Natty’s Paste Wax-How to Safely Wax Your Car

Natty’s Paste Wax

Natty's Paste Wax

Natty’s Paste Wax

I must admit. Hence, that I am the worlds worse car cleaner. Therefore I can count on my hand as to how many cars i have washed in my lifetime. It came to a surprise, when my wife Michelle was looking for other products to sell online. Of course our battery business was doing well. But we wanted to expand our product range.

A friend of mine, suggested selling the Poorboy’s range of car cleaning products. We contacted a Poorboy’s supplier here in the UK and everything else is history. In fact since that time. As expected, I started to learn things about car valeting. In fact, I did not realise the amount of car owners. Who were dedicated to cleaning their prize product cars. A new word became the norm? car detailing.

In fact for drivers with cars over three years old, then this advice is important. Accordingly, your car will new a new protective layer of wax.Thus to keep your cars paintwork protected. When waxing your car you are adding years of life to the paintwork. Of course, your car will be left with an enviable shine. As expected, the new wax layer that you have just applied. Will protect the car’s paint from all sorts of things. Including, stone chips, small rocks the local kids and last but not least, the weather.

This article explains to the motorist, how to wax your car to a great shine. This is also where I can add the Poorboy’s wax products. Hence, there are three types listed below.

Natty’s Paste Wax

Natty’s Paste Wax-This is a product produced from a very unique Carnauba wax. Thus, this product lasts a long time and is very easy to use. Therefore, Natty’s Paste Wax gives a clear shine to ant colour of car.of course,the wax also gives protection from UV and the rest of the environment.

Natty’s Blue- This is a very similar product to Natty’s paste Wax. Of course, the Blue is made from a different formula. Thus, is made for darker coloured cars. Naturally, this adds a much deeper shine to darker coloured cars.  Just like before, Natty’s Blue can be applied in sun or shade and is still the easiest paste wax to apply and remove

Poorboy’s World Natty’s Red- is a special formulation to enhance any colour finish with depth, gloss, wetness, and slickness not seen in any other wax. It still has the Natty’s easy on and easy off characteristics, as well as the Poorboy’s incredible and irresistible scent of Wild Strawberry. Use with caution when applying to light coloured paint.

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