the snow starts then it is another matter.

In order to avoid sliding while driving in the snow. So, you need to steer your car towards the slide direction. Now you do not have to worry about  keeping safe while driving in the snow.

in fact using your gears and steering is the only way. braking can only make things worse. Before setting out in snow then the first thing that you need to do is to check out the condition of your car.

You have to make sure that your car is in a good condition in a way to avoid getting any trouble while driving. You need to make sure that you have enough fluids on your car. Therefore checkout the levels on your car, or have a competent garage check them for you.

Winter Tyres Safety Benefits-M11 snow storm

In my opinion it is also important to start warming up your car. Especially, must before you are going to drive in the snow. When the first starting out, you need to keep the engine speed at low revs. So ,do not press the accelerator too hard. Drive at low speed in as higher gear as possible without stalling the engine. Also before starting out clear off any snow or frost from all of your windows, In order to get clear vision of all the road.

Driving in the snow can be a scary thing for some people. Most drivers hate it and stay indoors. However, if you do get caught out them make sure you have an  emergency kit in your car. This may include, extra coats, blanket, extra shocks, snacks and first aid kit. Or any other things that you need. I remember a recent event here in the UK. A sudden snow storm completely brought the M11 motorway to a complete standstill. Motorists were stranded all night until the following morning. Many drivers abandoned their vehicles and set off walking.

We here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK can now offer the excellent award winning Nokian Winter Tyres.

This was the perfect time to carry an extra blanket or coat. Engines had to be switched off in case they ran out of fuel. People were huddled in other peoples cars to keep warm. All though this is a rare occasion in the UK. Then it can still happen.

Driving in snow should be experienced by all our drivers. Especially with General winter tyres fitted.

Eric Roberts

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As the temperature drops, many buyers will be wondering whether it’s worth investing in a set of winter tyres.

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Pirelli Winter Tyres- Pirelli recommend that UK motorists to fit “WINTER TYRES”

Pirelli Winter Tyres

SUV owners are especially vulnerable to snow and do need Pirelli Winter Tyres

Pirelli Winter Tyres

SUVs like this Mercedes ML are much safer driven on Pirelli Winter Tyres

Here at Pellon tyres. We have noticed that the vehicles that are most affected by bad weather. Hence, in winter are the SUV vehicles. As a result, these cars have been fitted with very large and wide tyres. Thus, by the car manufacturers. Because these cars are at the luxury end of the car market.Requiring them to be a quiet and comfortable ride.

This is why they are fitted with summer tyres. In my opinion the job of giving these cars a much safer ride. Especially in winter. Therefore, has been solely laid upon the car owners. SUV cars perform very badly in winter conditions.As a result, should either be parked up in winter time. Hence, or fitted with a set of winter tyres. Because of the very large tyre sizes, these tyres are usually only made by premium tyre manufacturers, such as Pirelli Winter Tyres. They produce an excellent winter tyre for the SUVs called the “Scorpion Winter SUV tyres”, the new saloon winter tyre from Pirelli tyres is called the “Snowcontrol 3”.. Pellon tyres UK

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“Pirelli urges UK motorists to fit Pirelli Winter Tyres The Pirelli Winter Tyres Scorpion Winter SUV is designed to be much more balanced for cold and wet weather conditions, Pirelli told Tyres Accessories, while retaining its ice performance qualities”…

Eric Roberts

Pirelli tyres are not known for their winter tyre products here in the UK, but it is a growing market all across Europe and it is a market that they would like to be part of. This Snow patrol 3 tyre will definitely help them achieve this in the winters to come in my opinion.