New Radial Tyres-Gave a hard Ride when fitted with wrong suspension?

America was slow to take to New Radial Tyres

The American tyre market was much slower to use the option of radials on their new cars that they were producing. The rest of the world including Europe and the UK were starting to

New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres; The Michelin X was the first steel belted radial tyre in the World and gave double the mileage, although the grip in wet weather was nothing to write home about.

use New Radial Tyres in much larger numbers, especially in France and Germany with Peugeot and Citroen leading the way, fitting Michelin tyres on most of their early Diane models.

However, things were very different across the pond in the USA. They tended to go for the Bias-belted tyres, to compliment the type of suspensions that were used on American cars. One of the problems they had with the New Radial Tyres was that the precise handling of the radial tyre showed up hidden weaknesses in the American cars.

Ford became the front runners in correcting the problems, introducing “radial tuned” suspension on the new Thunderbird and Lincoln models. This modification enabled Ford to offer radials  as an optional extra, this started in 1967 a couple of years after I started my career in tyres here in the UK. The offers of radials were not taken up very well by the public and one of the reasons was supply problems. Other major car makers followed fords footsteps but were supplying sub-standard radials and suffered quality problems because radials were in their infancy in the states.

Many of the manufacturers had to replace these sub-standard tyres with imported Michelin tyres, Michelin had tyres that were tried and tested without any quality problems. One of the big players in tyre supplies in America was the department store, Sears. Sears controlled about 25% of the American tyre replacement market in those days and that settled down to about 10% because their competitors had started to sell New Radial Tyres. This ate into Sears tyre numbers. Sears had done a deal with the tyre makers Armstrong Rubber company which supplied Sears with their Bias belted products, but things certainly picked up when they started to introduce radial tyres, making them one of the top tyre retailers in the States.

Ford used the first radial tyres in America

In 1968 top Ford officials had a meeting with the Michelin  company to fit their radials to the new Lincoln Continental as original equipment and Michelin would be the exclusive supplier of tyres for this new model. The American public knew that radials  lasted far longer than the Bias belted that the were used to driving on, sometimes up to four times longer. It is widely reported that Ford paid $19.50 for the first Michelins, only $5 more per tyre than for bias belted, this was indeed a great deal for Ford and the first American cars rolled off the production lines on cheap Michelin Tyres UK.

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New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres; one Michelin tyres oldest advertising signs