Remapping your car engine can save you loads of money in fuel costs by more efficient driving.


Ryan Linton carrying out a remapping on a customers vehicle

All modern cars are computer controlled for their emissions. The computer is called the ECU, short for Engine Control Unit. It is this unit that links all the different parts of the engines electronics that effectively controls the car’s engine and what the engine omits.

When a new vehicle leaves the factory the engines computer is set to de-fault. This is because the cars may be sent all over the world and have to be set to the same setting, to take into account different climates and driving conditions. The vehicle manufacturers do this by the software settings in the ECU. These settings can be modified, by adjusting and re-setting the original settings, if you see what I mean?

Some older drivers will remember the days when the old style engines were “tuned” or sometimes better known as “krypton tuning”, after the company that made the huge machines that we had to use. I remember the one that I bought, it was made by Sun and you needed a degree in science engineering to work it.

The modern machine that we use today is simply a laptop computer with different attachments to plug into your cars ECU system and can be picked up by your garage technician, who now use this type of equipment all the time, to check error lights and clear fault codes after the car has been repaired. So remapping fits in with our general servicing and repairs.

When the car is remapped, it has to use more fuel in order to have an increase in power. The setting that we use gives the driver three options. 1-is more economy 2- is a blend, of economy and power and 3- is power. The thing that usually happens is that because the car has been remapped and is more powerful, with improved torque, then the driver will save on fuel because they have less need to change gears, say going uphill or driving in traffic, and this will then give you more fuel economy

How do we carry out remapping on a car?

What we do is that our technician plugs in our computer software into the “OBD” port on the ECU of the car. The computer then downloads the information that is stored with the cars settings. We then send this information online to a major remapping company, who store all the information about your model of car. The data is them updated to the specifications that you the customer would like and the updated files are returned to us in Halifax Yorkshire, and re-entered into your cars ECU.

The new version that is entered ill enhances the performance of your car, giving either economy or fuel saving, or a mixture of both. Some cars require what is known as “chip tuning”. This requires the removal of the E PROM from the actual ECU and then the chip is programmed on site. Chip tuning is not as popular now and has been replaced by remapping since 1996.

These developments have all been possible through the motorsport racing car engines that are all tuned by computer to gain the maximum performance on the race car engines.

To conclude remapping gives your engine a far better performance,

you will notice as soon as you press the accelerator. The car will drive much smoother giving you a better and safer drive. During normal driving you will have the knowledge that you are getting a better mileage and use less fuel, this over a year will pay for your remapping investment.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre are now the Halifax Agents for engine remapping and for further information about the benefits to your car see… remapping ecu car

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