Second Hand Tyres Causing Problems-Don’t Forget £575 fine and penalty points for defective tyres.

Second Hand Tyres

Old tyres like these are ending up as £20 Second Hand Tyres

£575 fine and penalty points for Second Hand Tyres

Impartial Reporter

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a bad case as Kalis “knew quite well” that his tyres were defective.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Bald Tyres

This article in the “Impartial Report” proves that motorists do indeed get caught by the police and are prosecuted for having illegal Second Hand Tyres on their cars.

Second Hand Tyres

British Police checking for defective Second Hand Tyres at the roadside

Although the police are not as abundant as they used to be, it is no use risking a hefty fine, the likes of the fine that this guy got. He would also of course have to buy another set of tyres and in some cases could have received a ban from driving as each tyre is three points on your license. As in the picture the British Police, often have roadside checks, where they stop motorists and check the cars documents and other important things. We very have have drivers coming to us with what we call a ” Pink slip”. The slip has to be taken to any MOT station once the defect has been corrected. If say the car requires two tyres, then we will check the car once the tyres have been fitted and then sign the slip to say that the work has been carried out. The driver then returns to the police station and shows the police that the defection has been carried out, without prosecution.

Another very important problem that we are coming across, is the number of our regular customers that are getting caught out buying illegal Second Hand Tyres These tyres are fine if they are checked out and tested with the suppliers stamp attached, but this is not usually the case. Only the other day (late October 2014), we had two customers in the had recently bought Second Hand Tyres, because they had tyre problems in another town(Huddersfield). Both cases were in very similar circumstances. The first customer had come into us complaining that his car was making banging noises, and he thought it might be his brake discs and pads. When we removed the wheels to check out the brakes we could not find anything wrong with the cars brakes, however with the wheels off we noticed a large egg, that went all round the tyres tread and sidewall area. When we told him he said that this could not be so because he had just paid £40 at a tyre dealer in Huddersfield. He then went on to say that according to the guy who sold him the tyre, then the tyre was brand new. This had only been two weeks earlier?.

So the guy had paid £40 for a tyre that lasted only two weeks?crazy. We recommended that he took the tyre back to them for a refund, but as in many of these cases the guy felt

Second Hand Tyres

Picture showing Second Hand Tyres side wall splitting all round the inside of the tyre. This was sold to a guy only two weeks previously for £40 a brand new one was only £59.90.

stupid for buying it in the first place and instead bought a proper new tyre from us for £59.90, he could not believe it for only just short of £20 he could buy a brand new tyre, wow.

For full information about your tyre safety and legal requirements  take a look at the following web-site,,,

Thanks Eric Roberts…

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