Recharging EV Batteries-Industry Rises – New York Times

New York Times
A Recharging EV Batteries Industry Rises
New York Times
Such public charging has an advantage over the 240-volt charger that a car owner can install in a garage or car port, said Michael D.


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Recharging EV Batteries but EV batteries may not be here to stay?

It seems that Americans are throwing billions of dollars in the production of electric car, now they are expanding the car battery

charger market. In the article by the New York Times it explains the way that the USA is going towards in this direction.

I live in the North of the UK at it appears that we are miles behind in the establishment of Battery charging stations in our towns and cities. There is a website that shows EV drivers where their electric cars can be charged up, but to date I have only seen the Battery Charging Stations in the Cheshire city of Chester, where there are three of them in one spot, a local hotel.Recharging EV Batteries

We do have companies that manufacture charging stations; one of them is Schneider Electric’s EV Link fast charge stations…   that can charge 80% of the Car Batteries in less than 30 minutes. These Recharging EV Batteries stations can be bought for home use or for use by businesses and the Electric Vehicles owners will be able to easily and safely charge their vehicles, without any risk of exceeding their supply contract and in the most environmental friendly manner.

The UK also has web site that shows electric car owners where to find the car  batteries charging points to recharge their cars batteries

the web site is it also tells you other valuable information, such as the number of fast charging sites, it now states that we have 3035 fast charging sites in the UK, alright if you are near one?

The big problem here in the UK is that the public have not taken the electric car to their heart, they do not seem interested. According to the figures only just over 1000 cars were sold in the UK in year ending in October 2011 and figures for up to October 2012 were even worse at 950 cars, these figures are measly

Recharging EV Batteries

A Renault Twizy at a charging station in Rome Italy

compared to 981,000 diesel cars sold and 934,000 petrol cars sold in the same period… Read more:

In my opinion the bottom line is that it is too early just to go out and buy a so called green car because you care about the” greenhouse effect “on our planet. The reason being that there

Recharging EV Batteries

Filling a Toyota Hydrogen cell vehicle

are many new technologies that will be coming onto the market in the next few years that will not run solely on batteries , but use other mechanical methods to lower the emissions, the new technology that is coming out of Peugeot looks a good alternative and Toyota are looking into Nitrogen powered engines, so it will be very interesting to say the least.

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