069 Bentley Battery-Bentley Brooklands calls in to Pellon Tyres for a Battery Fitting.

Beautiful Bentley calls in for a new 069 Bentley Battery fitting

On a  lovely sunny day last week we had a special car call in for the old 069 Bentley Battery testing. The owner told us a bit of the history of the car and explained that the car was indeed a Bentley Brooklands because of special extras that the car was fitted with. The car shone in the Winter sun and attracted attention from some of our other customers in the garage at the time. I certainly had to go look and took this picture for my blog.

Incidentally the car was fitted with an 069 Bentley Battery, this is the most common battery fitted to these cars.  

 Brookland Cars continued Bentley’s relatively angular design theme, which was also used on contemporary Rolls-Royce vehicles, throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. The exterior design featured the classic Bentley waterfall grille as well as dual headlights with wraparound parking lights. As in many Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles, the

069 Bentley Battery

069 Bentley Battery

Brooklands also featured the trademark descending boot lid and chrome B-pillars.The interior remained relatively unchanged from previous Bentley models with a more curvaceous design elements surrounding the leather-wrapped centre console. The steering wheel and interior door panels remained unchanged, although the one major change was the relocation of the gear selector to the centre console – for decades the standard practice among R-R and and Bentley models utilised a steering column mounted selector. The interior continued to be surrounded by ample wood grain which featured engraved, lighter-colored outlines on the door panels.In the U.S. prices for the Brooklands started at around $156,500… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bentley_Brooklands.

The 069 has now become a very popular battery size. It is fitted to many car models, including many imported cars, such as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi and many more.

069 Bentley Battery

Beautiful Bentley Brooklands calls in for a 069 Bentley Battery