Rechargeable flow batteries-Could be cheaper solution to renewable energy Solar Storage

Rechargeable flow batteries

Rechargeable flow batteries


Post updated  15/2/2014

Researchers at MIT have developed some Rechargeable flow batteries that could bring us reliable and cheap large scale energy storage. Based on flow battery technology, the researchers took out the costly membrane and created a battery that has a power density that is an order of magnitude higher than lithium-ion batteries and three times greater than other membrane-less systems.


eric roberts‘s insight:  Going onto a different development the Multiple-Electron Aqueous Battery

There are many Universities now developing new types of batteries ?

Multiple-Electron Aqueous Battery

The University of Maryland UMD has just secured $32 million for research into to develop  electric vehicles (EV) energy storage systems using innovative chemistry,

Rechargeable flow batteries

Nissan Leaf at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Rechargeable flow batteries

architectures and designs.

The short distances that are covered by using the Lithium-Ion batteries are

causing some concern in the auto industry and governments and car makers are looking for better ideas and products that will be safer, lower cost and more reliable than the Lithium-Ion batteries that are now in use.

This has brought together the Army research Laboratory aka(ARL) and the UMD to create a new type of Rechargeable flow batteries.

This new type of Rechargeable flow batteries are expected to be with twice the cell voltage and capacity, this would cut the cost in half compared to the lithium-Ion battery.

The new Rechargeable flow batteries would enable an electric vehicle to twice the length of the charge. if the new batteries development is a successful, then the EV is expected to drive up to 300 miles on a single charging. This would be a great improvement on the Lithium-Ion batteries that are used by some companies at present.

In my opinion, for what it’s worth, we will one day discover the “magic battery”, that will cut down our reliability on gasoline burning engines and will truly make for a better driving experience, without having to rely on fossil fuels, I think we are slowly getting there and whether this new development will be the answer or not, only time will tell. Also the era of a Cheap Car battery is coming to an end, many of the new car models are now coming out with the Start-Stop battery technology and these batteries are AGM batteries and at the moment they are twice the price of a Discount car battery online.

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