Car Detailing at Pellon Tyres secure ” Poorboy’s ” Car Cleaning Products

POORBOY’S Car Detailing products one of the best in the World

Car Detailing products from Poorboys

One of the good things about being in business, is when you come up with a new idea and carry it forward. We at Pellon tyres are very proud about our clean and tidy reception area, where our customers can sit and read a magazine or have a free coffee, whilst they are having their car worked on.

We knew that there was a small area of selling space near the counter, but we wasted it on displaying a few batteries, we had two battery displays in the reception. A few weeks ago my wife Michelle, who is also the company secretary, came up with the idea of selling some car cleaning products to our customers while they were waiting in the reception.

Car Detailing poorboy's

Pellon tyres reception Car Detailing display

Michelle looked at a few products, and started reading about “Poorboy’s” Car Detailing products , from America. She found a local distributor in the Yorkshire area and contacted them. The products get rave revues on the internet, and before we knew it we had our own Car Detailing display in the reception and are now the local “Poorboy’s” stockist for the Halifax UK area.

Poorboy’s car cleaning products now available in Halifax

It is great when a member of staff comes up with an idea and carries the idea through to the end. The Car Detailing display helps the reception look more efficient and the sales help to pay the rates and running of the depot. We also have the opportunity to sell Poorboy’s products online, but that’s in the future.

Poorboy’s Car Detailing even have there own internet forum that covers the World. To take a look just click onto this link

For our customers that have not heard about Poorboy’s, just go to car show and listen to what people have to say about it. Poorboy’s have done much research into the needs of the dedicated Car Detailing public and developed a fantastic and unique product to bring the best finish that your car could wish for. The car care products are safe to use by any adults and will not damage any car finishes.

Poorboy’s World products can be applied in sun or shade and they contain the correct amount of cleaners protective ingredients to ensure that cleaning your vehicle will be an easy and pleasurable experience, leaving your car with a showroom finish after every application. Even new cars should be cleaned and a Poorboys Polish at regular intervals, a silky smooth finish can be maintained from using Poorboy’s Car Detailing, even new cars with there clear-coat paint protective layer, should be cleaned and polished to keep that silky smooth finish and make your car stand out from the rest.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Winter Tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Poorboy's World Bug Squash Review

Poorboy’s World Bug Squash Review

Poorboy’s World Bug Squash Review

Review of Poorboy’s Bug Squash product. Quickly removes love bugs and other insects without any agitation.

Here at BatteriesontheWeb we provide the cheapest POORBOY’S WORLD PRODUCTS online. Poorboy’s world car detailing products are the most popular car cleaning items in the world. All our cheap car cleaning items quality car cleaning goods at low discount prices. We offer free shipping on all our Poorboy’s stock. This if you are unsure which car detailing product. All you need then is to give us a call at Batteries on the Web. Our friendly staff will help you and will point out just how are these”LOW PRICE POORBOYS WORLD BUG SQUASH PRODUCT” is.

Poorboy’s World Bug Squash Review

If you live local to Batteries on the Web you can come along band see the full range of Poorboys World products on display in our reception at Halifax West Yorkshire, if you need directions please give us a call on 01422 410899. by popping along and having a look at our Poorboys car cleaning products you will not only be able to sse the full range of car detailing products but you will also be able to smell them and the scent these car cleaning products have is absolutely divine, they smell good enough to eat, although this is by no means recommended.

Poorboy’s Car Care Products will Keep Your Car Looking New

Poorboy’s Car Care Products will make your car Sparkle

When we first started to become a Poorboy’s car care products stockist, I just wasn’t sure what the products were all about. I am the Worlds worse person at keeping my car clean. I can Poorboy’s Car Care,poorboys nattys pastethough see the point, when you can see how good a brand new car looks, straight from the dealership. There are many drivers out there that want to keep their car in prime tip-top condition, and the only way to do that is to keep the car clean and properly protected with car cleaning products, such as the Poorboy’s Car Care range of products.

It is not only the owners of brand new cars that are car cleaning addicts and since selling the Poorboy’s brand I have never seen our customers cars that are so bright and shiny on the

Poorboy’s Car Care

vw camper  after using poorboy’s

outside and the inside of their prize possession. That is probably why I have never taken to cleaning my cars; I have never regarded them as my prize possession, but just something to get around in. Some drivers will not let you even eat anything in their cars and smoking is out of the question, they spend hours using Poorboy’s UK products just to clean the car interior, they shine like new pins and Poorboy’s Car Care even thought about that by adding special fragrances to their car cleaning products, they smell like you would like to eat them?

Most people wash and wax their prize possession cars at least once a week. They will give the car a good bath, including the wheels, especially in winter time and this also helps to get rid of the salt that is used to melt icy roads and stops the rusting process taking place. This also takes place in the cab of the car. These cleaning fanatics will remove and vacuum all the interior carpets and clean away any water that may have been caused by melting ice and snow. This will also stop the car floor pans from rotting with rust.

Poorboy’s Car Care products are now well known in the UK

One guy explained to me that he washed and waxed his car every week and every month gave it a near professional detailing. Detailing was a new word to me before we started selling Poorboy’s Car Care; I think it was first started in America, where some people are really fanatical about the shine on their cars.

He told that will buff up the car using an electric buffer, which helps him get rid of the small scratches and blemishes caused by flying road chippings and small stones thrown up by other cars and trucks. When out for a drive. He also gives the car interior a deep clean and applies Poorboy’s Car Care clean and protect such as” trim restorer”, which incidentally smells like almonds, this also protect the interior against the damage from the sun.

I must admit that I have stepped a little closer in my own efforts to keep my car clean and I let one of my staff (Adam) give my car a good going over every now and then. I do not however think that I will be as thorough as the car owners who are fanatical about detailing their prize possessions although I can see the point of keeping their cars well protected against the elements, that will keep the cars paint protected and stopping it from fading and perhaps helps keep the cars value.

If by prolonging the life of your car, you spend time each week protecting your investment then there is nothing wrong with that. You will want to make sure that the cars engine and mechanical parts are kept in good condition by having regular oil changes and tyre rotating at regular intervals. Unlike me when a car is cared for and maintained properly you can

Poorboy’s Car Care

Even ladies are fanatical about cleaning their cars

prolong the car and its looks up to 10 years. So good luck and keep on using Poor Boys Car Wax products. Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship. 

Leeds Festival ends up a Muddy Swamp. (Poorboys needed in quantity) ?

 without any special wheel cleaner, certainly some of the cars in the Leeds Festival car parks could have done with this special treatment.Cars covered in mud poorboys to the rescue

Leeds Festival

Cars in a battlefield at Leeds Festival


To those who don’t know Leeds Festival is a huge outdoor Music festival held in the grounds of a country estate called Bramham Park, a few miles past the Yorkshire city of Leeds here in the UK. This year the headline band was “Eminem” and “Green-day”,plus many other bands that I have not heard (being an oldy). The Leeds Festival format is similar to many such festivals held here in the UK. The crowd of mainly teenagers was an estimated 70,000 strong. The kids camped out in well organised camping areas,including one of me daughters Lydia.

We heard nothing from Lydia because the weather was hot and sunny as expected, but on the Friday night the heavens opened up. We still heard nothing thinking that all must be fine, but the following night, the Saturday night, the same happened and the heavens opened up with torrential rain. This time the whole of the Leeds Festival at Bramham Park became a huge swamp, covering every thing with a four inch layer of mud. Sure enough the wife’s phone rang and it was a very wet and muddy Lydia wanting to come home as soon as possible.

As luck would have it, we were staying in York that night and we passed the Leeds Festival area on the way home. When we arrived we could not believe our eyes. The only thing I have ever seen like it was the “World War 1” battle fields in France. We were driving in up to six inch of thick mud and cars were getting stuck all over the place. There were hundred of cars that you could not identify because of the mud. We had a laugh to ourselves because we had just started to sell Poorboy’s cleaning products and boy could some of these cars use some Poorboys Polish. We finally recognised our daughter Lydia, who like all the other kids was barely recognisable because she was covered in the mud.

Leeds Festival

English: This image shows Reading Festival in 2007 (Top) and Leeds Festival in 2006 (Bottom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The cars sure could have used Poorboys Wheel Sealant

The sealant is applied to clean wheels and actually sits between the wheels and forms a barrier between the wheel and any accumulated brake dust, general dirt and grime that the road can throw at them. The Poorboys Wheel Sealant can be applied to a wide range of wheels including chrome wheels, clear coated Car Wheels and even painted wheels along with your normal alloy wheels. When the wheels are treated they form an easy to clean barrier, the wheels can be
cleaned easily and quickly without any special wheel cleaner, certainly some of the cars in the Leeds Festival car parks could have done with this special treatment.

The sealant comes to you in a tub and is of a consistency like a thick paste. Like a lot of Poorboys products the
paste has a distinct smell that is pleasant to the nose and smells even better when the wheels are buffed up. To ensure that the sealant does the best job you can apply the sealant every time you wash your car, making sure that the paste is left a while to ensure that the paste cures correctly, before protecting your wheels.

Another great Poorboys product is Natty’s Paste Wax Blue

This product is made to cater for dark coloured cars and is a wax paste formulated from “carnauba wax”, a natural product used to make the wax. This Poorboys product is especially good at protecting dark coloured cars fro the Sun, so that the cars colour will not fade. This wax also contains ingredients that will protect the cars paint work against any pollution that can be thrown at the car. The wax can be applied with a soft damp cloth or a special foam applicator pad and can be applied on any dry day, even in full Sun on a hot day, without baking onto the cars surface. After application the wax can be buffed off and will not leave any smears or residues . For the best effects the Poorboys Natty’s paste should be added in layers to help give better protection and a much deeper shine, putting the car in first class tip-top condition. Incidentally another bonus from this product is that it has a great smell of “bubble-gum”.

Article written by Eric Roberts…