Tungstone Car Batteries- are Re-born again after closure due to imports

 Tungstone batteries stand for quality ?

As a car battery dealer for most of my working life, I am not surprised that this famous battery name from the past has cropped up again. The Tungstone Car Batteries name comes from the period that included other well known battery names such as Crompton  and indeed Oldham , who had a TV advert, which gave the battery an unforgettable slogan, “I Told,em Oldham”, probably best remembered by us older people. Tungstone Car Batteries

The difference now is that in the seventies they  were made in the UK, and now the batteries are imported and use the Tungstone Car Batteries name and logo. This came about because of a battle that took place between two of the largest battery wholesalers in the UK. Manbat and UKB are both from the Manchester area originally, and like the two football teams “City and United”, the companies are both arch rivals.

The two companies were in a bit of a battle to buy the Lucas battery name and logo, from a battery company that went into liquidation, located in Corby, in the Midlands area of the UK. I do not know the ins and outs of the different bids and how much the winners paid, but Manbat came away as winners and of course the famous name of Lucas batteries. Lucas no longer make car batteries and the products are sourced from battery manufacturers all over Europe, but the premium range of batteries are made by Johnson controls the same company that make Bosch and Varta batteries, and are of a very good pedigree.

In my opinion UKB were very disappointed that they were unable to acquire the Lucas brand name and so searched for the availability of some of the other battery brand names. They were able to identify the names that were up for sale and purchased the three names of Tungstone, Oldham and Crompton batteries, adding them to their own Platinum battery series. We at Batteriesontheweb  have now become Tungstone battery dealers in the West Yorkshire area of the UK and are very proud to be associated with this great name.

Tungstone Car Batteries bought direct

Eric Roberts remembers when he used to travel to Market Harborough and was able to buy a minimum of 100 Tungstone Car Batteries in a mixed order, my van was nearly touching the ground with the weight, but because we bought direct from the manufacturers we were able to make good profits, not like today when we only make a small profit, because we have to buy from the middle man as all the battery makers have moved out of the UK.

Tungstone Car Batteries

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096 Tungstone Batteries were always the best

096 Tungstone Batteries

096 Tungstone Batteries

A car battery is a very important part of you car. The  battery is essential as it starts the cars engine. If you own a car you know that a battery failure can lead to a lot of inconveniences. It is necessary to look for the best ones that will never fail you. When thinking of the best ones to buy it is essential that you consider 096 Tungstone Batteries.
There are so many manufacturers of car batteries. It is therefore necessary to consider the best. The leading manufacturers of car and motorcycles in UK for a long time are  Lucas and Varta .These are made by the famous Johnson Controls, who  have a reputable image in manufacture of battery products over many years. They have been known for offering the best types of car and motorcycle batteries.
Reliable quality is given the highest priority during the manufacture of these 096 Tungstone Batteries. These battery products are known for their exceptional quality and can be easily be distinguished from the rest. The 096 Tungstone Batteries are manufactured under very high level of technology. The batteries are also rechargeable. The batteries are manufactured in different sizes to fit different car needs of people. They store the energy for a very long time. Specialization in car batteries has ensured that our products are always at the front and leading in the battery market, including the leisure battery market.
These batteries are well known for their long lasting durability. They  have a life of more than five years and carry a manufacturers guarantee of three years . Once you buy them the  need to buy another battery can be kept completely out your mind for the next five years or more. Durability ensures you are always guaranteed proper function of the car, and  will always work with a minimum of fuss and problem free.

096 Tungstone Batteries are always available from our website

This ensures that the needs of all car drivers are adequately met. The battery products can be bought from batteriesontheweb.co.uk online and shipped for those who live in extreme areas. Shipping is done at very low costs and should arrive on the next working day. This delivery is to most UK post codes.
Reviews from the customers are always welcomed by the manufacturers. They have made sure that customer needs are always met. The 096 Tungstone Batteries are sold with a warranty of three years. This is subject to the battery failing a battery test. The 12 Volt Battery are fitted free of charge when a battery purchase is made here at our Halifax fitting station
These battery products are available at excellent  prices. It is hard to find a high quality and reliable battery at such a price. The price of the battery is affordable by all car owners. An amazing thing is that the 096 Tungstone Batteries car products  are also sold at discounts on our website www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk 

The price of the battery is affordable by all car owners. An amazing thing is that the 096 Tungstone Batteries car products  are also sold at discounts

By the early 1980s 017 Tungstone Batteries were one of the largest battery manufacturers in the country, producing more than 700,000 new ones every year.

When there are sales promotions our batteries are sold at a price that always leaves the customers happy.
A purchase of these products solves all the car batteries failure problems that you may of  experienced before. Many of our customers who have purchased our batteries have always highly rated them. Previous customers have always testified of the exceptional qualities of them. When one is thinking of the best batteries without any failure it is necessary to consider 096 Tungstone Batteries.


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