American DOE-Funds more hydrogen fuel cell research with $4.5m investment – Autoblog (blog)

American DOE,hydrogen green cars

American DOE puts more money into research.

Green cars-American DOE funds more hydrogen fuel cell research with $4.5m investment

Autoblog (blog)

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is continuing to show support for next-gen fuel cell systems.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Green cars-Hydrogen cells the way forward

This form of green fuel (hydrogen) is in my opinion the way forward into the world without fossil fuels, to run our vehicles on.

American DOE

American DOE funding more Hydrogen fuel cell technology

The American DOE are providing $4.5 million investment into this new technology, and Universities are now starting to come up with new methods of splitting water, See my recent post…

The American DOE are particularly keen to invest in this new technology, hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy.

Here in the UK we are starting to set up Hydrogen pumps in London and the scheme is expected to roll out across the UK the following year, with two of the major petrol retailer supermarkets taking part by adding Hydrogen fuel cell on to their forecourts, a huge step forward. it will be a race between the Lithium-Ion battery driven cars and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell driven cars.

I am still waiting for the information about what will be driving our trucks in the future, these are the real “gas gusslers” ?

Eric Roberts…

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