Mobility Scooter Batteries-Will Lithium-Ion batteries Replace Lead Acid Batteries

Mobility Scooter Batteries

New help for Mobilty Scooter batteries users

The advent of the “Lithium-Ion” battery will be a great relief to many users of the mobility vehicles. The 12 Volt Batteries that are

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Scooter Batteries may come out in Lithium-Ion shortly

traditionally used in this type of vehicle have always been a problem. Especially for the people that use these machines for getting about on. I would hate to think of the amount of these machines that have been caught out with a flat battery? Stuck half way on a journey and having to be rescued by a friend or relation.

Also, they have the problem of the weight of these batteries. Even the 12 volts 12 amp AGM Battery are hefty. Especially relevant, to injured or physically challenged person. The 18 amp and 26 amp are even very heavy to an able body person, so things have got to get better and for some mobility vehicle owners they just did.

From Mars landing to Mobility Scooter Batteries

One such use was presented to an American company.  Yardney Technical Products who were asked by NASA to design a new Mobility Scooter Battery. This had to be  much lighter and stronger than the

Mobility Scooter Batteries

This micro -hybrid battery will be used on mobility scooters in the future

lead acid battery. This new type of battery was to be utilised for the new stealth aircraft and later for space exploration. Now the battery has been developed for more everyday uses such as mobility scooter batteries.

The lithium batteries that are now available as Mobility Scooter Batteries. Mobility users come in the form of a single 24 volt 10 amp lithium battery. This replaces two a Lucas LSLC 20-12 10- lead acid batteries. The single battery only weighs 2.4 kg compared with the pair of Lucas weighing in at 12 kg, very much lighter in weight. The battery also requires a special charger which is a 24 volt 3 amp including all the connectors. The big advantage of the new Mobility Scooter Batteries is that they will do 2000 cycles. Compared to 300 cycles for the Lucas lead acid battery, and although the initial cost is higher, you will be saving in weight and much more power in the long run.

For more information about the lithium-Ion battery.

“The Mobility Scooter Batteries works on ion movement. This is  between the positive and negative electrodes. In theory such a mechanism should work forever. Furthermore, cycling, elevated temperature and aging decrease the performance over time. Finally, batteries are used in demanding environmental conditions. In addition, battery manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify the life of most Li-ion between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles”…

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Mobility Scooter Battery-A Look at Maintenance For Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Scooter Battery

looking after your Mobility Scooter Battery

After all the rain we have had this summer here in the UK. So you just can not help but to feel sorry for the poor people who have to get about on electric mobility scooters. It is bad enough us all getting caught out in an heavy rain shower. But can you imagine what it must be like when you battery goes flat. Hence, you and your scooter are stranded miles from home.

This is what can happen when the weather is so unpredictable. We at Pellon Halifax always advise our customers that it is a good idea to keep a spare fully charged Mobility Scooter Battery at home, then if you do get stranded with your Mobility Cars , help will not be so far away, a phone call is all that is needed to a friend or relation and a spare battery could be there in a matter of minutes, so it is well worth considering this advice and keep a spare battery at home or at a friends house in case this type of emergency ever arises…Eric Roberts

More reading about Mobility Scooter Battery

“There you are, 2 miles from home, in the pouring rain and your scooter crawls to a complete standstill. This is a story that many of us are familiar with and, no matter how much you may not like it, the chances are it is our fault. By not looking after our mobility scooter batteries correctly, we are just asking for trouble”…More reading

Mobility Scooter Battery

A typical mobility scooter that we all see now every day in our towns and cities, all rely on a good mobility scooter battery and charging system.

“Battery lengths vary in every scooter model. The average length is between 12 to 25 miles. The battery can be recharged either by placing it in a recharging box or plugging it into an electrical outlet. Your Mobility Scooter Battery will need to be replaced annually in order for the electric scooter to run properly”… more reading

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Mobility Scooter Battery Care-Scooters become more popular to help the aged and disabled get about town

Mobility Scooter Battery Care

Mobility Scooter Battery Care; scooter batteries take off in Benidorm ?

 If anyone has been to Benidorm on the Costa Blanca recently. Then they can not help notice the amount of disabled and elderly people. Hence, that are riding around on mobility scooters. If you take Benidorm as a sample. So then the amount of people driving these vehicles must be enormous. These machines are all battery driven. So it came as no surprise when we at batteriesontheweb were contacted by a guy.Thus, to buy about a hundred mobility scooter batteries from us. We were happy to oblige. A deal was struck. Naturally, I did not realise the huge Mobility Scooter Battery Careamount of these vehicles. Thus, existed in places like Benidorm. In fact there were some machines that carried two people.As a result, one at the back and one in the front. Something that I have not seen before.

These scooter batteries are now highly sought after type of batteries, and people are looking for”cheap scooter batteries”. These are sealed AGM batteries which operate scooters for mobility purposes and require  Scooter Battery Care . Many elderly use these mobility scooter batteries.Hence, to power up their scooters or other mobility vehicles. In order to make their lives easier and more mobile. As in Benidorm. As the baby boom generation ages the demand for these type of cheap mobility batteries has increased tenfold. One of the best places to find online cheap mobility batteries has to be This website is an easy to navigate site that has mobility batteries for almost every type of mobility equipment around. From wheelchairs to scooters, this site has a battery for every type of apparatus you can imagine.Mobility Scooter Battery Care

Mobility Scooter Battery Care-Scooter batteries from Lucas and PowerSonic

Pellon Autocentre mobility store also has great cheap mobility batteries and help customers with advice about Battery Care . These batteries are high quality top of the line power cells that will get your scooter or wheelchair moving efficiently. We recommend Lucas and Powersonic and these can be purchased online with a next working day delivery or with a free delivery in West Yorkshire.

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