Filling Stations-Fuel duty ‘holiday’ urged to help small garages survive –
Fuel duty ‘holiday’ urged to help smaller Filling Stations survive

The closures of small garages or filling stations

Is nothing new here in the UK and many other countries, including the USA (where the accompanying video was made). In my opinion they have been squeezed out by the greedy supermarket chains that decided to open up petrol filling stations on their car park areas.

The good thing about this is that this has reduced the price of petrol and diesel to the consumers, “you and me”. The bigger oil company sites such as BP have remained open offering the supermarkets competition with the prices. Another nail in the coffin for the small garages has been the development of mini supermarket attached to garage forecourt there will be many Filling Stations for Sale. This has now become very popular with the motorists, as they can now buy anything from magazines to logs for the fire.

The smaller filling stations do not have the room or probably the finance to run a shop on the smaller sites, not like the large companies who often have The Filling Station Restaurant on their own site or even a Filling Station Menu . The people who are really suffering are the ones that live in rural areas. They have to pay top price for their fuel because they are serviced by smaller filling stations, which have to pay more for their Fuel Prices in the first place, usually because they pay a premium from buying smaller amounts from the petrol and Diesel Fuel wholesaler and they also have to travel further.

 I have a friend that still operates two pumps from outside his MOT station/Filling Stations in a small village called Oxenhope in the beautiful country side near Howarth in the Bronte

Filling Stations

Small garages like this are closing down

country of Yorkshire, he tells me that he does not make a penny on the fuel and also has to pay for it when it is delivered, no credit account. Robert the owner says that he keeps selling it as a service to the community because most of them are his MOT customers anyway.

To conclude I think that this kind of thing is just progress. A few years ago we had a small shop on every street corner, now after most of them had closed down; the supermarkets are opening up small shops again “what comes around goes around” springs to mind and one day we may see the smaller garages and filling stations opening up again. Incidentally all the closed down filling stations have been turned into car washes, and appear to be very busy.

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