Bridgestone Tweel Re-born-Bridgestone are bringing the ‘tweel’ back, again –

Bridgestone Tweel Re-born

Bridgestone Tweel Re-born

When I first read about the so called airless tyres. So, I could not understand where they would fit into the tyre world as we know it? Hence, as time went by uses started to crop up . As a result , I am now beginning to see the benefits of such a tyre. Consequently, we can see that these tyres are being used for many vehicles . Including things such as dumper trucks and other off-road machinery . Therefore, the great advantage is of course that they are puncture proof.

Naturally, this benefit alone would save millions of hours in downtime. Puncture repairs are a massive problem for plant operators. In my other life, I spent hours repairing punctures on building and other construction sites. Also the image shows that these Tweels can be used on certain bicycles. Of course , I would suggest that the ride would be on the hard side, but you never know? For example the tweel could be used for off/roading . For this reason, the design of the complete wheel would be excellent for racing through woods and forests.

To finalise, I do now see a good use for this invention and look forward to future developments.

Eric Roberts

As a result, Airless tyres are coming around again. Thus , joking apart. Asides from being a pretty crappy pun, the airless tyre revolution has been around and around for what seems like years now. Consequently, we featured Michelin’s version a while ago here on MF. Now Bridgestone are highlighting their interpretation again. Bridgestone’s version was actually first released back in 2011 on various […]

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