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Toyota‘s vision for the future


Toyota’s Smart House uses solar panels and Batteries charged for all electricity, and the system can also power any plug-in hybrid and electric cars belonging to the occupants.


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Solar panels Batteries charged this cars batteries

This is a very good and in depth article by Matt Campbell . The article is about Toyota,s new vision of a totally green Batteries charged car.The car (if you could call it that) is operated by twin

Batteries charged

Hydrogen cells are also becoming popular to some car makers,especially Toyota in Japan who are already in a well advanced stage in the race for the end to the gas guzzling cars and reducing greenhouse gases.

electric motors connected up to a Lithium Ion Battery Pack which enables the car to do 45 k/hr.with a range of about 50 kilometres. The little car has special suspension that allows it to sort of tilt, as you can see in the picture, and is expected to be used in busy cities and towns. The car will be known as the i-Road and will also be able to be plugged in and charged at any charging station, as well as at home.Batteries charged

The future of the Lithium-Ion battery is becoming more certain regarding the batteries when they have finished their end of life as a New Car Battery. Although the battery may not be suitable for a car, they are thinking of using them for solar energy Batteries charged and storage. The world will be crying out for some solution to solar energy storage and the old Lithium-Ion batteries could well be the answer.

Also other technologies are been invented to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, including the Start-Stop Batteries that are now getting more popular with car manufacturers.

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