Pothole Tyre Damage Looks Imminent -Continued rise of pothole-related breakdowns is “concerning”, says RAC

Pothole Tyre Damage Looks Imminent

Pothole Tyre Damage Looks Imminent

Pothole Tyre Damage Looks Imminent

I have already noticed the huge increase in potholes as I drive about. Especially after all the snow and frost that we have been witnessing here in the UK. One particular road near from where I live has opened up as many as twenty large potholes  in the space of three weeks.

The potholes seam to appear where there has been recent road works. Hence, you can see in the image that the hole is on old road works tarmac. In my opinion then local counsels should look more carefully how the roads are repaired by contractors. In many cases the roads have just been patched and made to look good.

The counsel are then left to pick up the cost of repairing the holes when they appear after bad weather. Of course, we do notice an increase in damaged tyres and even alloy wheels are smashed.

Many of these holes are covered with snow and ice.

Consequently, the only time the driver knows he has hit one is when he hears a loud bang. So as the cars wheel hits the hole.

The tyre damage is not often spotted until later when the car is in for a service or MOT test. By this time the damage has been done and a new tyre has to be purchased. Of course, tyre companies do recognise this problem. One particular tyre maker has come up with protective material in the side wall of the tyre. Nokian tyres are making certain sizes of SUV tyres, with added “Aramid” into the tyres construction.

Nokian say, “Durability and protection for surprising situations. The sidewall compound that is exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant contains extremely strong aramid fibres. The same material is utilised by the aerospace and defense industries. The aramid fibre strengthens the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange”.

These tyres are available in many but not all sizes. Of course it is a step in the right direction to help protect our tyres, cars and family should we come across some hidden pothole. The new technology is available on the Nokian Line SUV summer tyres and the Nokian Z Line SUV summer tyres. Customers can click onto the Nokian website to see of these tyres are available for their particular model of cars.

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A total of 2,830 RAC individual member breakdowns were logged between October and December 2017 where vehicles had broken down due to damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs or distorted wheels, likely due to poor

Source: Continued rise of pothole-related breakdowns is “concerning”, says RAC – Garagewire

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres-A Tyre with An AA Rating due to Tough Aramid Protection Technology

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

In my early days of blogging. Then I used to write about almost every new tyre that was introduced by the manufactures. Eventually this began to grind me down. Most new tyres were similar to the last one, or claimed to be the tyre that was greener than the rest. As a result, I have been selling tyres for about forty years now. In the long run, tyres are just a consumer product.

This is certainly true to an extent. Tyre companies have had to come out with different solutions in recent years mainly due to the pressure from car manufacturers. In turn car manufacturers have also been under pressure from governments to bring down the emissions produced by their cars. This pressure has effected every part of the car. Including the tyres.

Tyre were beginning to become smaller and fatter. The 50 and 55 series tyres were introduced to fit some of the sportier cars in the market place. Looks were the thing. If a car looked good on fat tyres then that was kool ?

Things had to change for cars to become more eco friendly. Tyres were being made from unusual materials to make them lighter in weight. Continental are developing the white sticky liquid from “dandelions” Strange but dandelions have the same molecular build up as latex rubber. Yokohama tyres are using “orange skin oils” in their tyre compound mix.

Therefore a tyre that is lighter in weight and is built with a taller overall diameter is much greener.

These tyres will go further. using less of the vehicles fuel. Because they are carrying less weight than there predecessors.  The European Union brought out a guide line to show which tyres were the best in each department. The “A” is for fuel efficiency  the “B” is fore wet cornering and the “C” is in decibels for tyre noise. When the SUV market began to take off then there was a need to improve “Rolling Resistance” This was done by hardening the tyres compound.

Consequently this had the effect of the tyres having poor cornering. Especially in wet weather. Experiments were carried out with the new materials and “silica” would become the answer. Now most tyres contain silica. This gives the tyres a better rolling resistance and also helps the grip in wet weather situations. Companies were coming out with AA rated tyres the first were the Goodyear Efficient Grips, Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue and the Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S tyres.

The latest addition to this group is the Nokian E-Line 2 tyres.

As a result Nokian have added an excellent safety feature to the tyre an “Aramid” reinforcement is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres .This new reinforcement is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres. Extremely durable Aramid staple fibres, which are also successfully used in bulletproof vests, stiffen and reinforce the sidewall to make it exceptionally resistant to wear and cuts. This is a major safety feature. Especially with the growing amount of potholes that are appearing all over the place.

These sidewalls are so tough that Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers accidentally on sidewall damaged tyres and provides you with a new, corresponding product free of charge.

You can check out if Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres make an Aramid tyre for your car by clicking and putting your car details in.

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Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres