Jumper Cables are worth keeping in your Car Boot in case of your Car Battery problems

Keeping jumper cables in your car are a necessary requirement in my opinion.

They are one of those pieces of equipment that you may never need, but you dare not do without them, in case your battery goes dead on you, or you are about to become a good

Jumper Cables

Fitting a new Lucas car battery after the original failed to start and would not jump off

Samaritan and be at the right place at the right time to help out a fellow motorist who is in a desperate need of help to start his car and there you are with your Car Jumper Cables to help them out.

I must admit that I am a caring person and I do probably carry this sort of thing around with me to offer help to others. Car batteries will eventually die on you and the problem is where they will die on you not when. It is always sods law that your battery will fail you in some awful place such as the shopping centre twenty mile away.

jumper cables

Jumper cables fitted to one of the batteries

One thing that can be done is to join one of the national breakdown schemes, and they could come out and help you, but it is always when you forgot to renew your policy when these things happen and if only you had put a set of jump leads in the boot of your car?

It is not a perfect world and hindsight is a wonderful thing? It is a good job that the guy in the car parked next to you has a set of leads in his car and he is willing to help you out?  Having the ability and the tools to help boost other drivers battery is a wonderful thing. There are many true stories associated with a driver having to give a stranded motorist a boost from his own car battery with a boost cable. In fact anywhere that a car stops, means that it might not start again, without a boost.

The last guy that I helped out was trying to leave a ferry, between England and France, but guess what, his battery was flat and we was been towed out of the ship by a fork truck. I of course stepped into help when I saw that he was stranded and started his car battery with my trusty jumper cables. This helped him drive about to look for a new car battery, but it saved him time waiting for a breakdown truck to arrive.

We always get advice from the motoring organisations to prepare ourselves for the upcoming winter, but most of us do not take a blind bit of notice. Things like take a shovel and a blanket, but we never do, because it is not going to happen to us. Well this is just the same as jump leads, we are never going to need them, but we do?

Just by owning some jumper cables and keeping them in your car will one day help you or a fellow motorist? Even if you do not know what to do then there will be someone there who will use them for you and know which way to connect your cables to the car batteries.

I have added a useful video onto this post that shows you what TO DO and where to connect the jumper cables to the two Car Battery Problems.

The main point of this post though, is to make sure that you do in fact carry a booster cable around with you, because you never know when you may need one.


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