Motorcycle Batteries Maintenance Tips-Look after your bike battery?

Motorcycle Batteries Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle Batteries Maintenance Tips


This article  explains some of the pitfalls about buying a motorcycle battery. Motor cyclists should be careful when buying a new battery.But i do not want to be scare mongering. As long as you follow simple rules. Hence, it will be a perfectly safe operation to carry out. Your new battery can be bought at a cheap Motor-cycle battery price online. Thus, with a next working day delivery. Thousands of these batteries are bought online every year.Consequently, without any problems at all.

“Battery failure isn’t just inconvenient, it can often lead to dangerous problems. Before you take your bike far from home, learn what happened to Sarah.Anytime you take your motorcycle on a trip, you should make sure the battery is in optimum condition. If you have a typical, conventional battery, take a few moments to ensure that fluid levels are adequate before heading out. Remove the caps to see if the cells appear dry; if they are, add clean distilled water. Additionally, look for any signs of terminal corrosion and leaking acid, including tarnished chrome and faded paint.”If you aren’t confident in your ability to service a conventional battery, consider buying a sealed variety. These maintenance-free motorcycle batteries are ideal for people who like riding their bikes but don’t particularly enjoy using Batteries Maintenance Tips and working on them”

         Motorcycle batteries are very safe

Motor cycle batteries? which make or type?

The motorcycle battery market is flooded. Hence, with all sorts of makes and different types of batteries. Thus, it can be very complicated. Of course, I think that the best way to go about buying one of these batteries. Hence, is to keep the job as simple as possible. For this reason, by trying to replace the part number of the battery that you are replacing. So, like for like.

Differing manufactures are not such a problem, except that some motorcycle batteries come with differing part numbers, I was thinking of Varta and perhaps Bosch. A few years ago a European standard battery part number was introduced to try to make all the battery manufacturers use the same number, but this seems to have fallen apart and you can get three different numbers for the same battery.

The most common part numbers are on the Japanese bikes and will look like,”YTX9BS”; this to me is the most common type of battery. The European number found on a Varta will look like “53030”, so the numbers will differ depending where your bike is from. You will find though that most Japanese bikes will have the YTX9BS lettering, but BMW’s will have the 53030 Varta numbers.

In any case you will find it easier if you replace the battery that is fitted to your bike, will be best practice and unless you know what you are doing please don’t try to be clever and update or uprate the battery that you have fitted to the bike. 



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Motorcycle Battery season is almost here for you Bikers?

Motorcycle Battery choice could be very important

When it comes into February, I know that certain groups of people, start to think about the spring arriving and in fact start to prepare for the new year ahead. These include people who are gardeners, golfers and other outdoor pursuers which include the motorcyclists.

I know that we often see the motor bike guys during winter time, riding their bikes, but most are fair weather riders who tend to park their bikes away until the better weather arrives in spring. I do not intend any insults when I say fair weather riders, but who wants to ride about in ice and snow on a motor bike, as I say they usually wait for the better weather, before they think about getting their bikes and their motorcycle battery out.


First thing to check is your motorcycle battery

This is the start of the busy season for outdoor pursuit batteries. UPS batteries and lawnmower batteries, as well as motorcycle and related machines, such as jet skis and quads. All the users of these types of machines start to look at their batteries, to check the condition after the winter break.

I normally recommend a straight replacement battery but I have been impressed by the quality and safety aspects of the Odyssey batteries. These batteries are just the thing for the modern high powered bikes and a new battery often makes the riding life much easier.Motorcycle Battery

I am not going to harp on about the care of your

Motorcycle Battery

through the winter time; this article is aimed at the person who will need to replace their battery, either through the age of the old battery, or the simple fact that your old battery has just had it and a new one is required.


Motorcycle Battery

are not your run of the mill  battery. They are often used in racing and rally cars, because of their high power and sealed safety issue. They are made to higher and stronger standards that the normal lead acid bike battery and therefor can take bigger knocks and vibrations.

AGM batteries are fast becoming the battery used in many modern applications. One of the latest uses for the AGM battery is on the Start-Stop cars, where high power is needed and a deeper cycling mode for the battery. This is where Odyssey come in, they are in fact sealed AGM batteries, and will not require any topping up in the life time of the battery. I am not going into the details of how they are made, but you only have to feel the weight to realise how well packed the battery is with its cells.

These batteries can be installed on their sides or in rally and race cars inside the cabs, because the battery will not spill out any acid if tipped over, because it is completely sealed. An Odyssey Motorcycle Battery will fit straight onto the bike, but some may require a clamping kit which is available.

Charging the Odyssey battery is very similar to the standard lead acid battery, but requires a faster charge rate to keep the battery fully charged at all times, this is not a problem as your charger will take care of that or your bike if you go on long distances, but for local short trips then you should always use a charger for any battery that you choose for you motor bike. All charging information is available on the Odyssey battery web site.

odyssey batteries

Make sure that your terminals are clean with no broken cables

Replacement motorcycle battery tips.

Because of stricter recycling laws, it is always best practice to return your old battery to the place of purchase, if you buy the battery online, then you can take it to your local council waste site where they have special area set aside for your old lead acid battery.

Always check your battery terminals and cables for acid damage and replace them where necessary.

Make sure that your Motorcycle Battery hold down where you fix the battery to the bike is secure, if not them please make it secure before using your bike.

Make sure that the terminals and any other nuts and bolts are correctly tightened when fitting your new battery.

Finally we sell many types and makes of batteries at and we recommend Odyssey batteries as a safer alternative to the normal lead acid Motorcycle Battery.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.








Motorcycle Battery care-You Must Constantly Check Your Motorcycle Batteries – Require Much Care

Motorcycle Battery care – Require Much Care People generally have a feeling that a “maintenance-free battery” would need no care and they will simply put it (…) (Motorcycle Batteries – Require Much Care


eric roberts‘s insight:

Varta Motorcycle Battery care

Most bikers (motor cyclists) replace their old flat battery with the cheapest well known make of battery that they can find. We find that the best sellers are a battery called

Motorcycle Battery care

Lucas motorcycle batteries on display in Halifax Yorkshire UK

Numax, Lucas and Varta, who are all made by the same company, Johnson controls.

Most replacement batteries will come in a dry state and an acid battery pack. The procedure is simple. When the 12 Volt Battery arrives you should check to see if there is any damage or not and that the contents are all in order. If everything is fine, then prepare to fill the battery with the acid. The best place to do this would be outside if possible, just in case you spill any of the acid, you wouldn’t want to ruin your best carpet, would you?. When the motorcycle batteries are filled, you should leave it outside to stand for an hour and the battery should be back to a fully charged state. I always recommend that you should trickle charge the battery, just to make sure, and then fit it to your bike and try it out. Another good point that I should make would be to make sure that you clean all terminals and the place where the battery sits.

It is always important to keep your motorcycle batteries and its carrier clean at all times, giving the correct Motorcycle Battery care, although all the bikes that I have seen have always looked immaculate, so I am sure that the battery is also looked after by the biker. Even a battery that is maintenance free will need some care and cleaning, especially the terminals which by the way should have a smear of Vaseline applied to protect them from the elements, Motorcycle Battery care is most important, for a longer lasting battery.

You must keep your motorcycle batteries charged upMotorcycle Battery care

If you don’t possess a charger I would recommend that you buy one. Most bikers only use their bikes in summer time, so the battery will be unused and not receive any charge during the long winter. Once the battery discharge’s to a certain level, usually below 80% capacity, then it is unlikely to recover, as the plate solution starts to break down and settles to the bottom or the battery acid causing a short circuit. This can be avoided by buying a smart charger and leaving the battery on charge all the winter. When the battery charge starts to drop the charger will kick in and start to re-charge the battery again, it only uses electricity when the battery is being charged, chargers are available from Numax and Ring Electrical and are a great thing to have to prolong the life of your battery, giving the correct Motorcycle Battery care.

This also applies to AGM sealed batteries, they too will need charging throughout the winter or when the bike is not in permanent use.

Article written by Eric Roberts …

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