Tyre Prices-On the up? Pricing trends in the UK car tyre aftermarket

Tyre Prices

Tyre Prices

Tyre Prices

Here in the UK, we have been enjoying low tyre prices for at least the past three years.Hence, tyres have been flooding into the UK tyre market from China. As expected, the prices have just come down and down. At the moment, the 205/55R16 Autogrip tyres are £38 each fitted. Of course, this includes balancing. Accordingly, I believe that the price is the cheapest ever sold by us at Pellon Tyres here in Halifax.

This tyre is the most popular size in the tyre market. For this reason, then part worn tyres cost between £20 and £30. Therefore, it is foolish not to buy brand new tyres. Many drivers are astounded by the low price of tyres.

The downside is that they will start to go up in price from the beginning of 2017. Tyre manufacturers in China are reducing stockpiles of tyres to hedge the price on an upwards trend. So if your tyres are getting low then save some money and buy a new set of tyres.

Eric Roberts

With raw material prices reaching the sky-rocket part of their lifecycle, as well as realisation by some Chinese tyre makers that unrealistically low prices can’t go on forever, all in the presence …

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