DVSA highlights MOT improvements+A Look Into The MOT Test+In its first annual review+Pellon Autocentre

DVSA highlights MOT improvements

DVSA highlights MOT improvements

DVSA highlights MOT improvements

There is no doubt that the DVSA, (the old”DVLA”) are starting to come up with some improvements. Hence, to MOT Testing procedures. As a result, they will be out a new system of test reminders for customers.

Other improvements include giving testers the opportunity to access more information about the vehicle that they re testing. Also capturing and producing the test results digitally.

Improvements to improve the present payments method for their customers. Also making it easier to take a look at their account in real time.

Although many of the improvements are aimed at garages that carry out testing it is important to remind our customers of the testing procedure. here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK, we are in the testing standard of the “Green Lane”. This means that we are highly accredited by the DVSA, with top standards of testing.

As the owner of the garage then we have always implemented the highest standards when it comes to testing your cars. As a good MOT test centre then we test your vehicle thoroughly. So, according to the testers manual. As a result our testers allow you to watch them while the MOT test is being carried out. You are provided with a viewing area that is separate from our main reception.

It is our professional outlook that will satisfy most customers. As a result then we are satisfied that most drivers will return for other services and their next MOT Test.

The MOT Test is actually a strange thing? Therefore some drivers see the test as some sort of “school exam” on their car? Consequently, most people are dreading the MOT test. Especially, when the time comes to get their car through the MOT without any major expense? This could be primarily due to the lack of knowledge from the customer’s point of view. As a result, whenever we can, we explain in detail the vehicles faults and problems.

DVSA highlights MOT improvements

Unfortunately, not all testing stations have the same customer considerations. Most people know about the horror stories that come out of testing stations. However, I do think that the DVSA, are quick to spot these garages and take disciplinary action against them.

Most, accredited MOT centres are trustworthy. Having good and honest staff is the only way forward? A very watchful DVSA can usually spot rogue stations this will undoubtedly help you the customer to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Eric Roberts

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DVSA highlights MOT improvements in its first annual review – Auto Torque