Drink Driving-is a grey area to me

Never really did much drink driving

I must admit that I do like a drink now and then, especially when I go out for a drinkwith the wife. I am not a beer drinker, simply because as far back as I can remember, then beer did not agree with me. Some of my friends could drink four or five pints of good old Tetley’s bitter , but I could only manage three half’s of lager.

drink driving

Having a breathalyser test is one of the worse things to happen to you, even if you have not had a drink?

I was a sixties teenager and was brought up on “Saturday night fever” with discos and nightclubs. Drink driving did not come into the equation, we would be well over the legal limit in those days had there been one, but I guess that we were sensible kids, (most of us ) and we always kept ourselves out of trouble.

The thing was that then the cars were older and life went on at a slower pace. I was once coming home from a party in broad day light and ran into the back of my friend’s car, at a road junction. We were pretty shook up, but when I saw the blue flashing lights, I thought that this was it? The police car pulled up and a worried looking policeman asked us if we were alright?

This is it I thought my very first visit to a police station. We expressed our thanks for his concern and told him that we were fine, he said that was good and off he went on his way. As you can imagine we were very relieved and I think that that taught me a lesson, I was not drunk but I had well over the limit.

As I have grown older and more responsible I do not take any chances, but occasionally I must be close on some occasions. I am of the opinion that we should have a total zero limit the same as 74% of other UK drivers that were asked and wanted a lower drink driving limit. The survey was carried out by the road safety charity “Brake” along with car insurance company “Direct Line”.

Drink driving limit lowered in Scotland

In late 2014 the drink driving limit was lowered in Scotland and will be eventually lowered in the rest of the UK, and then hopefully down to zero tolerance. This will be the best scenario

drink driving

French police can stop any car for the breath test at any time

in my point of view, and then it will be black and white, in other words no grey area, if I drink alcohol then I will not drive at all, I will know where I stand and NOT drink and drive.

Other European countries have lowered the limits and now carry out random breath testing any time during the day. In fact I have now been breath tested four times in France, at random places including motorway services areas and motorway toll booths. I must admit that I did not fail the test but how embarrassing it must be to fail?

drink driving

Take a taxi, it is much safer.

More stories and information can be found on… http://www.brake.org.uk/news/1328-dldrinkdrive-dec14

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