Brake Pad Failures-Ten causes of the most common brake pad issues

Brake Pad Failures

Brake Pad Failures

Brake Pad Failures

Whatever the cause of your brake pads failing. Hence, we have all heard the dreaded “grinding” noise as metal meets metal. Thus, when your pads finally run out of material. Probably, it is the worst sound ever, to come from your car. Consequently, the best scenario to avoid this noise happening. Would be to have regular brake checks. Either by yourself or at your local garage.

This article from garage Wire. Explains some of the reasons why your brake pads could fail. So is well worth a read. I find it incredible that in this fast moving world, then drivers do not take more care of their cars. As a result, they are the ones most likely to eventually hear the dreaded grinding and squealing noise. Hence, that worn down brake pads sound like.

I must confess though. That this did happen to me. As a young entrepreneur I very often neglected the things that I now preach about. At the beginning of  my career as a garage owner. I owned a fantastic little car. A Chrysler Horizon. Sometimes, I would have to go and fetch parts for our customers cars. From up and down the country.

This time I had to go a buy an exhaust part. Thus, from an exhaust manufacturer in Blackpool, UK. Of course, I arrived there and collected the part. Unfortunately, on my return. I heard the dreaded grinding noise. Naturally, emanating from my front pads. I could go no further. Consequently, I had to eat humble pie and called into a local fast-fit autocentre to have a new set of pads fitted.

Lastly it just shows how easily it can happen to any of us. However , I do think that regular brake checks are still import. Please enjoy thus article.

Eric Roberts

Source: Ten causes of the most common brake pad issues