VW Camper Vans-Very Well Restored at Piece Hall-Halifax-Yorkshire-UK

VW Camper Vans

VW Camper Vans

VW Camper Vans

VW Camper van with exquisite interior

VW Camper Vans

VW Camper Vans well restored

VW Camper Vans

VW Camper Vans interior

















VW Camper Vans on show at Piece Hall, Halifax, Yorkshire UK

Although this was a couple of years ago, it became a costly trip?

When I set off on the Sunday morning, the weather was dull and foggy and I almost stayed at home. Anyway I decided to go along and set off with my trusty camera. When I arrived in Halifax I decided to park my car in the Railway Station car park. It was Sunday and very quiet.

I parked up and walked the short distance up to Piece Hall (a famous Halifax landmark). The VW Camper Vans and other old VW’s were all parked up in rows for the visitors to admire. The show was courtesy of the Bradford VW club and they put on a splendid show.

I was amazed at the different classic cars and VW Camper Vans that were on display and began to take some pictures.

The owners were very friendly and were willing to tell me all about their vehicles and the hours of restoration work that they had taken to bring their VW’s up to such high standards.

My favourites though were the VW Camper Vans. The interiors had been fitted out to extremely high standards using quality fabrics and materials.

Unfortunately it began to rain; I had not come prepared and so decided to return home to find out how my photos had turned out.

When I returned to my car I found that I had a fixed penalty parking fine attached to the wipers. I hate this kind of thing. Looking round I could see no warning signs about illegal parking. The trains in Halifax are far and few between on Sundays and the car park was half empty.

When I returned home I uploaded my images onto my computer and contacted the railway police fines department. They assured me that there was a warning sign and it was high up on a lamp post.

Needless to say I had to pay the expensive £80 fine, but have not used a train since, so the rail company are the real loses.

Eric Roberts