Peugeot 406 Lights-This car was left with us for a flashing lights problem?Going Mad ?

Peugeot 406 Lights;Driver of the Peugeot 406 could not switch off the engine

Peugeot 406 Lights

water damaged connectors from Peugeot 406

The first time that we saw the car was for an MOT test. The owner said that the car would probably fail the test because some of the lights were not working. However the car passed the test and all the lights were indeed fine and in good working condition. The weather at the beginning of the year was warm and sunny and we heard nothing from the customer or his Peugeot 406 Lights.

later on in the year the car turned up again with a problem of the central locking not working ?. We checked out all the likely things and found nothing a miss. The central locking was working fine for us and we could not find any problems. The customer took his Peugeot 406 Lights problem home and sure enough he returned with his side lights in a permanent on position, they were on but not switched on,(if you get what I mean) . Once again we checked all the likely culprits, fuses and switches and everything was just fine. The car was having a number of Peugeot 406 Lights and other electrical problems at differing times,(very strange). Here is a clip from a Peugeot owner with similar problems from the Peugeot 406 web-site…

Then, with the car locked, the brake lights came on. Then went off, then glowed dimly then stayed on. At this point I pulled the fuses for the brake lights and bugger all happened. The lights stayed on. Disconnected the battery and then reconnected. Lights stayed off until I tried the brakes with the ignition on.
“I removed the BSI (with the battery disconnected) and (with battery back on) turned on the ignition to find all the lights still lit up.
Must be the dash board. Out with the dash on with the soldering iron. Every pin and connection to the dials.
Put back in, no joy. Brake lights on with or without the dash board.
Removed brake light switch. (what a swine that is to remove)-lights still on!
Looked for all the earth points round the car. Got to the drivers foot well and I could hear a buzzing noise. Could it be a relay?”…

This was a problem that we had not come across before and the whole thing came to a head ,when the car engine would not switch off without stalling the engine. We just could not find a problem.

peugoet 406 lights

Peugeot 406 lights problems


In the end I had to call for help and enlisted the help of a friend called Richard. Richard had heard about this problem before and went straight to the foot well of the drivers side. Because of all the heavy rain here in the UK ,the foot well was flooded. Underneath the foot well carpets was located

much of the Peugeot 406

wiring and wiring multi-plugs (a silly place,I would of thought). The Peugeot 406 Lights problem was found . The plugs that connected the wiring together were perished and rotten, causing all the short outs, and funny things to happen. We drilled a hole to release the water and re-wired the damaged wires together, a good job done. We still do not where the water is getting in but I have added some advice from the Honest John website…

“Dry the interior out, remove all mats. Stay inside car whilst a friend gently sprays a hose a one section at a time for several minutes, wait a few minutes, then inspect. Make sure you train the water on the sunroof, side windows, light clusters, rear hatch, doors and main windscreen – these are the common areas that could leak.
IF after a thorough dowsing, gentle bounce rear and front of car to dislodge any water that maybe sitting somewhere inside. Also covering the the dry car interior carpets with newspaper will show presence of water and possibly direction of leak , if you have a dark trim”…

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