How a clutch works

How a clutch works – internals of transmission and clutch assembly

How a clutch works

How a clutch works

This is a video showing how a slave cylinder, clutch and transmission work together to engage power from the engine and disengage power from the engine to the transmission. Filmed at the Toyota Commemorative museum of Industry and Technology near Nagoya, Japan. Clutches are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when replacing the clutch.
We often have our customers ringing us. Consequently, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my clutch is going”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the clutch is going. Because the biting point will happen with less pedal push, and the clutch will slip when the drive is under heavy load.

How a clutch works

When i car eventually arrives in the workshop. We start the car and dip the clutch pedal. Next step is to place the car into third gear. With the handbrake of, we then very slowly release the clutch. A good clutch will stall the engine.
if you carry out the same procedure with a slipping clutch. Then, the engine will probably judder, try to pull away and then the engine will stall. Sometimes, you will hear a rattle when you release the clutch pedal. This is a sign that the clutch plate will be broken up and needs replacing.
Another sign that your clutch is on the way out, is that there will be terrible smell, when the clutch pedal is released. This is a problem with death drivers. because, they cannot hear very well then they do not know that their clutch is slipping. The tell tale sign is the smell that the burning clutch plate gives off. We have one customer, who goes through a clutch a year,(good for business?).



Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems such as Steering Stiffness, Steering Pull or Steering Wander

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems;

Steering problems are part of everyday problems here at Pellon Autocentre, in Halifax UK. For this reason i am showing this video to explain the things we have to do when repairing and diagnose these problems.

One of the things that we find is that, many of our customers do not know that they have any steering problems at all. What happens is that these problems build up very slowly.Therefore, the driver does not know of any thing that may have gone wrong. Steering problems are often picked up by our mechanics when carrying an MOT test.

Occasionally one of our customers will complain about their car pulling to the left or right. This could be a few problems including the steering out of alignment. Steering wheel movement, usually relates to rack and pinion problems. This can be picked up by one of mechanics giving the steering a visual inspection. Whatever problems occur with your steering we are always willing to check your car over and give a free assessment and a price quote, for any steering work that may require rectification.

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Hard to steer? Don’t pay a mechanic! Step-by-step instructions to diagnose, service and troubleshoot a rack and pinion on automobiles. This video covers testing, installation and operation of a rack and pinion with advice on properly bleeding the steering system fluid. Sponsored by BBB Industries – makers of premium alternators and starters that meet or exceed OE form, fit and function.

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems-Brought to light on this video.

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Standard Steering and Suspension Problems-Here in the UK, steering and suspension problems, account for many of the MOT failures. Your car can fall victim to any number of suspension and steering problems, but there are a few that are more common than others. Here’s a guide to a couple of the most common suspension and steering problems and what the MOT test says.

Steering and suspension Failures

Things to check Inside the car
The steering wheel and steering column, check for movement and wear.
Steering wheel condition, check for wear and breakages.
 Your steering wheel must be securely fixed to the steering shaft
• upper bearings of the steering
column must be inspected for wear
The steering shaft is checked for excessive end float
Clamping bolts security, visual inspection.
The split pins and locking nuts
 Check for any’free play’ in the steering
 Check the Flexible couplings and universal joints.

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Under the bonnet checks
This procedure is dependent on the type of vehicle and steering system used.
 A check must be made on the security of the steering rack or steering box and its mountings
• Test for any movement in the steering joints
 The same for the Swivel joints which are part of the steering system and can be readily inspected from under the bonnet will require inspecting.The new MOT test now includes a check on the presence and correct function of the cars steering lock where fitted as a standard Item.
Any missing, or split and damaged rubber dust covers on all the steering and suspension ball-joints will result in a failure if they will allow dirt and grit to enter the joint.

Power steering fluid level must be above the minimum level indicated on the reservoir.

• Vehicle stands on special Swivel plates the wheels are turned from lock to lock and checked to ensure that wheels and tyres do not foul of either the structure of the vehicle or any brake pipes or hoses.
Wheel bearings are checked.
Steering rack gaiters/front outer constant velocity joint boots are examined.
Metal and rubber bushes are checked as

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Under vehicle steering and suspension checks
 Check all the steering joints.
 Inspect the power steering systems.
 Inspect the security of attachment of the steering rack or steering box. Check the tightness of the nuts and bolts, and structural cracking or corrosion of the vehicle chassis where it is attached.
 Inspect also the split pins and locking nuts and other locking or retaining devices relate to steering components. Some cars have an element of rear wheel steering which is checked from beneath the car. The front suspension is checked, but also the rear for:
 Lookmout for any excessive wear to the Wheel bearings.
  Finally look at the condition of the front drive shafts and CV joints.

For more info, check out the article:


Car Servicing Different Levels-There are Three types of basic car servicing

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-As part of most adults working life, then driving is a big part of it. We do though take our cars for granted. We rush or breakfast, and dive into our car, hoping it will the same old mister reliable as ever. It always starts up in the morning and gets me to work, every time?

Whatever the weather, in winter or summer, we all expect our cars to perform. Cars are a bit like anything else mechanical, and that includes us (humans)? They wear out the older they get. It is up the owner to look after their car and keep it in good condition. And this includes servicing. As the owner of Pellon Tyre and

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Alex carrying out a car service.

Auto Centre, in Halifax Yorkshire, UK I often see the results of customers who just expect their car to carry on year after year, without any kind of maintenance.

In recent years, cars have become very sophisticated pieces of machinery. Technology has come along in leaps and bounds, due to the drive to produce cleaner car exhaust emissions. The older cars went years without servicing and were just driven until they came to a halt. A quick oil change and some new spark plugs and the cars were back on the road again.

Car Servicing Different Levels

Most new cars are also fitted with changeable timing belts. They are made of the same materials as the fan belts and must be changed at certain intervals depending on the make and model of the car. The advice will be picked up at service time by the garage. As I have said earlier in this article, customers lead a busy life. This is why it helps them remember that a service is required, by having an MOT and service at the same time. We find this a most satisfactory way to

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Jake working on a car service

keeping their car in good condition.

Any extra problems, such as brake problems can also be picked up at this stage, as the service will also include a brake examination. This is as well as the usual oil and filter changes, that come as standard. We also find that our customers like to use our servicing menu system which often ties up with their car owner’s service manual. The menu system also ensures that the customer can afford to pay for at least a minimum service, to keep their car on the road.

This article by Eric Roberts is part of a new car servicing advice series.

Best car servicing How to choose the workshop for your car? – MotorExpert

Best car servicing

Facilities like this should insure Best car servicing

Read our article on the list of factors that one must keep in mind to choose the best car servicing, workshop | Chennai (Wondering how to choose the best #workshop to get your #car serviced?


eric roberts‘s insight:

In my opinion finding the best car servicing  garage is a no brainer.

One of the best places to have the Best car servicing done  is the one where a friend or relation gives you a recommendation, from previous experience. Failing that you should be

Best car servicing

Look out for the Unipart sign foe good service and quality parts for your Best car servicing

looking out for the presentation of a garage that will give you the Best car servicing in your area. Does the garage look good? Most proud garage owners rally look after their premises, this is not always true but in general it will work out that way. Some back street garages don’t look too good but the work they turn out can be very good.

Another good way is to see if the garage is in some sort of trade association. Here in the UK we have a main organisation that is called Motorcodes. If the garage is a member of Motorcodes, then you will be able to guarantee that the garage has been vetted by no other than the RAC, and operates a fair price policy and an arbitration service in case you do have a problem that cannot be solved and develops into a dispute.

Also look out for other things such as do the garage have a waiting area or a reception, where you can wait for your car in comfort, whilst the work or MOT test is been carried out on your car, all these points will usually lead you to a Best car servicing centre,that you can trust and remain loyal to for years to come. But in my opinion one of the bast way to be sure of good Servicing a Car is by word of mouth recommendation, it is still the best way to determine how good the garage is.

Best car servicing

Point-S car servicing centre in Halifax UK probably the Best car servicing in the Halifax area.

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