Brake Problems

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light-Two Transits same problem-But different solutions to solve ?

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light

This was one of those occurrences where we had two vehicles in a week. Hence. with the same problem? Winter is usually a busy time here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK. Due to an increase of cars stopping and starting. Including heavy braking in bad weather.

This year for some reason we have also witnessed an increase in dashboard warning lights coming on? This wee was particularly busy with Ford dashboard warning lights. Including the two Ford Transit Comfort vans with exactly the same problem.

As a result, these vans were booked in on two different days. The first one was a blue van belonging to a self employed courier driver. So, he experienced the warning light “brake fluid warning light” coming on half way up the M1 motorway. Like we all do he panicked at first. Consequently, he gave us a call from the motorway services. We advised him to carry on home if the brakes were functioning correctly.

He said they were and drove back home. The warning light states that your brake fluid level is low and recommends that you get immediate assistance. I must stress that you do not have to take your vehicle into a Ford garage if this occurs. So, our customer came straight into us the following day.

The brakes were working perfectly. We did however remove the wheels and checked the brakes just as a precaution. Everything looked fine and the fluid tank was up to the correct level. On this model there is two brake fluid tanks. One to top it up with Dot 4 brake fluid and this then goes to the main tank. The one in the main image?

Ford Transit warning Lights exclamation

Ryan, our service manager decided to check the electric contact points on both of the tanks. The top up tank was fine with a good contact. However the second one clearly had a loose contact. The contact switch was removed and checked before pushing it back tightly. This was the problem? for some reason the contact was broken which put the low fluid light on in the cab. Problem solved?

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light

[Ford dashboard Warning Lights]

Two days later a second Transit van was presented to us with the same “brake Fluid”warning light illuminated. Of course the first this that we did was to check the fluid and the switches. This time things were different? the top up tank was low and the switches were securely fitted.

Ford Transit Brake Fluid Warning Light-All the brakes inspected

We then decided to check the brakes and removed all the wheels. The van had a leaking brake cylinder at the rear. This explained the loss of brake fluid.

Of course, we then proceeded with the repairs and bled the brakes using Dot 4 brake fluid. The tank was now full again and the warning light went out. Another successful job and a happy customer.

Eric Roberts

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK-An Honest look at our Apprenticeship training on the job.

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK

Of course, apprenticeships have helped Pellon Tyre and Autocentre in Halifax. Hence, to develop their workforce to meet the needs of the business. As a result, Branch manager Debbie Bastow and Apprentice Connor Kennedy. Happily, explain the advantages of Apprenticeships.Particularly, the support Rathbone Training has provided.

To add to the above. Indeed, it is very important to be able to train your young staff. Actually on the job. Gone are the days when I was an apprentice mechanic. As a result it was tough on employers and employees. Indeed, we had to take a day a week off work to attend college. Also, we had to attend for one night a week, in our own time.

As a result I found it very difficult. The reason was that I am a visual person. Therefore, finding it difficult to pick things up in a classroom. Without doubt, I was under pressure to learn. In fact, I learned much more on the job when working in the garage that employed me. College became a grind. First I started to skip Night school. Football had become more important?

Eventually, I started to get bad exam results. Subsequently, I decided to confess and opened up to my boss Tom. Fortunately, he understood the problems that I was having. Because of this he kindly suggested that I gave college up and just learned on the job. Hence, under the supervision of the more experienced mechanics.

I only wish that the opportunities that today’s kids have had been open to me?

Eric Roberts