Giant Earthmover tyres-These were the great days-Fitting these giant tyres?

Giant Earthmover tyres

Giant Earthmover tyres; I must admit that I thought I knew all about tyres, in my younger days? That was until I started to work on earthmover tyres.

My first venture into the field of the Giant Earthmover tyres came from a tyre company in Leeds. Goodyear tyres earthmover division owned the company. Because the company bordered onto a busy main road, we also serviced the tyres on trucks and cars.

Giant Earthmover tyres

Giant Earthmover tyres, being transported to a site.

My first job came when I first started working in the reception of the truck and car tyre fitting bays. I was on familiar ground and worked selling all the brands of tyres that I was used to. Because we worked for Goodyear tyres, then they were our primary brand. At the depot, we also sold Michelin tyres. I was soon to learn that the Michelin brand was synonymous with hard wear and long lasting.

I was also working with large companies and the fleets of trucks and vans that went with them. I was surprised at the following that Michelin tyres had. Later in my career, about two years on, I started to work on the earthmover side of the business.

I started out as a sales representative but soon found that this was not the job for me. I did not realise the amount of extra knowledge that I required in the field of earthmover tyres. I decided to start again at the bottom of the ladder.

Because of their huge size,  Earthmover tyres had to be fitted from the back of large trucks. The first thing I had to do was to pass my heavy goods vehicle test. I passed my test the first time at the Wakefield Testing Centre.

Giant Earthmover tyres

After about six months of training, I was beginning to learn the job and started to travel all over the UK fitting these giant tyres. To my surprise, Michelin tyres were still very popular in the field of earthmover tyres. The Michelin tyres were more expensive, but would wear better, and their casing quality was second to none. The casing is the tyre that has used all of the tread and then can be used for remoulding. The remoulding option would give the original purchase a second and third life. This is the reason that the Michelin tyres are very cost effective in the long run.

It is the reason why many hauliers go for the most expensive tyres which are the Michelins. When the tyre is worn down, and there is no tread left, then they can be successfully remoulded and have a second and third life. Michelin casings is a much sought after commodity in the tyre remoulding world.

Earth-Mover tyres-Man dies as tyres explode at Qld mine – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 News

Earth-Mover tyres

Giant earth-mover tyres like these are fitted with the up most safety and equipment,

Another worker has been killed by an exploding tyre at a Queensland mine, the latest in a string of similar fatalities.


This is always a risk?

these giant earth-mover tyres have to be fitted with huge machines and with care.

From Car tyres to Earth-mover tyres

Believe it or not this was to be only my second move from the car tyre industry. I had worked for the Dunlop retail outlet of National tyres then for about six years and was ready for a move. I did not want to leave the industry that I loved so well, but do to a disagreement with my manager at the time; a chance came my way to learn about the giant earth-mover tyres that were appearing all over the country and the Giant Earth-movers that they were fitted to.

In Yorkshire, industry was booming, we had a vibrant coal mining industry as well as the steel making in Sheffield and the north east, Middlesboro was famous for the big kilns for smelting metals. They were also a surge to build new motorways including the east to west motorway the M62, over the Pennine hills.

This required massive earth-moving machines, some had tracks fitted, similar to army tanks, but many of them were fitted with giant tyres. I remember my first few days, and I was very nervous, but also keen to learn. The first job I had was in the reception, doing a similar job to the one at my previous employment. I was desperate to learn more about these giant tyres, they were the same as a car tyre, but on a much larger scale. We also had to fit tyres to the world’s largest earth-mover at the time in the Welsh coal fields.

earth-mover tyres

This is similar equipment that i would use to remove earth-mover tyres out on the job

The big difference was the way that they were fitted to the machine. I asked my new boss if I could be a tyre fitter and learn as much as I could about these earth-mover tyres. The boss gave me the thumbs up, but the first thing I had to do was to pass my heavy goods vehicle test as large trucks are needed for transporting and fitting these tyres.

I was paid to take a week’s lessons followed by the test, I always have thought that I was a good driver and after a week’s lessons I passed the test. My boss and I were both over the moon and it was not too long before I teamed up with another experienced and qualified Earth-Mover tyres fitter.

Safety is a huge aspect of earth-mover tyre fitting

I was very impressed at the methodical way these tyres were fitted, on some machines such as the Caterpillar 631 box scrapers; we removed and fitted the huge tyres on the machine itself. On the huge Terex dumper trucks, we would take a wheel and tyre that we had previously built up and change the wheel using the Hiab lifting equipment that we had fitted to the truck. These were the bee’s knees for maneuvering the giant wheels from and onto the giant trucks.

The time passed quickly and I soon began to be the main fitter in a two man team, going all over the UK to fit these giant earth-mover tyres. The one thing that I was impressed with was the safety aspect of the job. Fitting car tyres was relatively easy and you just have to watch your hands and feet, but the earth-mover tyre fitting was a much more disciplined procedure and no risks were taken. We would have massive blocks of hardwood chocks to prop up the machine in case a problem occurred when the wheel was off.

We used nitrogen bottles to inflate and seal the tyres once they were fitted and these would be fully checked and tested all the time. I never had or saw a single accident, in the five years that were to be the best years of my life, I loved the job, it was man’s work and I was as fit as a fiddle and brown as a berry with working outdoors all the time.

This is what I could not believe when I read the story about the guy who was killed fitting the Earth-Mover tyres. Any accident or death is a tragedy, but it made me recall how cautious we were and safety was a number one priority. I wish the guys family all the best and hope they can accept my condolences.

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