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High-performance Flow battery could rival lithium-ions for EVs and grid storage the battle is on?

High-performance Flow battery
high performance flow battery

High-performance Flow battery-A new redox High-performance Flow battery developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) more than doubles the amount of energy that this type of cell can pack in a given volume, approaching the num…


The Nano Flow Cell Technology, is another possible contender to knock the Lithium-Ion battery off top spot. So, the testing is not yet completed. But the results look good after initial testing.

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Redox Flow Battery may Take Over from Lithium-Ion Batteries

The race to create the battery of the century. Subsequently, is being fought out in universities all over the world. Including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). The PNNL have been working on a new type of battery known as the “redox flow battery”.

The scientists involved. Claims that the new battery will give twice the amount of energy in a given volume. Consequently, the model is almost on par with the lithium- Ion battery. This battery will be yet another challenge. So. to the vast amount of input and dollars that have been put into the development. Thus, of the lithium-Ion batteries. It will be a challenge to the statuesque. Offering power to the solar storage industry. Portable electronics such as mobile phones and naturally power the electric cars.

How does the Redox High-performance Flow battery work?

This is a good question and I am afraid that I can only give a simple answer. A much more in depth explanation is available in

The design of the High-performance Flow battery is made to form two electrolytes with an opposite charge. These make electricity through a chemical energy reaction by exchanging the ions that are produced through a membrane. The two electrolytes are kept in external tanks, making the system very easy to charge, you just have to change the electrolytes, which are also resistant to high temperatures, an advantage over the Lithium-Ion model.

At the moment a dis-advantage over the Lithium-Ion battery is the fact that flow cell only gives a third of the power?

The PNNL institute have already developed a first time battery, the high-performance zinc-poly-iodide flow battery. This battery can give a high density and it would be possible to increase this in the future, with further modifications.

Because size does not matter, there will be scope for this type of High-performance Flow battery is to be used in large scale storage applications, say for storing solar energy for whole communities, and this could put a spanner in the works of Tesla, who are now claiming a stake for their batteries to be used in the same field.

The new zinc-poly iodide flow battery, claim to be much safer than the other players in the battery field, because they can store more power in a smaller space and because there is no acid in the structure, then the battery is safe from catching fire and can work in much lower temperatures than the lithium-Ion batteries. This also eliminates the need to have expensive battery cooling technology, which at the moment takes up much room in a power train.

Further testing of the new battery is going onto solve a few minor problems and they will also be building larger batteries, that can also be tested over a period of time, but lithium-Ion battery makers will be looking over their shoulders with this one.


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BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING- 8 Amazing Green Vehicle Technologies from Recent Years


If present trends continue, the number of automobiles on Earth – now at one
billion – will double by 2030. The earth will be overrun by an alien
species with toxic breath…


The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sport limousine has now been given the clearance to drive on Europe’s roads

This new type of fuel could knock batteries from powering the cars of the future and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING?

This is a  great article and one of many to come out recently. It writes about what it thinks that the new technologies have brought to car manufacturing in recent times.

I am particularly interested in the piece about Nano Flow cell, because of my business interests in car batteries and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING!!!

This all new type of car was introduced at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and has indeed been turning some heads.

The new car is named the “QUANTe” and is made by a small company from the principality of Lichtenstein by the name of Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC).

The car not only looks fantastic, but the part that interests me is the fact that it is powered “flow cell” technology, that is run on “SALT WATER”, yes, “SALT WATER”?, well a type of metallic salt electrolyte.

The technology for this came originally from “NASA” way back in the 1970’s,but for some reason the idea was not followed through and the patents have since expired. Now because of the new surge in interest to make more fuel efficient cars that do not run on fossil fuels, the interest in flow cell technology has been re-ignited by several companies.

In real simple terms the flow cell is a battery that will operate like a fuel cell

the thing that holds the energy are liquids and the power that is generated uses a membrane and electrodes. The car is powered along using an electric motor fitted to each wheel (so four in total). To enable a charge or discharge the nano flow cell, there are two kinds of different electrolytic solutions that are pumped through the appropriate battery cell in which an electrode (anode or cathode) is located. A partition separates the two electrolyte holding chambers and their different  chemicals. At a nominal voltage of 600 Volts and 50 Amps nominal current, the system in the lab is achieving a steady steam of output of 30 kW.

The new car is expected to have a driving range 375 miles and they can be filled up with electrolyte fluid, the experimental car carries two 200-litre (53 gallons US) electrolyte tanks on board, for a total energy capacity of 120 kWh, to give a similar experience  to the driver filling up with conventional petrol or diesel. Unlike conventional fuel though when the electrolytic fluids in the tanks are discharged, the contents of both tanks must to be replaced. The prototype features a double tank system with dual filler necks, one for each electrolyte, to keep times for the electrolyte liquid replacement to a minimum. This new flow cell car will not have the same inherent dangers that the Lithium-Ion batteries(BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING) poses at the moment and a flow cell will be able to run for a very long time.

This brings up my personal theory once again that each car technology is starting to outstrip another. On face value this fuel method looks like the best one?


the quant nano flow cell car a great looking car with a green future

This type of fuel cell will not be explosive and dangerous, like the hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy technology that car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are favouring, or as I say the Lithium-Ion battery technology that Tesla are investing in.

Also the flow cell are not made from precious metals, and this is another blow to all the other players in their quest to provide the car that will travel a good distance and compete or even better the performance of the petrol driven car that we all rely on at the moment, only the future will tell us who the winner will be, but at the moment, this flow cell car is going to take some beating.

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Hybrid Battery-Toyota dealer wanted $4400 to repair, fix turned out to cost $10 – Geek

hybrid battery

Nissan leaf hybrid battery very similar to the broken Toyota Lithium-Ion battery


Cars are a lot more complicated than they used to be with less modular designs and more technology under the hood. That makes repairs more difficult and expensive, and then you figure in […]


This is a great story about a Hybrid Battery that went wrong?

The battery was showing certain error codes and the local Toyota dealer wanted to fit a new battery costing????

Worth a read yourself.

Lithium-Ion hybrid battery repairs?

When I first saw this article from the “geek” web site, it made me cringe. I thought here we go again, a main dealer trying to “rip off” a poor customer. Over the years I have known some really bad stories from our customers that were taken for a ride by the main dealer (franchise) garage from where they bought their car.

The common one that still goes on is the letter that the main dealer sends to a customer, telling them that their car servicing is now due and failure to have it serviced, will affect the cars warranty. I know this still goes on because my son has received such a letter from the local Toyota dealer, from where he bought his Yaris. When he told them that we owned our own service centre and the car would be serviced there. The Toyota service guy then went onto explain to my son that it would invalidate his warranty terms, (a load of rubbish).

Anyway I am going off the point slightly? When I thought about this problem I think that the Franchise dealership was probably right in this case. This is also the first time that I have come across a motorist having a “broken” Lithium-Ion battery. I must admit that although we do sell many batteries for cars, then we have not yet gone into the replacement EV car battery market and are sticking to the century old lead acid batteries, where we know our limits.

We do service hybrid cars, but the full EV’s are still under the control of the franchise dealers. At the moment I am quite happy about this, because we do not yet have enough knowledge about these types of Hybrid Battery at the moment, although I am trying to learn as much as I can.

At first Lithium-Ion car batteries spelled danger to me

The first thing that alarmed me about the thought of a regular DIY motorist stripping down his Lithium-Ion battery, to repair it, made me shudder. My head was so full of stories, about these types of Hybrid Battery causing major fires in aircraft and more recently the upgraded packaging laws that were needed to ship these batteries about, making them appear less than safe.

I know that we must take safety precautions in many things involving cars, but as a garage owner though, I had forgotten about the dangers of the petrol engine, in fact I almost burned down my own house when I was young and foolish whilst trying to make my Mini go faster. My parents lived in an upside down house, with the garage situated underneath the living

lithium-ion batteries

Electric car EV, charging up at a roadside charging station.

quarters. I had done a few modifications, to the Mini’s engine and not cleaned up the unburned fuel from the engine unit. When I fired the car up, the whole lot ignited and I ran out of the garage screaming “Fire, Fire”.

The fire brigade were called out and they put the fire out, before the house burned down. Another lesson from that was to buy my own fire extinguisher, in case there was ever a next time. Petrol engine fires cause many fires in cars but we forget about this and the new Lithium-Ion car batteries are probably just as safe or dangerous whichever way you want to look at it.

In fact lithium-Ion is most vulnerable when the battery is in the charging process. If the Hybrid Battery is overcharged, then the cells will overheat and expand becoming very hot. This overheating can lead to the battery expanding and end up igniting. One bit of knowledge that I have learned that you can use a regular water fire extinguisher to put out a fire in a lithium-ion battery.

I am not going into how a lithium-Ion battery works as I have placed a couple of good links at the end of this post for my readers to expand their brain power about the EV cars battery system. The modern EV cars that are made by say Toyota are equipped with many in built devices to prevent the batteries from being overcharged. Refinement of technologies to improve the safety of these batteries will be only a matter of time away.

As for the guy who repaired his own battery? Well I am not sure, I think that Toyota could have given him a bit more help, but I don’t know what the full conversation was, you just can’t deal with some of these customers, and that could have been the problem in this case?

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.


Nissan Leaf Batteries-Want To Buy, Not Lease, Replacement- Electric- Car Batteries

Nissan Leaf Batteries Nissan Leaf Batteries Owners Want To Buy, Not Lease, Replacement Batteries Nissan North America in June launched its LEAF battery replacement program, designed to give owners of high-mileage LEAFs a way to ensure that their…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Lithium-Ion Electric car batteries

This is news to me but possibly good news, I wonder if in the future the battery market will be like it is today. With many manufacturers selling to many dealers as a World wide

Nissan Leaf Batteries

Hydrogen cells are one of the competitors to the Nissan Leaf Batteries lithium-Ion cars of the future

market, or will the car makers try to keep the cheapest car batteries to themselves.

Certainly according to this report the customers want to buy their own Nissan Leaf Batteries and source them at the best price when they need replacing, at the moment i can not think past the post and can not imagine what the size of the battery market will be  when the cars become second and third hand.

At the moment we have a vibrant battery market, with many companies large and small having a share in the market ,but will this always be the case ?. Lithium-Ion batteries are now looking like the battery that will be used as the Nissan Leaf Batteries , along with other technologies, such as Hydrogen fuel calls. Another big development is with the Start-Stop car battery. You may ask How Does Stop Start Work?. This operates on the what you could call standard type vehicles and works by the cars engine being switched off when the car stop and re-starting when the car starts again saving fuel in the process. These batteries are 12 Volt Battery technology and are lead acid batteries and AGM batteries, this is because of the higher charging cycles that are available with different materials used in the making of the plates.

What do you think Eric Roberts..

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Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated-Bank of 1440 lithium-ion batteries to make power grid smarter

Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated

lithium-ion batteries

Banks of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Post Updated 10th Jan 2014

Wall Street Journal

Bank of 1440 lithium-ion batteries to make power grid smarter

A bank of Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated- big enough to supply about 500 U.S.

Great way to use lithium-ion batteries

This is one of the most productive ways I have seen. Hence, to produce battery power from lithium technology. Including, the run of things going wrong with this battery type.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries warning sign

May be coming to an end but only time will tell. Scientists that constructed this giant  bank. As a result, must be confident of its success.Experimenting, by using smaller banks.So before en- barking on this massive 1440 batteries in one system. Also noticing the large amount of fire extinguishers in the image.

lithium-Ion technology is now used on many applications.Therefore, I have just been offered some 22amp golf batteries built with Lithium technology. Of course,I am not sure if they stand the test of time. Thus, regarding the fire problems that they have been only time will tell. Of course,the use of them in battery storage will be strictly controlled by temperature monitoring having on certain aircraft, i suppose devices, so i suppose that the overheating and fire problem will not exist.

To update this post, Lithium-ion batteries are now taking off and are used on a number of applications. These are from portable power drills to golf trolley and mobility vehicles. i still feel though that other technologies will be around in the near future, including our old favorite, lead acid batteries.

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Eric Roberts

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BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will begin testing in the near future

BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

BMW’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles


BMW will begin testing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the near future. The new generation of  hydrogen vehicles are currently under development

So, this is good news for the regular garage owner?

I believe that we will be able to repair these hydrogen fuel cell vehicles . Especiallyin the after market. But the car manufacturers will keep a tight lid on the battery driven EV’s. Probably, we will only get the scraps.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology battles it out with battery power

Believe it or not the Hydrogen Fuel cell (HFC) technology is nothing new. The method of converting pure hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity is a blast from the past. Consequently, going back as far as  the 1930’s (even older than me).

So, this kind of technology was also effectively used on the Space Shuttle Programme. Of course,  by NASA until it was all taken apart the other year. Generally speaking, so the older type of fuel cell equipment. For the most part, that produced enough power to propel a vehicle. Subsequently, was very large and would just about fit into a large van. Therefore, something smaller had to be designed for practicality purposes.

Given these point, a smaller type of fuel cell had to be designed. Soon, it became clear that Toyota Motor Company were in the lead in the design of this technology. Toyota plan to have a smaller more powerful and efficient fuel cell in use in one of the cars in the near future.

Consequently, all the car manufacturers are looking at developing greener vehicles. All things considered, it now looks likely that BMW the giant German car maker. So, are looking at HFC  technology to power their vehicles in the future. In fact it is thought that they come into some sort of research and development agreement with Toyota. Hoping that the two car giants. Can come out tops with the HFC engines fitted into their cars.

BMW forge ahead with Hydrogen cell technology with the Hydrogen 7 car

The battle between the different engine concepts is hotting up between the Hydrogen cells and the Lithium-Ion battery driven vehicles. BMW have brought out their Hydrogen 7 production car, with a hundred of them out on test. I understand that they have done this by turning a regular gasoline burning car into a Hydrogen burning car and the results are positive so far, the car retains all the comfort and exclusivity that you would expect from a BMW luxury car.

Audi have also bought into the fuel cell scenario, by purchasing patents of hydrogen fuel cell technology from a company called Ballard Power Systems

hydrogen fuel cell

How a Hydrogen cell car works

One more thing is missing from the stage: hydrogen filling pumps. Once such a network would be deployed, batteries would suddenly become the dirtier and more inefficient option, since using hydrogen only produces water, does not deplete Earth’s lithium reserves and does not pollute the environment in any way. They will also share the patents with the rest of the VW group, showing their intent and interest in the hydrogen fuel cell format for greener cars of the future.

We all know that there is no love lost between supporters of battery-electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

But what is a realistic way to compare the two? One of the big advantages at the moment is that Hydrogen cell vehicles can travel five times longer. Than the EV battery electric cars on a single tank. Taking just a few minutes to fill the tank with hydrogen. Naturally, this can be compared with the 8 hours or so it takes to recharge a battery.

On the down side we do not yet have a good enough network of  filling stations. Although now in 2018 the number is increasing. Germany have started to install them. Including, some of the big UK supermarkets that are considering adding hydrogen to their extensive petrol station outlets. Of course, this could also be the case in the USA. Especially the California area. So, where they are very aggressive about greener pollutant free cars.

Time will only tell but although I am not an expert. I am very interested in what is happening. Because, it may well be hotting up with the demise of the diesel engine. Having  had bad reports about polluting engines. In fact the authorities in Paris are going to ban the older diesel cars from entering the city in the near future. Unfortunately, after the experts were preaching how safe diesel cars were. The so called experts have now done an about turn . Contradicting the past benefits of owning a diesel engined car.

Hyundai also developing hydrogen cell cars

The Hyundai company have developed the “Tucson Fuel Cell” car which  looks just like a typical small SUV, but the difference is that it is’ powered by hydrogen. These  vehicles use a Hydrogen fuel cell instead of  battery technology. The fuel cell is replenished with hydrogen mixed with oxygen, and the result is a supply of electricity to power the car. Water is the only emission, that is emitted from the car, a great success.

Honda will also bring out their own Hydrogen cell version which is known as the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle .

Source: www.bmwblog.comVan Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

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