Toyota hybrid cars- are getting more popular in diesel-loving Europe(not after VW)

Toyota hybrid cars

Toyota hybrid cars

Post updated  14/2/2014

Toyota hybrid cars out sell diesels

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Together, Toyota and its Lexus luxury arm broke the 100,000-unit barrier for hybrid vehicle sales in Europe last year, Automotive News Europe reports.


eric roberts‘s insight:

This day had to come for Hybrid cars

I think that this day just had to come. The thing is that this is only the figures for Toyota hybrid cars, it does not relate to the total number of  hybrid cars compared to diesel models. The number of people buying Toyota hybrid cars are in my opinion in the upper class better off people, who can afford to buy these highly priced cars in the first place whether they are hybrids or diesels. Toyota hybrid cars have a good reputation for reliability here in the UK but I wonder what will happen when it comes to the second hand car market, will people with a limited budget buy these hybrid cars knowing about the expensive battery problems and lack of traveling  distance before a re-charge.

Regenerative Braking fitted to EV cars

It is easy to see why these hybrid cars are beginning to become more popular, there are no sockets,cables and you will not have any waiting around. You can just jump into the car and set off, from the power of the battery. When the on board battery begins to get low on charge, then the Petrol engine kicks in and runs the car as well as charging the battery back up again. The battery is also charged up when the brake is pressed this is called”regenerative braking”. The energy created by the braking action turns into electricity and also helps to charge the battery. It was always known that every time a driver pressed the cars brakes, that energy was created and then lost. The energy that is created is known as “kinetic energy” and is caused by the car that has been propelled forward having to go somewhere when the brakes cars  brakes are applied. This energy is always there and is dissipated in the form of heat and is wasted.

Because this has always been known engineers in the Car industry, have been working on a way that this kinetic energy can be used and have developed a way to harness this energy in the cars braking system, now much of the car’s kinetic energy is converted  it into electricity, so that it can be used to help recharge the car’s batteries. This system is

Toyota hybrid cars

A Toyota hybrid cars, Prius  car that i recently spotted in Belgium

called regenerative braking and is now used on many EV cars andStart-Stop battery systems. The system was first used on electric cycles and also F1 cars are using this regenerating brake capability.

This system of the brakes charging the battery is also used on Start-Stop car battery systems, by many of the leading car manufacturers, together with very efficient diesel engines, many of the VW’s have really low emission engines now so i still think that the car park of the future will hold a mix of many different technologies, only time will tell.


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