Suspension Arm Bolts-BMW 1 Series Car- Breaks Suspension Arm Bolts

BMW 1 Series Car in for He found that when the car had skidded and hit the kerb it had snapped the Suspension Arm Bolts

On one of the worse windy and rainy days of the year, one of our good customers was out and about in his BMW 1 series car, 2008 model and found himself having to swerve his car to avoid a broken branch that had just snapped off a tree due to the high winds.

Suspension Arm Bolts

BMW suspension arm bolts showing the sheared off bolt, the other bent

His car skidded and crashed into the kerb, causing damage to the underside of the car, the customer suspected that something had been broken the Front Suspension Arm Rubber Bush, or the Suspension Arm Bolts, and so limped into my garage in Halifax West Yorkshire.

Manager the garage department, Ryan Linton pulled the car onto a ramp to examine the car to see what had happened. He found that when the car had skidded and hit the kerb it had snapped the Suspension Arm Bolts, on the multilink suspension that these cars have.

Also the TPMS sensor lights were illuminated and when checking, the tyres were found to be inflated to the wrong pressures. We now think that this could have caused the car to swerve and hit the kerb, when trying to avoid the tree branch.

The problem was discovered and the hub had to be removed and the broken stud drilled out as the stud had been snapped off flush with the hub. The bolt was drilled out and the hole was re-tapped to take a new stud. The other Suspension Arm Bolts were BMW Parts ( supplied by the local BMW dealer in Wakefield, the nearest one to my garage in Halifax) were also changed and the assembly was re-fitted.

BMW car had low tyre pressures

As I have stated we think that the guys low tyre pressures were the cause of the car correctly not handling when he swerved to miss the branch, we also checked and inflated his tyres and he went off on his way three hours later.


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Suspension Arm Bolts

BMW rear hub area where the Suspension Arm Bolts sheared from