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054 car battery

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I am lucky enough to remember when the first popular cars were imported into the UK. Cars were still manufactured in the UK in those days. You could buy anything from a Rolls Royce to the tiny Austin A35 cars and they were all made here in Britain.

We were loyal car buyers in those days and the car manufacturing sector was booming. This boom also attracted parts companies and there were many engineering firms that serviced the car industry.

This included the great tyre companies. Apart from our own Dunlop tyres, giant tyre companies such as Goodyear tyres started to become a major presence here in the UK.

Battery companies were a little slow to start up. Most batteries were still the old black rubber casing type, and then came the front wheel drive cars. The first minis that were introduced had to have their batteries fitted in the boot of the car. This is because the car was a front wheel drive and there was no room in the engine compartment for a battery to be fitted.

054 Car Battery

The battery industry was beginning to change. Batteries were changing shape and were made of different materials. Plastic casings were the new norm.

Now enter the imported cars. The working class man here in the UK, was beginning to be able to afford to buy a car for the first time. Continental car makers saw the UK as a great new market, and companies such as Datsun, Renault and Talbot were becoming common sites on our roads. With this brought different battery types, including size and shape.

Many of these batteries were made in Japan and were narrow in width with narrow battery posts. I remember the fact that I had never seen anything like this before, and replacement batteries were difficult to get.

The battery in question turned out to be a common part number to us in the UK, the 054 Car Battery. The 054 Car Battery fits many of our modern cars. It can

054 car battery

054 Tungstone car battery

be found on cars such as the Hyundai such as the i10 petrol model.

The 054 Car Battery also fits many Nissan Micra petrol models.

Many Proton and Suzuki smaller car models are fitted with the 054 Car Battery. The Daihatsu car models are almost all fitted with 054 Car Battery, making this battery a major stocking item for BatteriesOnTheWeb.

Finally, the makes that are recommended are the Lucas and Tungstone battery range and are available to be sent out online to most UK post codes.

Eric Roberts.