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Women are much more confident dealing with cars these days Heels and Wheels

2013 Heels and Wheels event trends women in auto industry Houston Chronicle The ever-growing power of the purse and the shifting role of women in the automotive market were the themes at the third annual Heels and Wheels event, organized by…


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Women and Cars (heels and wheels)

This is a great article by” Sue Mead of the Housten Chonicle” and highlights exactly what i have been saying for the past ten years. That is that women are taking over the men when it comes to cars and car ownership.

According to this Heels and Wheels article the women are taking over through the control of the purse and the household budget.

Here in Halifax in the UK we have noticed the trend expanding over the past ten years, as i stated earlier. More and more young women are now driving and pass their driving test at an earlier age and buying a car straight away. In my opinion they can handle their money better than than young men,and always seam to manage to buy a small car as there priority, very impressive indeed.

We have also noticed the huge swing in the number of women that are bringing their cars into our garage. It appears that the ladies can legislate their time better and are no longer fearful about taking a car to the “DREADED” garage, when it comes to repairing and servicing their cars.

I estimate now that 60% of our customers are lady customers and they also know a good deal when they see one, so hats off to the women that are taking over the responsibility of the family car and their own cars too.

The one I have recently picked up on has been published by an organisation known as “Mumsnet” and posted on www.attachmentmummy.com . This is a female friendly organisation that informs their lady members about facts about cars and tyres. Michelin have also been involved in informing the ladies about which tyres are going to best for their cars. Heels and Wheels females are now expecting much more from their garages, in terms of tidiness and a vice warm reception area to sit and wait in, while their car is being repaired. We at Pellon  here in Halifax UK pride ourselves on been one of the prime female friendly businesses in our area, and we know by the amount of Heels and Wheels women customers that we have that our policy is working.

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Thanks Eric Roberts…www.mot-halifax.co.uk

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