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Car tyres Online- Which car tyres prices should you go for online,cheapest or best?

Helping you out with car tyres selection

Car tyres Online

Yokohama are one of the best Car tyres Online products a a reasonable price.

For consumers who are looking to purchase new or spare tyres online, choosing the right online site for the purchase is key to getting the lowest prices, and top quality. When choosing the Car tyres Online to buy, not only do you want to look for the lowest price, but consumers should also look for the top tyres on the market. So, when comparing car tyre prices online, making sure you compare the best brand such as Continental tyres or Firestone tyres , the car tyres with the best depth and tread, and the car tyres which are going to last you for the most miles when driving, so that you do not have to constantly replace them.

In order to save on the Car tyres Online prices you are purchasing , consumers have to take the time to find the right online retailer for the purchase. Comparing online sites, and choosing the one which has the most extensive product selection, the best brand names, the various car tyre options to choose from, a site which is well reviewed and rated by other consumers online, and of course, the online site which offers the lowest and most affordable car tyre prices to their consumers. Keeping each of these factors in mind, prior to purchasing, is something all consumers should do, if they want to save, and if they want to find the right Car tyres Online for their car.

Depending on the car you drive, the tyres you will purchase are also going to vary. So, keeping this in mind, and making sure the tyres you are buying online come in sizes and tread depths for all cars, is also something to consider when choosing the tyre. Whether it is a pick-up or a traditional family saloon style car, knowing which ones you need, and where to find the lowest car tyre prices for them, are some factors to keep in mind when you choose to shop online for the new ones for your car. The size, and the dimensions of the tyres has to be correct when choosing them online, so keeping the price in mind, and what style you are looking to buy, are things a shopper has to consider when they are making the product selection, and when they are determining which tyres are going to be the best option for their car. Yokohama tyres are an excellent choice, combining quality with price.

Comparing various car tyres,

different brands, and finding the top names in the industry such as Avon tyres, all for the cheapest car tyre prices online, are the main factors a consumer is going to look for. But, taking the time to find those which are highest in safety rating, the right size for your car, the most durable car ones on the market, and those which are rated the best car tyres in the industry, should also be factors to keep in mind when shopping for new ones. By considering each of these factors when choosing new tyres, consumers are bound to find the lowest car tyre prices, and they are going to find that the top Car tyres Online retailer is going to offer the variety and prices they hope to pay. Please get the correct size for your car as you may regret it if you are the one who makes a mistake and ends up with the

Car tyres Online

A good choice of stock in essential

ones that you dont want, believe me this does happen.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also offer Avon Car Tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Car tyres Online

Busy tyre stores at Car tyres Online retailer

Locking Wheel Nuts-Drivers can never find them? Love them or Hate them ?

Locking wheel nuts are an every day problem.

One the biggest problems we encounter almost every day is the dreaded “locking wheel nuts”. These are the little blighter’s that fit onto your alloy wheels to prevent the wheels from being stolen. The problem only becomes a problem when the customer forgets where he last put the nut that is the part that fits onto your locking wheel nut to remove it from your wheel, (if you get what I mean).

locking wheel nuts

types of locking wheel nuts

This is the little beast that our customers forget about until it comes to wanting some new tyres fitted. We have to search high and low to find the little ******, but some times it can be found and so we have to remove it by force. We have now purchased a small Locking Wheel Nut Removal Tool which does help us remove the locking wheel nuts, but it can still be a difficult job to do. Some wheels have a very narrow hole where the nut or stud fits, that makes it almost impossible to fit a tool onto the locking nut to help remove it.

In general we can remove one in about ten to fifteen minutes but some take much longer to remove. For this service we charge the customer £29.90 a set to remove and a similar price for a new set of locking wheel nuts. This is for the average car and some of the bigger cars cost much more.

It pays to look after your locking wheel nuts

In general it pays to look after your lockers. One of the commonest scenarios is when a customer buys a second hand car, make sure you know where the lockers are kept and even if there is one at all ?. Do not forget that you could be without a locker in say a motorway tyre blowout , then you would really be stuck, it happens on many occasions ask the AA or the RAC.

The cost if a special tool that we have to buy to remove the locking wheel nuts. The tool is made by a Yorkshire company called “Dynomec Ltd” and is designed specially for removing the nuts when the tool part is lost or broken, other types of nuts are removed by a socket or another nut is welded to the nut on the wheel to give extra leverage and the broken or lost nut can then be removed. Some can take over an hour to remove but we never give in.


new locking wheel nuts  ready to be fitted

A demonstration can be seen on in order to see what we have to do to remove your damaged or lost locking wheel nut.

Also see it on Youtube

Article written by Eric Roberts member of   Point S

Checking Your tread depth-on your car tyres is most important…Pellon tyres

Checking Your tread depth

Checking Your tread depth Car tyre that was NOT checked by the owner ?

Checking Your tread depth


eric roberts‘s insight:

This damage was not spotted because the owner did NOT check the tyres?


Checking Your tread depth  will contribute to your cars performance. It is very important to check them at regular intervals and inflate them to the correct pressures.

Your personnel safety and  performance together with the driving comfort are three of the most important reasons why drivers should Checking Your tread depth and the pressures  on a weekly basis.

The picture above is a good example of a tyre that was not checked. The main problem of this car was the fact the cars steering geometry was all wrongly set, this cars steering was clearly out of alignment and needed tracking (wheel alignment).

if you check yours on a regular basis you will spot the  wearing of on one edge, especially on the inside were it is more difficult to spot. This one in the picture was worn down to

Checking Your tread depth

Checking your pressures every week is very important.

the steel belt, and the driver would have certainly received a fine and points if he had been pulled up by the police.

Tread depth of the tyres

This is also an important point to make. The legal limit in the UK is 1.6 mm for Checking Your tread depth, but most manufacturers including Yokohama tyres do not put the sipes that dissipate the water down to the full depth of the tread, in fact it becomes “bald” when it has 3 mm of tread left, this applies to many of the performance cars. If a careful eye is kept on them, then they should be changed when the tread that is left is at 3 mm. although not illegal they become very dangerous in wet weather and will

Checking Your tread depth

Checking Your tread depth

When checking your tyre pressures you should always look out for bulges and cuts, like the one in the picture

need replacing. You should also inspect your side-walls for any bulges as well as Checking Your tread depth , that can be caused by clipping the kerb or going down a pot-hole. Also look out for any cuts or nails and screws that may have penetrated the tyre but not gone right through the tread, this is an accident waiting to happen.

In general you should have your pressures checked at regular intervals I would recommend every week if possible or at least every two weeks. If you drive an SUV or up-market saloons,  keep an eye open for the 3mm depth of your tread appearing, although there is no markings they will appear to look bald. When this happens you should replace them with new ones.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

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Wheel balancing Facts-Car Drivers are still not sure What WHEEL BALANCING IS ?

Wheel balancing Facts

Wheel balancing Facts; in the beginning?

Wheel balancing Facts When I first started working in the tyre trade. Then, wheel balancing was not as important . Especially, on the old x ply tyres on slowly driven cars. Hence, as it is on today’s fast cars driving on the fast highways. For this reason, we used to spend hours trying to balance Jaguar wheels. Thus, on old “spirit level” wheel balancers. In times gone by the Jaguar was about the fastest British car out . Consequently, Jaguars came out on Dunlop tyres . This was a textile radial the size was Er70Vr x15.

The problem was that Dunlop could not get the tyre to balance correctly. Therefore, all the tyres had to go back to Dunlop to be skimmed on a special machine. Thus, to make the tyres circumference what you may call “round”. As I have said, a special machine had to be made to perform this. For this reason, all Jaguar wheels were done in this way.
Nowadays we used very sophisticated machinery. Exclusively, to perform the wheel balancing. Moreover, these machines are computerised and very accurate. Pinpointing the exact place where the weight should be attached.

It is now very rare that a wheel would need re-balancing. Even more, once the new tyre was fitted and the wheel balancing was done. For this reason, we have all experienced the  vibration of their wheels. Especially, wheels that say, looses a weight. Balancing,  also causes problems with your suspension and steering parts. Apart from annoying the driver. Therefore, it is important that you get the wheels balanced again. Preferably, as soon as possible.

Wheel balancing “wobble” is very distinctive

The vibration or wobble caused by an out of balance wheel is easy to identify. Your car will drive normally until a certain speed is reached , balancing Facts say 50 mph and start to vibrate through your hands on the steering wheel, the car will normally drive through this to say 60 mph and then feel perfectly normal, this is your wheels that are out of balance.

Sometimes the facts state that vibration comes through your seat, this is usually your rear wheels that are out of balance, most other things that can vibrate on your car such as faulty brakes, will be a more violent vibration and will start at low speeds and be very noisy , if this happens stop your car a seek some advice from a skilled engineer or your nearest Auto-centre.
To summarise  balancing Facts can cause your tyres to wear prematurely and also feels uncomfortable when driving any good Tyre centre will correct the problem in half an hour and have you on your way in no time.
Please watch this great video from you-tube…

This post was written by Eric


Runflat Tyres Safer-Are now a Major Car Safety Feature-by Bridgestone Tyres

Runflat Tyres Safer

Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone tyres first started to develop the concept of the runflat tyre in Japan as part of type of aid to disabled people. The tyre that was used was a 175/70×13 that had a strengthened side wall fitted on to the Honda Civic, this was done in the “International Year Of The Disabled”.

Runflat Tyres Safer

Bridgestone tyres run flat


Later this side wall protection technology was used on the Porsche 959 and Bridgestone called the new tyre the Potenza RE71.

This new development proved a success and in the1990s Bridgestone  developed the TPMS,”Tyre Pressure Monitoring System” . This was to enable the driver to know when a tyre had lost pressure, a light on the dash would be light up when the tyre pressure dropped, warning the driver if a tyre went flat, in my opinion this made the Runflat Tyres Safer.This system was to become very popular as a safety feature and was fitted to many of the German made cars such as BMW.

This Runflat Tyres Safer allows the driver to carry on driving the car with a flat tyre. There are restrictions though, the car must be driven at 50mph for a maximum distance of 50 miles, this enables the driver to drive the car to a safe stopping place without the car swerving or deviating off course. These cars that are fitted with this Runflat Tyres Safer system do not carry a jack or spare wheel and in my opinion this lets the system down. Some car makers will tell us that this makes the car lighter and therefore more fuel efficient and greener. In my opinion I feel that in general it is a good idea and safer if the car has a rapid loss of air (blowout) on a busy motorway, the car will not deviate and keep in a straight line,making driving with Runflat Tyres Safer.

The odds of this happening though are not as high as the motorist having what I call a “normal puncture”,

this is where the grey area is and this is what Bridgestone  say…

With certain types of punctures in the tread area, the Bridgestone Run-Flat technology tyres may be repaired subject to certain conditions (Depending on how far and at what speed the car was driven after the puncture). Please consult your nearest RFT authorized dealer to have yours inspected.
Before attempting a repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tires on its vehicles”…

In my opinion we would repair a runflat tyre only if the customer says that he has had a slight loss of pressure and we can find an object such as a screw or nail within the legal area of a normal tyre puncture for example ¾ 0f the tread width from the centre of the tread outwards and the tyre had not run whilst in a totally deflated state, we would have to take the drivers word for this,so we always take caution and inspect the tyre for any signs of running under inflated, such as

Runflat Tyres Safer

How a runflat tyre works

carbon dust or creasing and cracking on the inside of the casing. If we are not sure we would always fit a new tyre.

Eric Roberts…

Can I replace run flat tyres with normal tyres ?

In my opinion the answer is NO , but the following text from  Bridgestones  website does open a slight gap…

Bridgestone EU do not recommend mixing tyres with Run-Flat Technology and standard tyres on the same vehicle, even if paired in axle sets. If you have a puncture, tyres with Run-Flat Technology are designed to permit you to proceed to a tyre dealer where you can have the tyre checked and replaced if necessary with another tyre with Run Flat Tyres Technology. In exceptional and emergency circumstances a conventional tyre of the same size can be fitted. It must be noted that standard tyres do not have Runflat Tyres Safer characteristics and should be removed at the earliest opportunity”…

In my opinion they should say that the two different types of tyres should not be mixed, but they say that you can mix them in an emergency, could the fact that the car owner just cant afford them be classed as an emergency.

Ring your insurance company is the advice that I give to all you 2nd and 3rd hand BMW Mini owners when you fall on the floor at the cost of replacing runlat tyres.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Cheap Runflat Tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Nitrogen Gas Advantages-The pluses and Minusus оf Using Nitrogen Gas tо Inflate your Tyres

Nitrogen Gas Advantages;Nitrogen gas inflated tyres use thіs dry, inert gas tо inflate

Nitrogen Gas Advantages;Aircraft  tyres, off-road truck tyres, (that usually work in mining and quarries) military vehicle tyres, аnd racing car tyres fоr improved performance, mоrе tyre mileage аnd better fuel economy. More аnd mоrе cars, light trucks, SUVs, Mini-vans аnd Crossover vehicles аrе using nitrogen gas inflated tyres. Experts іn thе tyre industry indicate thаt oxidative aging (wheels corroding at the bead area) іs оnе оf thе primary causes оf decreased tyre lіfе.

Nitrogen Gas Advantages

Nitrogen Gas Advantages

Oxygen аnd moisture corrodes aluminum аnd steel wheels.Read More…

“First is that nitrogen is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is oxygen, which means that your tire pressures will remain more stable over the long term. Racers figured out pretty quickly that tires filled with nitrogen rather than air also exhibit less pressure change with temperature swings. That means more consistent inflation pressures during a race as the tires heat up. And when you’re tweaking a race car’s handling with half-psi changes, that’s important”…

 Nitrogen vs Air In Tires – Why Nitrogen in Tires – Popular Mechanics

Oxygen аlsо reacts wіth rubber, another type оf “corrosion”. Whеn thіs corrosion starts, thе small particles break оff аnd form rust аnd dust, whіch cаn clog valve cores, causing thеm tо leak. Thе rough surfaces created frоm thе corrosive action оn thе wheels leads tо tyre beads thаt don’t seal properly, causing additional leaks, and loss of pressure.

Oxygen аlsо ages thе inner liner, thе thin layer оf butyl rubber inside thе tyre whose function іs tо kееp air away frоm penetrating thе carcass. As thе inner liner ages, mоrе аnd mоrе air molecules cаn pass thrоugh іt, causing mоrе pressure losses. These Air Pressure losses іn а truck tyre cаn average 2 psi а mоnth аs а result оf thе air passing thrоugh thе sidewalls. As іt passes thrоugh thе rubber, thе oxygen cаn аlsо corrode thе steel cords, causing thеm tо rust too.

Whіlе both Nitrogen Gas Advantages аnd oxygen cаn permeate rubber, nitrogen does іt much mоrе slowly. It might tаkе 6 months tо lose 2 psi wіth nitrogen, compared tо just а mоnth wіth air. And nitrogen іs fаr less reactive. It does nоt cause rust оr corrosion оn steel оr aluminum, аnd іt does nоt degrade rubber. Wheel surfaces stay smooth аnd clean, rubber remains supple аnd resilient.

Nitrogen аlsо wіll nоt degrade thе rubber seal іn thе valve core whіch extends valve core lіfе аnd hеlps prevents core leaks.

Nitrogen gas reduces thе water vapor іn thе compressed air оf your tyres.

Thе air around us іs full оf water vapor. Compressing air concentrates thе water іn the air. Whеn yоu compress air, іt takes up much less volume, but thе percentage оf water by volume іs greatly increased. This why we have to use water filters on our compressors, and drain them at regular intervals.

Water vapor іn compressed air acts аs а catalyst, accelerating rust аnd corrosion. Water vapor аlsо absorbs аnd holds heat. And whеn іt changes frоm liquid tо vapor, water expands tremendously іn volume.

As а result, tyres inflated wіth water saturated air tend tо run hotter, fluctuating іn pressure . Thаt іs оnе оf thе Nitrogen Gas Advantages and why nitrogen is used in racing tyres, whеrе fractions in the tyre pressures cаn radically change the handling characteristics, (in a racing situation) аrе inflated wіth dry nitrogen.

Thе cost fоr аll thеsе added benefits іs nоt much mоrе thаn inflating your tyres wіth regular air. Thе average cost tо fill а tyre wіth Nitrogen gas cаn vary widely, anywhere frоm £3-5 per tyre, depending оn several variables such аs tyre size, pressure, I may use it as part of the service, I remember the days when we had to charge for a new valve and wheel balancing, but these are now added to the whole tyre package. Also tyre casing disposal is getting cheaper and cheaper and in most cases is now included in the price of the whole package. Another good reason for nitrogen is the fact that we should have not have to spend 5 minutes cleaning the wheels of rust and corroded alloy every time we change a new tyre.

This article was compiled by Eric Roberts 


SUV Winter Tyres- Take better control over your SUV in bad weather by fitting winter tyres

SUV Winter Tyres are a must for SUV cars

suv winter tyres

SUV winter tyres on this Porsche SUV in the Halifax Fitting station Yorkshire UK

When you been in the tyre trade as long as I have, we get offered opportunities to help test new tyres from the different tyre manufacturers. You may wonder what this has to do with SUV winter tyres, but a couple of years ago I was offered a chance to test drive some SUV vehicle with Vredestein SUV Winter Tyres fitted, to prove how different this type of car performed on winter tyres.

The cars included many different models including the new Range Rover the new Porsche Cayenne and the BMW MX and Mercedes ML models. We were all flown to Austria and headed for the mountains.

Fear in my eyes

All the cars were fitted with the excellent Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme tyres which were designed by the great car designer Giugiari. Then cars were driven by professional test drivers and boy didnt I know it. I was in the passenger seat and another couple of guys were in the back.

We climbed upwards until we reached the snow line. The drivers then let loose, they were that confident with the snow tyres fitted that they drove these SUVs like mad men. We were driven on ice and snow through forested areas and up and down steep ravines at high speed . I had never been as frightened in my life, my eyes were popping out with fear. I was ever so glad when the tyre tests were finished, but it proved to how good these cars were with SUV Winter Tyres fitted.

Most of these cars come fitted with summer tyres when new so it is well worth investing in a set of SUV Winter Tyres to give you full driver confidence when the Apollo suv Winter Tyreswinter weather comes along, as many drivers of these vehicles found to their cost when they got stuck in snow and ice in the last few winters.

Apollo winter tyres make excellent SUV tyres.

One of the top tyre manufacturers to make excellent SUV Winter Tyres for the SUVs are Apollo. They are world renowned at making great tyres for winter. The tyres are now made at the famous Vredestein winter tyre factory in Holland. 

More reading…

“The Wintrac Nextreme has been developed for drivers of stylish cars with powerful engines who want to be able to drive at relatively high speeds, even when temperatures are low. It is a modern SUV Winter Tyres with great steering precision, low noise production and low rolling resistance. The Wintrac Nextreme has been designed in close collaboration with Giugiaro Design. The innovative tread design, in which the tread is integrated into the sidewall design, gives the tyre a unique look. In addition, the tyre guarantees excellent performance even in the most extreme situations. The Wintrac Nextreme already complies with the European regulations for wet grip and noise, which will come into force in 2012”…


Eric Roberts

TYRE INFLATION-Is Using Nitrogen A Good Thing?do we really need it

What are the benefits of using Nitrogen gas for tyre inflation ?

This is one of those things that I have been thinking about for a couple of years now? TYRE INFLATION. I had heard that nitrogen was been used in F1 car wheels and tyres and at first I thought it was a bit of a gimmick.

filling racing tyres with nitrogen gas


I also found out that the aircraft industry also used nitrogen gas for their tyre inflation to inflate their tyres, so I decided to look into the possibility of us using the gas to offer a better service to our customers. We are always trying to keep ahead by using the latest technology to make the job of fitting tyres much easier, as tyre development is heading at a fast pace, for example the  “run flat tyre” , without the latest tyre fitting machines it would be impossible to fit run flat tyres because of their very tough side walls.

My thought was that we already inflate tyres with 78% nitrogen, so what difference will it make ?.(the air that we breath consists of 78% nitrogen with 21% oxygen and 1% other gases) so why bother using 100% nitrogen for tyre inflation ?.

In car tyres the air will slowly escape through the inner lining of the tyre, it will also escape from the valve and the seal between the tyres bead and the wheel rim this happens even if the wheel is an alloy wheel or a steel wheel. The pure nitrogen will leak at a much slower rate, but it is important that the motorist still check the tyre inflation pressures at regular intervals.

One of the main benefits is that when normal compressed air is used for tyre inflation, then this leads to condensation forming inside the tyre, which then leads to corrosion of the bead area resulting in more air loss, this is a common problem and we have to clean most wheels with a wire brush and paste the bead area of the wheel with special paste to prevent further corrosion, when we fit a new tyre. When using nitrogen this problem is eliminated as the oxygen, which is the main problem is removed. This is why aircraft use nitrogen because at high altitude where the temperature is very cold, there is no water vapor inside the tyres to freeze thus eliminating any problems with ice in a frozen tyre on landing.

In motor racing F1 cars use nitrogen to eliminate any variation in the tyres temperature which could affect the cars performance ,by using nitrogen gas for tyre inflation this problem is not a problem because the tyres temperature remains more stable.

To use nitrogen for tyre inflation or not ?tyre inflation

This is the thing that is in my mind. Some tyre companies charge extra for the service, but the customer has to return to re-inflate there tyres with nitrogen and in a busy tyre bay you could have cars queuing up down the road just inflate their tyres with nitrogen. I am not yet 100% sure that this is a good thing, I am thinking that perhaps I should offer this as part of the service , such as wheel balancing then leave it up to the customer if they want to keep calling back for their tyres inflating with nitrogen.

For more reading…

“You might be aware that purified nitrogen has been used to inflate tyres on aircraft and racing cars for many years but does it really make sense for ordinary car and van tyres?”…

More reading…

“A recent study found that 93.5 percent of cars in Europe have under-inflated tires, wasting some 2.14 billion gallons of high-priced, polluting fuel every year. Analysts believe the situation is no less severe in North America. But filling tires with costly nitrogen instead of air would likely make little difference — best to just keep an eye on your tires and keep them properly inflated.”…

This post was compiled by Eric Roberts…



Nokian Winter Tyres-Are still one of the top winter tyre performers in recent tyre tests

Nokian Winter Tyres

Yorkshires latest Nokian winter tyres dealer.


I am very proud to become the newest Winter Tyres dealer in Yorkshire. Nokian tyres are an excellent product. Especially, in the form of winters .Hence,when the mad rush for winters is on. Thus, we can normally only get them from Germany. As the winter progresses the price of these tyres goes up and up.

Nokian  Tyres have been around for a long time.Consequently, are produced in Finland and Russia. Two of the coldest and snowiest countries in the World. If they do not know how to make tyres then nobody does. For tyre companies to prove their products it is important that they enter their tyres in tests that are held independently by motor sport magazines. One of the most influential magazines in the world is the “Auto Bild” magazine , who hold regular tyre testing events on summer and winter tyres, these test are carried out with complete impartiality and the results can be completely trusted. The tyres were tested earlier this year and were tested with top ratings coming in as the top winter tyre in that size.

The tyre tested was the 205/55×16 tyres , the most common tyres in use today, and was described as with exceptional performance in snow with well balanced handling properties.

Nokian Winter Tyres

Nokian testimonials come thick and fast here are a few…


  • Chris, Canada
  • “I live in the Highlands of Scotland. Hence, drive a Subaru Impreza and since late September this year I have been using your W+ Nokian Winter Tyres. I am utterly amazed at how good they are. The weather and snow levels here right now are some of the worst I have ever witnessed. I feel way more in control and safer with your tyres on. The car is balanced moves predictably and inspires great confidence. I chose your tyres based on recommendations after doing a lot of research into many brands of winter tyres. They have exceeded my expectations, they are better than my old brand in the dry, are amazing in the wet and so far are shocking me how good they are in the snow. On all levels performance, price, safety and feel. These tyres have me loyal to your brand always now.  Thank you for keeping me safe and getting me back home to my family.”
  • Diarmid, Highlands of Scotland…
  • If you check on the Nokian web site you will see many more testimonials for these excellent winter tyres.

Nokian winter tyres also came out very favorable in tyre tests carried out by “Auto Express” for further reading and test results…

 Eric Roberts


Damaged Alloy Wheel- This damage could have spread and shattered the wheel very lucky Driver ?

This is probably the worse damaged Alloy wheel that I have ever seen

Last week I was sat in my small office ,just looking out of the window, when I noticed a breakdown truck with a blue car on the back. I never thought more a do about it as we have these broken down cars brought into us all of the time, as most busy auto centres do.

About ten minutes later a member of my staff came in shouting for me to have a look at this wheel..The Damaged Alloy Wheel had come off the car that was brought in on the back of a transporter, a Ford Focus with a sport conversion, up-rated brakes and over size Cheap Alloy Wheels, you know the thing I mean this was a young guys car and a bit sporty.

However the guy had been going at speed and hit a massive pot hole in the road. The impact had caused a massive blow out to both his offside (drivers side) alloy wheel and completely

Damaged Alloy Wheel

Damaged Alloy Wheel;Pot-holes like this are the biggest danger to alloy wheels and tyres

wrecked the tyres and caused severe damage to the alloy wheels. We can have small damages repaired by a local alloy welding specialist. These are very often small cracks that appear on the rims and start to leak air from the wheel and tyre assembly. This is most common on some BMW models and some times we have known BMW replacing wheels free of charge. These small cracks can be repaired successfully, to the pleasure of many of our customers. It has been a bad time for broken and cracked alloy wheels recently due to the large increase of pot-holes on our roads, and so it is good to be able to give our customers the good news when they do not have to buy a new wheel, but we can have their damaged Refurbished Alloy Wheels repaired.

I had not seen alloy wheel so badly damaged ?

We were all amazed at the massive split in the Damaged Alloy Wheel that came off the front ,i have never seen one so bad, the split was almost all round the circumference of the wheel. I f you look at the picture you can see what I mean. Luckily for the customer we have just become a member of a buying group here in the UK called Point S and one of the suppliers we can deal with is TSW wheels Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages. We were able to supply four new wheels along with two new General Tyres and the guy went on his way a happy driver.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Hankook Tyres online from our website  by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Damaged Alloy Wheel

Damaged Alloy Wheel;One of the worse damaged alloy wheels i have ever seen