Aeromobil takes to the skies: Is the age of flying car finally here …

Aeromobil-Flying car

Stefan Klein, an engineer for the Slovak Republic, has been working on such machines for the last 20 years. His …


eric roberts‘s insight:

Wow what a car, a FLYING CAR !!!

Is this the sort of thing that you would consider buying?. Closer to home a customer of mine has only just sold his helicopter, which was a very big surprise to me , that a guy who lives just outside Halifax actually owned and flew a helicopter. he used it for flying to business meetings and had a helicopter pad in his garden. What i am getting at is that if you lived near a small airport, such as Humberside, you could drive from Hull and fly this Aeromobil to Manchester or London and leave your car at home, avoiding the terrible traffic that we have today. I think there could be a good use for this car, if you have the money and live in the right place.

The car/plane is made in Slovakia and designed by Stefan Klein as long ago as 1970 taking over 20 years to develop. The flying car made its first test flight this week using the Aeromobil 2.5, the presume that this is the engine size, because they hope to increase to a 3.0 version.aeromobil

The Aeromobil has wings that fold away behind the cabin along a boom that houses the propeller shaft. When the flying car/plane is used as a car it can reach around the 100mph mark, and when it takes off it reaches a top speed of 124 mph using a Rotax 912 aircraft engine. In my opinion it is a great idea and although not a unique idea, it could tick the right boxes  for some business people who live in the right area.

Eric Roberts

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