Pirelli Know-How-How to choose between summer, winter and All Season tyres

Pirelli Know-How

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Pirelli Know-How

This is another great article from Pirelli tyre. Hence, about the sometimes complicated decision. Thus for the motorist, when buying different types of tyres. In my opinion Michelin complicated matters. Claiming that their CrossClimate tyres were”summer tyres” that could also handle some winter weather. Previous to this we only had winter tyres summer tyres and all-weather tyres. All-weather tyres were winter tyre, that could be also used in summer.

Both the all-weather and CrossClimate tyres are aimed at countries that do not have extremes of weather. Hence these include countries in southern europe, such as Spain and Portugal. Although this winter has been very extreme in these areas, with snow falling in the Costa blanca. Here in Halifax UK, we have had a cold but only a few snowy periods. However, drivers in the area of my tyre depot, tend to go for the proper winter tyres and not the “inbetweenies”. Of course, we do have many hills with high elevations. Making it important to have the correct tyres fitted. So not to get caught out and stuck in the snow.

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choose between summer, winter and All Season tyres