European replacement Tyre sales down-Could part Worns be to Blame? In Q2 – Tire Business –

European replacement Tyre sales down

European replacement Tyre sales down

European replacement Tyre sales down

Although this could just be a statistical blip. Then I do fear that the “new tyre”replacement market. Indeed could be feeling the effect of certain market conditions. Here in the UK, I am hearing that many retailers are experiencing sales on the downside.

Therefore, what can we blame it on? Well the number one thing that springs to mind is sale of new cars in the same period. Of course drivers buying new cars do not buy new tyres. In my opinion though the main contender has to be the rapid growth of the part worn tyre industry.

As a result, I am shocked at the number of drivers  you happen to have bought some part worn tyres . Thus, to them it  seems like purchasing them is a good idea and they are saving money. Drivers are not aware of the dangers. Indeed, You can’t see inside these tyres to discover whether there is any damage to the internal structure. So even if by some chance there isn’t any visible damage. Then part worn tyres often work out more expensive per millimeter of usable tread. Of course, than buying an equivalent new tyre.

There is no doubt, that in the current economic climate we all want to save money. But some penny pinching drivers may be putting themselves. Including, other road users at risk. Hence, by choosing to fit part worn tyres to their cars. Drivers just do not think, in many cases part worn tyres have been driven on another vehicle. Supposedly still having enough wear left to be fitted to their car. The problem is that is not always true.

European replacement Tyre sales down

Part worn tyres are driving down the sale of new tyres. Accordingly, the vast amount of part worn tyres. Currently being sold here in the United Kingdom are actually illegal. Despite there being clear regulations. So, regarding the sale of part worn tyres. laws are just  being flaunted. Buying them is quite simply not worth the risk. But unfortunately people just want to save money.

Especially young drivers? This age group are more interested in buying expensive cloths and cosmetics. Thus that a set of new tyres. many times I have asked young drivers about buying tyres. Most have just wanted a tyre for £20. Not even considering the safety aspects. For this reason, this is the age group that the industry must be educating about tyre safety?

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Another worrying aspect of this is the number of taxis that I see having part worn tyres fitted. Of course we all just jump in a taxi. Thinking that the owners are responsible people. But if you fit part worn tyres to to your taxi then you do not care about your passengers safety.

Lastly, although this has turned out to be a bit of a rant. Then it does tie up with the downturn of new car tyre sales?


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