General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class-Mercedes-Benz picks General Tyre for G-Class | Behind the Wheel

General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class

General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class

General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class

This move by Mercedes to fit the General 4×4 tyres to the G Class model .Therefore only reinforces my belief that general are amongst the best 4×4 tyres on the market today.

4×4 tyres can be a difficult choice? When looking for new tyres and you’ve looked around and read the relevant information. So, and you are still unsure it is always best to get in touch with an expert.

This where we at Pellon Tyres come. Hence we can give impartial tyre information. Of course we will offer you advice that is in your best interest.
Here in Halifax we are on the edge of the Pennine hills in Yorkshire. The fields in the area are grazed with cattle and sheep live on the higher moors. As a result we have a large farming community. For this reason then land Rovers are very popular vehicle amongst the farmers in the area.

General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class-Choosing the correct tyre for the job

Tyres are a very important acquisition and getting the correct ones is important. Tyres of different tread designs, should not really be mixed on a 4×4 vehicles. As a result, an example of a tread mismatch on inappropriate tyres. So would be when a tyre guy fits a mud terrain tyre to their vehicle.

Subsequently,only using the vehicle on a tarmac road surface. This tyre is designed to give the user an excellent amount of grip in off-road conditions. Consequently, when out on the road the braking distance becomes a problem. Handling becomes difficult and responsiveness greatly reduced.

Some farmers think that the bigger the tread then the better the grip. This is alright for those who do take their 4×4 vehicles off the road. Hence,for most of the time but not for road use. For example there are those who drive off-road as part of their job. mainly on the farm or say a forestry guy. Their vehicles would require an all-terrain type of tyre. Tough with a rugged tread pattern.

General Tyres-Mercedes G-Class-General grabber AT

Mercedes the manufacturers of the Mercedes G Class 4×4 vehicle would have teamed up with General tyres will have worked closely during the design and production of your vehicle. Through tests and analysis they will have fitted tyres that best match the basic needs that you will require for driving.

Thus the majority of OE tyres on a 4×4 vehicle. Are fitted primarily for road use, with perhaps a small amount of off-road ability. The General Grabber AT tyre range are the best choice for this purpose. Of course the latest one in the range is the AT 3.

Eric Roberts

The recently arrived in Australia Mercedes-Benz G-Class will soon come exclusively on tyres from the German tyre manufacturer – General Tire. The tyre company has let us know that it has become the exclusive supplier […]

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General Altimax Winter Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres-arctic tyre review in snow presented by Pellon Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres

General Altimax Winter Tyres

These tyres are little known here in the UK. They are in fact owned and made by the giant Continental Tyre company. Pellon Tyres in halifax are a well known General tyre retailer. Including, the winter tyre range from general. As expected, we recommend this product and thus welcome self made videos.Especially, about the way that these winter tyre behaved in bad weather. Including, snow falls. So far the UK has not seen much snow. In Halifax we had a snow fall early on in the year. Since then things have been quiet on the snow front.However, according to the BBc. A reputable supply of weather predictions. We can expect a heavy snowfall this weekend.

My regular readers will know that I am exceptionally keen on my customers fitting winter tyres.Whatever, brand they may be. Snow tyres are much safer to fit on your vehicles.Including, the larger vehicles such as SUV’s, Crossovers and even the regular working vans.

Eric Roberts  General Winter Tyres– The text bellow accompanies the video.

Review during winter storm of general altimax arctic tires.