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Hybrid Car

New Peugeot Invention Better Than Batteries: A Hybrid Car That Runs on Air This new development from Peugeot-Citroen is yet another big development to compete… (RT @AutoSocial: JB Floyd liked JB Floyd’s blog post New Peugeot Invention Better Than …

Eric Roberts says…

The new cars should be fitted with normal batteries

Peugeot Citroen has had scientists and engineers. Therefore, locked away for the past two or three years. Because, they have come up with a car that is unique. Consequently, and will form the backbone of  Hybrid Car the cars of the future. Hence,without the use of Lithium-ion batteries. The new concept will be called the “Hybrid Air”. For this reason, the car will have a new Petrol and air hybrid drive-train. Thus, combined with a new modular platform. Furthermore, a completely new concept in car engineering. Specifically, a competitor for battery driven hybrid cars. That we see coming out of Japan and the USA.

The new Hybrid Car will have petrol engine. Hence, to drive in normal condition out of town driving. But when the car is driving in towns and cities. Thus, at below 43mph. For this reason, a hydraulic pump operated by compressed air takes over the petrol engine.Moreover, powers the car along with zero emissions. Plus and will be started by  conventional Car Batteries. Moreover, this Hybrid Car will also have an automatic gearbox.In addition, the transmission, pump and motor will be in the engine bay. Subsequently, with the compressed air tank running between the front seats. Simultaneously, the compressed air is used to drive the hydraulic motor. Which transfers the power to the front wheels. Therefore driving the Hybrid Car along.

Hybrid Car

Having been a garage owner for all my life.  I hope that they have thought of the problems that compressed air can have. Hence, people who work in the motor trade. Know too well about leaking pipes and the build-up of water. So that can cause problems later in the cars life say when the car is two or three years old, but then again I can remember when hydraulic oil pipes were first introduced and the older mechanics said they would never catch on, and we all know the rest.

The new Hybrid Car is expected to be shown in 2016. Hence, and will used on the Peugeot 208 or the Citroen C3 models. The new Hybrid Car will be expected to return fuel figures of over 95 mpg with very low emissions of 68g per kilometer.

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Eric Roberts

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Hybrid Car-That Runs on Air-Pressure and Not Batteries

Peugeot’s new technology will get you 117 miles per gallon. (Better Than Batteries: A Hybrid Car That Runs on Air http://t.co/3wz2KXjhlo)


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New technology to compete with the big batteries Hybridshybrid car,peugoet batteries

This new development from Peugeot-Citroen is yet another big development to compete with the massive batteries and price tag of the earlier hybrid car. The beauty about this car is that the engine is almost a standard type engine that uses petrol (gasoline) and will be started by a standard Battery System along with uprated gearbox and special hydraulics. This is great news for us independent garage owners as it will give us a chance to repair these cars when they arrive in the aftermarket a few years down the line, a thing that I don’t believe will happen with the huge Lithium-Ion battery driven cars, that are to be leased to their owners.

The new hybrid car will be driven by the conventional engine when traveling any distance, but will reverts to the “Air power” when driving in cities and towns, when the air system will be activated when the car does less than 43 mph. It is also expected that the car will be capable of producing an average of just less than 129 miles to the gallon with upgrades towards 2020. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266632/Car-runs-air-coming-soon-Peugeot-Citroen-unveil-new-117mpg-

The first hybrid car using this technology is expected to on the smaller Peugeot 206 ; although I don’t think that a decision has yet been made. The price of these new cars is going to be about £1000.00 cheaper than today’s battery powered hybrids. The hybrid car has been a closely guarded secret and has been under development for almost three years now at a research centre not far from the south of Paris. The car is expected to be a great success and will help the giant French car company to retain its place in the technology driven hybrid car market. The car will also use  standard batteries and will look no different to the standard models that we see today, as I said previously this will be a car that we can all service in the future which is good news for the independent garages out there.

To bring this article further forward, Peugeot , the French automaker revealed its Hybrid Air technology will be further revealed later this year at the Paris Motor Show. The vehicle that the new technology will be demonstrated on will be the Peugoet 208 hybrid car and not the Peugeot 206 that i stated earlier. This version of the Hybrid Air design will offer the car makers a fuel economy distance of 117 miles per gallon, which is an improvement on the figures that they announced last year. I believe that this technology could be a winner and will not involve the suspect lithium-Ion batteries, that other car makers are relying on.

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