Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies-New wheels to benefit from Michelin’s Tweel technology : Tyrepress

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggiesA Michelin Tweel airless radial tyre-wheel combination is now available for golf buggies, initially in North American markets. Michelin North America has announced the launch of the Michelin X Twee…

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies

I must admit, that the golf buggy was not in my mind for the recently introduced “michelin Tweel” invention. When it first came out, I could not understand exactly what Michelin were doing. These were not wheels and they were not tyres. The tweel was going against the main business of manufacturing normal tyres that we all know.

As expected, the new tweels were tested on some car models. Hence, I think they were tested on some BMW models. Thus, later in the tweel development, they were tested and introduced onto plant machinery. This was an excellent idea?

Plant hire equipment had always had problems with puncture repairs. Hence, when I was a tyre fitter in another life, then much of my time was devoted to repairing punctures in small dump truck wheels. As a result, the tweel must have saved the owners of these machines, thousands of pounds in “down time”.

Larger equipment, such as farm tractors, could be the next. Although, I am not sure how big and strong the tweel can be made. They would look like the old steam roller wheels. Of course, the tweel would be much lighter. Because of the new types of metals used in construction. This article in the excellent Tyrepress, opened mu eyes to another use for the tweel. Hence the golf buggy.

At the moment, the golf buggies run on pneumatic tyres. These tyres, run at low pressures. Because of this the buggies are susceptible to puncture repairs. Therefore, the use of the tweel will eliminate this problem. The tweel can also be fitted with a heavier tread pattern.Hence for a better grip on rougher terrain.

More information about the tweel- https://www.pellonautocentre.com/?s=michelin+tweel

Source: Golf buggies to benefit from Michelin’s Tweel technology : Tyrepress