Tyre Blowout Accident

Tyre Blowout Accident-What happens when a tyre blows out-Accident Street Compilation 2016

Tyre Blowout Accident

Tyre Blowout Accident

We all talk the talk when it comes to tyre safety. Of course, I know that I do go on and on about the problem, but hey? someone has to. Therefore, I have a relentless request to inform drivers about the dangers of part-worn tyres. Unfortunately, one of our stumbling blocks is the fact that most of these part-worn tyres are sold in back street tyre shops. Hence, these tyre are sold to unsuspecting motorists. Thus, who just think that they are getting a bargain.

In fact, it is just the opposite? Because it has been proven time and time again that buying these tyres at so called bargain prices of £10 to £20, is total false economy. Like many tyre business owners, I am amazed at the way that these part-worn businesses have been allowed to escalate. They make a complete mockery of the law that governs tyre safety. What drivers do not understand is that they buying hidden death traps.

People think that we are always complaining about the part worn problem, so that we can make more money ourselves? Of course that could be true in some cases. However the majority of decent guys that own legitimate tyre businesses, are totally against this illegal trade. This video gives the motorist, some idea of what can happen when a tyre blows out.

Tyre Blowout Accident in France

I had a first class experience of a tyre blowout  recently in France. Driving on the A26, and heading south. I was two cars behind a truck and trailer. The next thing I knew was a large explosion and much smoke. The truck swerved and hit the central crash barrier, before correcting itself and pulling over onto the hard shoulder. As expected, my heart was pounding as I could have been overtaking the truck a few minutes later. Perhaps, drivers give more thought.About what could happen if an illegal part worn tyre explodes?.

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Tyre Blowout-For unlucky Hull City football fan on his way to the playoffs? Hull Won

Tyre Blowout

Tyre Blowout- Saturday morning working at Pellon Tyres here in Halifax Yorkshire, UK is always an interesting experience. We can get all sorts of people with different problems to solve on their beloved cars. Would this Saturday be no exception?

When we arrived first thing in the morning.We already had a customer waiting for our attention. The vehicle was Seat car. The driver was accompanied by an AA van.Who apparently had just towed the car in from the M62 motorway (about 5 miles from Halifax).

Because, his Seat had had a tyre blowout. Like so many of today’s cars, there was no spare wheel. The AA have told me on many occasions that many of their callouts

tyre blowout

Inside of the tyre showing tyre blowout damage.

are to stranded motorists without a spare wheel. Most of the drivers do not even know, that many car models come without a spare wheel.

Tyre Blowout

Because, many of these cars are on run-flat tyres. Some are not and only carry a tin of tyre sealant, as a temporary solution. The sealant is only good for the odd nail or screw. However, would not have been any good for the tyre blowout on this particular vehicle, which had suffered bad run-on damage to the tyre.

Consequently, as you can see in the image the tyre was way beyond any repairs and the Hull supporter had to buy a new tyre. The tyre was 215/55R16 and we fitted him with a new General mid-range tyre, made by Continental tyres.

The Hull city fan was more than happy with the price of the tyre and off he went on his journey to Derby, to watch the important playoff match. Incidentally, Hull went on to win 3-0 and the day recovered well, after the supporters bad start with his tyre experience. Finally Hull won.The Tigers were promoted to the English Premier League.