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Potholes back Again Nokian Tyres Tougher-Damn You Pothole and Other Important Tyre Developments

Potholes back Again Nokian Tyres Tougher

Potholes back Again Nokian Tyres Tougher

Potholes back Again


Post Updated 4th March 2018

Can potholes damage your tyres?

Potholes back Again Nokian Tyres Tougher

Eric Roberts says…We are all plagued by the potholes in our roads. Many of our local government councils have had their budgets reduced by central government.

Because of this they are not carrying out essential road repairs, such as correctly filling in the holes. On Station Road where I live there has been a huge increase in the number of potholes appearing from nowhere. Of course with the added hazard of snow and ice, then these holes are dangerous and will damage cars suspension and tyres.

Nokian Tyres from Finland may have the answer

Potholes back Again Nokian Tyres Tougher

Of course this is happening all over the UK.  Putting a strain on the road traffic that uses our roads. Hence, in the past two weeks alone we have seen cars with broken steering parts. Especially, springs and ripped tyres due to the size of the holes in our roads. Leading to many Pothole Claims. Since I wrote the original article.

So, tyre companies have been striving to produce tyres from stronger and lighter materials. Therefore, one particular tyre company “Nokian” the inventors of winter tyres. Have come up with a stronger safer tyre that could aid drivers in the battle against pothole damage.

Nokian have come up with an added ingredient to their summer tyres sidewalls. The Nokian E Line and Z Line range of SUV tyres now use “Aramid“. Aramid is a material used in “bullet proof vests” and is very strong indeed. I am not saying that these tyres are the “Holy grail” when it comes to protecting us against all potholes. But it is a good step in the right direction.

I am convinced that these tyres are a safer tyre than the ones without aramid and are an added safety feature.

Many potholes cause small chunks of sidewall damage. Enough to warrant the driver having to buy a new tyre. So, I am convinced by the tough tyre testing of this Nokian SUV tyre. That they have enhanced safety features and well worth the investment for your families safety.

Eric Roberts

VW polo-Broken Spring Problem Cured-Customer thought that the wheel studs were loose?

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW polo-Broken Spring; One of our customers came to us recently with a slight knocking sound coming from somewhere on his car. The car was a VW Polo and made in 2004. Our customer was new to the area, and this was his first visit to us. The guy came with a recommendation from one of his family members.

He explained certain things to us over the phone. We asked him to bring the Polo to us for inspection. The car was bought with a reasonable 29000 miles on the clock and was in good condition.

The brake disc and pads had been replaced at 32000 miles. After that, he had trouble with the wheel studs coming loose. He said that the noise was very similar to the noise that he could hear now.

The guy was from the north London area of the UK and was visiting family in the Halifax Uk area.before his journey north he had fitted, a new set of four tyres;

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW Polo new spring fitted and ready to go.

this was at 33,500 miles and just before the MOT test was due.

On his way north, he had called to see a friend in the Nottingham area and this is where the knocking noise had begun. The thoughts in his mind to back to the wheel stud problem a few months earlier. He called into a local garage in Nottingham and had the wheel studs checked for the correct tightness.

They were fine, and he carried on with his journey north.

VW polo-Broken Spring

Much as, like many other cities in the UK, Nottingham had its fair share of potholes in the roads. First of all, he did remember going down one particular bad hole but thought nothing of it.

The slight rattling noise was still haunting him as he headed up to Halifax. He was convinced that it was a wheel stud problem? He drove the Polo very Carefully, not exceeding 60 MPH, on the M1 motorway.

He told us that he had turned the radio volume high to try and drown out the noise.

Consequently, Ryan Linton our service manager, road tested the Polo and then lifted the car up onto one of our ramps for inspection. Furthermore, was the problem easy to spot? It was a broken spring. Simple? The spring had probably broken when the guy had run into the hole in the road in Nottingham.

Finally, we fitted a new spring, and the happy customer went on his way.

Potholes-Making For Steady Business At Local Tyre Stores « CBS …



The sheer number and size of potholes in metro Detroit are keeping local tyre shops swamped with customers.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Pot-holes that damage tyres  are a major problem everywhere? But you can claim your money back

This is a story that I have been harping on about for a few years now. It seems that local government highway departments and city government departments are


Potholes like this one are common everywhere

struggling with the enormity of the problem.

This excellent article is from the Detroit metro in Canada, but the story could be from any city in the “Western World”. From a local point of view we have the same problems across the whole of the UK. We are also benefiting from the extra business that this problem is bringing into us, damage to the  wheels and damage to the  tyres.

The potholes also cause damage to the cars suspension and often knock out the cars wheel alignment. Some of the damage can be claimed back from your local authority here


Pictures of Potholes in Road

in the UK, I do not know how the law works in other countries, but if you take a picture of the potholes and get an invoice for the work carried out on your car, then you can put in a claim for compensation, to recover your losses from the damage that the potholes caused.

A few of our customers did this after our advice and were successful with their claim.

 Eric Roberts

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