Air-conditioning in Halifax

Air-conditioning in Halifax

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Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)-Who would have thought that we Needed It?

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)

Air-con was one of the last things that you would have needed here in the United Kingdom’s cool climate, but now that we have it in almost every vehicle, I do not know how we did without it? This time of year is when our customers are starting to get their cars ready for the summer and this includes have their Car Air-Conditioning system serviced.

I must admit though that I remember the pre-Car Air-Conditioning days of motoring on a hot summer’s day. In those days, the only way to cool down was to open the car’s windows and stick your head out of the window. Not only that I also remember when the cars windows would steam up in spring and winter, due to condensation, this has now stopped because of car air-conditioning fitted to most cars. We used to arrive at our destination dripping with sweat, with our legs sticking to our trousers and other bits, all because the cars did not have air-con systems

America was way ahead of us here in the UK as far as Car Air-Conditioning is concerned

Although they had far more hot days and they really did need it especially in the Southern states. Air-con in the car was actually invented and used in America as far back as 1939 and Packard were the first car makers to install Car Air-Conditioning as far back as 1940, and although it was a crude system compared to today’s cars Used Cars, it was

Car Air-Conditioning

Car Air-Conditioning service machine

better than nothing at all. In fact, it was Chrysler that was the first to introduce a properly integrated air-con system into their cars in 1953 as an optional extra. By 1970 almost half the cars in America were installed with Car Air-Conditioning and us in Europe were still miles behind.  

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)

At the same time in 1970 the USA adopted a new “Clean air act”, but the regulations for motor vehicles did not come into force until 1990. This meant that the refrigerants inside the Car Air-Conditioning had to be re-cycled and a different refrigerant had to be used. The gas that we all use at the moment is the R134A, but we think that a newer gas will be used in the near future. European car manufacturers quickly followed suit and air-con was installed in all of the big production cars such as BMW and Mercedes and was quickly followed by the family car market, down to the small cars made by Citroen and the Toyota Yaris.  

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)

The main parts of the car air-con system consist of the Air Conditioning Condenser Unit, compressor and evaporator and a few other parts that, these all work together to remove and cool the humidity that is in the air and circulate it into and through the car, the warm humid air is replaced with cool air at the temperature that you set it at. That is until things such as the Car Air-Conditioning Condenser start to go wrong.

It is a well-known fact that cars fitted with air-con use more fuel and so some drivers switch of the air-con when the weather is cold. It is in actual fact false economy to switch off your air-con in winter. This is an extract from the Autokool website…

“It is false economy to turn the system off in the winter. This can lead to deterioration of the seals and gaskets in your system and, even more, rapid refrigerant loss. On the coldest of days turn the system on to ensure that the windows are demisted and the interior of the car is comfortable. Contrary to popular belief this does not greatly reduce your mpg or performance. With modern engines and increased fuel efficiency the cost of using your vehicle air conditioning system has been considerably reduced with modern advancements in engineering”.

Most modern garages are equipped to service your Car Air-Conditioning system on your car

And the members of staff at the garage should all be certified to use the equipment and handle the refrigerant that is used, so check out the air-con before the summer arrives and keep yourself cool and dry.

Eric Roberts

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Car Air-Conditioning

Dale fitting a new Car Air-Conditioning condenser on a car in Halifax

and parts.

Skoda Octavia comes in for Air-Con Service including a re-gas after some Hot Sunny Days

Skoda Octavia

The condenser was located behind the dash of the Skoda Octavia, making it a difficult task, with not much room to move and working space was tight Air-Con Service resulted in new parts

This time of year has been very kind to many garages.Up and down the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore,it may seem strange to people who live in other parts of the world. But here in the UK our Summers are very short. So,to be truthful we do not normally get much Sun.

air-con systems

Air-con system servicing in Halifax

The new Skoda is an excellent car. Space is never an issue.Since there is sufficient room for both front and rear seat occupants. Therefore, it is designed in such a way that it will be a comfortable place to stay in. Controls are properly arranged including the Air conditioning controls.Numerous storage compartments are installed. That will on a hot day  make staying inside comfortable.

Skoda Octavia

Old condenser removed from Skoda Octavia

As a result, after our very cold and snowy March. I did not have much hope of us having good Summers. However, I was completely wrong? and this year has turned out to be hot and Sunny. Including a bonus for us garages.

As a result, our customers have been roasting in their cars. Because, of the recent damp and rainy Summers, the motorists have been neglecting their cars Air-con systems and many did not work, giving us a golden opportunity to make a little more profit. I say little because of the fact that we are all still in hard times and the price of air-con has come down, here in Halifax.

Skoda Octavia air con problem

However, I decided to buy a new sign to put up in the garage, right at a set of traffic lights (very eye catching). The heat carried on from day to day, and air-con inquiries were coming in thick and fast. The only problem with air-con is that it takes about an hour to complete the cycle of checking and re-gassing, however, we did very well and most of our customers went away with a lovely cold car to drive in the 30c temperatures.

I say most of the customers went away happy, because some did not. These were the ones with faulty air-con systems on their cars, including the driver of a 56 plate Skoda Octavia.

He, unfortunately, had a faulty Air Con Condenser. This is the part that looks like a radiator and indeed does the same thing as the radiator. Instead of removing the heat from the engine it removes the heat from the Skoda Octavia and is hidden away, somewhere behind the dashboard in the Skoda Octavia. The air-con systems come in three main parts the condenser,compressor and evaporator all these combined take out the heat and humidity from your car.

Air Conditioning Systems work by the compressor pressurising the gas, which is also the refrigerant and then moves into the Air Conditioning Condenser creating heat, as in the car radiator this flows through the very small condenser tubes cooling down the heat and forming into a liquid again, this circulates around the system, converting the heat from your car into cold air again, it is rather like steam turning back into water again, the system operates under high pressure and the refrigerant used cools the Skoda Octavia again, all clever stuff.

Skoda Octavia

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Dale fits new air-con condenser

Skoda Octavia

Condenser hid behind Skoda Octavia dash

Dale Linton one of my technicians was given the job of fitting the condenser and made the usual good job of it. The condenser was located behind the dash of the Skoda Octavia, making it a difficult task, with not much room to manoeuvre and working space was tight. Most air-con jobs work in very tight spaces. The job was completed and the customer went away in a nice cool car.

Article by Eric Roberts Managing Director of …

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Air-Con Service-Service your cars AIR-CON the weathers getting hotter ?

America invented Air-Con for cars in 1939 now in almost all UK cars.

Air-Con Service-Our weather here in the UK is forecast to get get hotter this Summer. The weather companies including the BBC have said that a high pressure system is due to start building.

 Although motorists are feeling the pinch.With the economy and the price of fuel. It could be a nightmare stuck in your car with the kids screaming in the back.Just because they are too hot. We all know the feeling. Especially on roads like the A14 and M11, busy holiday destinations. Where there are always traffic jams whatever time of day. You can be guaranteed of getting caught up in a huge snarl up.

 Air-Con Service

car having Air-Con service in Halifax GB

If this happens and the temperature reaches 30 degrees. Thus, you will definitely need your cars Air-Con working. Also now is time to have your Air-Con serviced. It is no good leaving it until you are on your journey. If you are driving on the Continent and your AC fails. It could cost you up to 10 times the price as it does here in the UK. In France. A friend of mine , (who lives there). Always waits until he visits the UK to have his Air-Con Service. Also buys tyres and batteries, because of the price difference.Especially, between here and the other European countries.

Just out of interest.The first air con- system for a car was invented back in 1939 by Packard, in America and was the first to be fitted in the factory in 1940. The first refrigerant originally used was highly damaging to the atmosphere, and a safer gas was later used in the 1960s.

Air-Con Service

Here at Pellonautocentre in Halifax GB. We have many customers that have an annual Air-Con service. This ensures that their car performs properly all the year round.It ensures that  their  system works without a hitch. This will clean out all the dirt and germs that have built up in the course of time. It will also recharge the gas as necessary. The other option would be to leave yours on until there is a drop in the  temperature and performance.

This way will leave a risk of leaving yours on  until there is a problem, the problem may arise with the result in a bigger repair and service bill. Either way, in between summers, you do still need to think about your air conditioning system, we recommend that you leave yours on all through the autumn and winter, this stops the gas pressure from falling. Most of the public do not know that you should leave the Air-Con on all year round, but I do understand that the cars now coming out with smaller and greener engines will use more fuel with the Air-Con Service in cooler weather. Any bad smells coming from your air- con system should be checked at your nearest Autocentre for a Car Service, if you do not know of one in your area look online for your nearest Unipart Car Care Centre

air-con service machinewhere you will get free advice on what to do with your car  Air-Con System.

In the Halifax area of West Yorkshire, you can have your Air-Con Service done by experts, and should be looking to pay around £45 for a complete Air-Con service.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Pellon tyres are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. They also sell tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.