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Car Battery Problems-Or could it be your Car Alternator that is blamed.

Car Battery Problems

Unfortunately, the two things are very closely linked. Many customers call in knowing that they have car battery problems. The number one sign is quite evident? The car will not start. This is mainly in the cold weather of wintertime.

It can also become a problem in hot summer weather when the air conditioning is working at full pelt. This problem, can show up a failing battery and give the owner what

Car Battery Problems

Typical modern alternator

he thinks are car battery problems.

I must confess that the first thing we do is to test the battery and the alternator with the same piece of equipment. This usually fails the car battery, and we then fit a new one. Nine times out of ten, this will do the trick. However, a faulty alternator could make the original problem re-occur.

When we talk about car battery problems, we need to understand a little about, what the alternator does? The primary task is to keep the battery charge topped up at the correct level. This is when the driver is using a significant amount of electrics in the cars cab.

In winter time it will be the car lights and the heater system that takes much of the power from the battery and making the alternator work hard, replacing the charge back into the battery. This could also be a clue to the driver that the car is about to have some car battery problems.

Car Battery Problems

One of the first signs is that your cars lights may appear to be shining dimmer. This is usually an alternator problem. Too much or too little power back to your battery will make your lights dimmer.

This was more common on the older type, what I call “dynamo” alternators. Lights dimming were one of the first signs that the dynamo bushes, (that created the electricity to charge up the battery) were wearing down and therefore not doing the job correctly. When the alternator was not passing enough charge, then the light would dim, or the heater would work slowly and make a distinctly different noise to what it should make.

A good point about the older type of alternator is that it could be repaired, by fitting a new set of bushes. Older mechanics would remember this well. It was a job usually given to the junior member of the garage staff.

When the earlier alternators failed then, the first thing to happen would be that the driver would start to have car battery problems. What they did was to boil theCar Battery Problems battery almost dry, and the battery needed replacing. In many cases, the alternator would fail completely and would have to be repaired along with fitting a new car battery.

Car Battery Problems

The more modern car alternator is much more complicated. They are indeed connected to the entire cars electrical system via the cars ECU (on-board computer).The modern alternator works similar to a smart charger, applying a constant charge replacement to the battery in a more efficient manner than the old type dynamo charger.

This type of alternator usually fails because of a faulty circuit board and will fail at once. These alternators are repaired by specialist companies, and we buy them as we need them as exchange units.

One thing that we have learned about batteries and alternators is that when a battery goes, we here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, always check the cars alternator when we fit a new battery. This gives us a piece of mind that the new battery won’t be damaged by a faulty alternator in a few weeks’ time.

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How to Check Car Battery Water Levels (with Pictures) – An easy explanation for motorists- wikiHow

How to Check Car Battery

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels.

It’s important to regularly check the electrolyte (it really isn’t just water) level in your car’s battery, for two reasons: first, because it naturally evaporates and second, because a small amount…


This is a thing that you have thought was second nature to car owners?

But it is not.

Drivers just do not know much about the How to Check Car Battery and how to check the levels and look after battery in general.

This wiki-how article explains and also shows you with graphics on how to check your battery levels.

How to Check Car Battery water levels.

The liquid that we see I our batteries is not actually water, but electrolyte. The battery is originally filled with sulphuric acid, with a specific gravity of around 12.60. A chemical action takes place when the acid enters the battery casing for the first time. This reacts with the batteries plates and turns the liquid into electrolyte.

When your car battery, is in constant use, then the level of the electrolyte falls, because of heating and condensing. This is due to the constant chemical reaction that is taking place during charging and discharging, the gases escape from the vent holes that you can see in the battery tops, and this is where the gas vents to.

Other good battery housekeeping tips include, making sure that your battery is kept in a clean condition and also clean any corrosion that may have built up on your battery terminals. This comes in the form of a white powdery substance that kind of grows on the battery terminal. This looks like a type of mold growing on the terminal. This can be done by pouring

How to Check Car Battery

This is an example of a Car Battery Problems that need a really good sorting out

some hot water onto the effected terminal. This clears the corrosion.

When the terminals are dry you can coat them with some petroleum jelly. In the UK we have a product known as “Vaseline” a petroleum jelly that has many uses and can be used on your battery terminals to protect them from further corrosion. Also when you are topping the battery up, you should use pure distilled water and NOT tap water.

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

This treatment can also apply to the hold down nuts and bolts that secure your battery to the car. These too can suffer from rust and acid corrosion. The same treatment as the terminals will keep them clean and the nuts or bolts will be easier to remove for if you have to change or remove your battery for any reason.

In more recent times the car battery has become sealed and the motorist cannot get to the battery compartments, simply because they are sealed and have no caps. These are known as maintenance free batteries or “MF”. These batteries have plates that are made of lead alloys and not pure lead. It was found that these types of batteries do not gas as much and therefor do not lose any electrolyte, when in use.

These batteries are sealed but have a pressure release valve fitted. Unlike the AGM battery these batteries are not 100% sealed and should still be fitted in the normal upright position.

This battery, along with other modification became the standard type of battery for use on most cars today, but many of the other type of car batteries still exist on today’s cars. The same though applies to the terminals, Battery Terminal Clamps and the battery casing. It is important to keep these clean and free of any corrosion of the terminals. It is just that you will not have to check the levels?

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

Finally if your battery fails then  Car Battery Prices are available from our website , with a next working day free delivery.


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XV31MF Batteries : Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah

XV31MF Batteries

X31MF, Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.Totally Maintenance Free.Comfortable And Robust Carry Handle., Numax, Power/Batteries


XV31MF Batteries-As a Lucas and Numax battery dealer, I know that these two batteries are made by the same company. They are both the exact same quality and are extremely reliable.

They are a twin post battery, which enables the owner to connect more than one battery to each other to give you more voltage or a higher amperage.

Both the Lucas and the Numax were specially created for the leisure market and are one of our best sellers. There has been a massive increase in the number of people buying mobile motorhomes in the past five years. These people can now travel all over Europe and so need a reliable battery that will do the job, and there is no doubt that this product is one of the best on the market.

It is also suitable for the boating and canal vessels, including narrow boats that are now a large feature of our canals and rivers here in the  UK.

XV31MF Batteries are probably the number one leisure battery

In the early days of caravanning, electrics were not much of a necessity. Gas bottles were the main source of power, TV sets were not used very much, and the motorhome market had not yet taken off here in the UK.

Countries such as Italy and France were well ahead of us, but the motor home revolution started to take off. People were buying motorhomes and all the electrical items that went with them; they really were a home from home.

The storage batteries that were used in the early days were really car and truck batteries, according to what you could afford to buy. The main part numbers used were 069,644 and 017 batteries.

XV31MF Batteries

The problem came with the increase in electrical items, Of course, including showers, TV’s . Naturally,and electric pumps for various things such as water and sewage disposal.  In my opinion. The ultimate battery for this sort of application is the AGM battery (absorbed glass mating). These batteries would charge and discharge at a much deeper cycle rate. Of course, without damaging the battery. These are the perfect battery, with one exception, the price?

The AGM batteries are very expensive, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. These batteries will endure any normal 12volt lead acid battery, by probably five times, making the investment worthwhile.

Along came the dedicated leisure battery

Numax came up with the “leisure battery”, a sort of hybrid. This battery has thicker plates made from lead alloys.  For this reason, it gave the battery more storage capacity. These plates also meant that electrolyte did not evaporate as much. Therefore,  the battery did not require vent holes, as in the conventional screw top type of battery.

Enter the XV31MF Batteries

The next generation of batteries to come out was the XV22/26 and 31 batteries. The most powerful one is the 110 Amp XV31MF Batteries. Becuase, the later comes out with twin posts so that you can connect other things. Also, other batteries together to give you, even more, power. Both these Leisure Batteries are available in the trade names of Numax and Lucas and are available online at


ups battery information-Kept in battery banks in case of a mains power outage?

ups battery information

We are battery supplier in India. Such as Traction battery, trontek battery and many more.


ups battery information (Uninterrupted Power Supply) batteries are a crucial aspect of today’s modern living.

These batteries are there to protect the owner such as perhaps a hospital, bank or any business that have computers or significant electrical systems that need to be kept running in case there is a mains outage, and the supply fails.

These are large banks of batteries that are connected to protect the equipment that requires being 24/7. They are crucial and need proper cars and attention and also they need to be tested at regular intervals, they cannot fail?

UPS Stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS battery banks have grown with the rise of industry and with it banking and health care. When the world first used computers in a big way it was soon realised that if there were no backup system, then all the data that had been collected would be lost in the case of a power outage.

The opposite can also happen, the “spike”. Thus when the power supply surges, and the voltage is greater than it should be. When the voltage is lower than it should be, this is known as “sag”. Other than spikes and dips there is also total power failure.

UPS systems come in three different types; the first is known as the “online double”. This is the most expensive form of protection, where the batteries are connected to an inverter. No power transfer switches are required; the “line interactive UPS” is operated in a similar way to the “standby” UPS system and only offers surge protection, with an added variable voltage auto transformer; and finally the “Offline standby UPS, which provides only basic cover against waves and battery backup. This system is commonly used in your home or small business.

Ups battery information

UPS systems were thought to be designed and developed by Johnson technologies.Of course, Johnson Controls are one of the world’s largest UPS battery makers, making batteries suitable for sealed lead acid batteries. They specialise in batteries.Thus, for use on medical devices, alarm systems, fire panels, mobility devices, solar technologies, UPS systems, leisure vehicles, and almost any industrial battery application.

The size of the equipment that is to be protected will determine the size. Of the backup system, that is required. From tiny batteries that may back up a computer or burglar alarm system . To massive banks of batteries for banks and industry. The largest system I the world is said to be in Fairbanks USA, which backs up the whole community against power outages.

ups battery information

Large bank of batteries used as a backup supply

UPS Battery maintenance

Lack of the correct support is the main reason for UPS battery failure.


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Car Brakes Rule The Day

High-performance Flow battery could rival lithium-ions for EVs and grid storage the battle is on?

High-performance Flow battery
high performance flow battery

High-performance Flow battery-A new redox High-performance Flow battery developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) more than doubles the amount of energy that this type of cell can pack in a given volume, approaching the num…


The Nano Flow Cell Technology, is another possible contender to knock the Lithium-Ion battery off top spot. So, the testing is not yet completed. But the results look good after initial testing.

Original article posted on Batteriesontheweb  Blog for further reading…

Redox Flow Battery may Take Over from Lithium-Ion Batteries

The race to create the battery of the century. Subsequently, is being fought out in universities all over the world. Including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). The PNNL have been working on a new type of battery known as the “redox flow battery”.

The scientists involved. Claims that the new battery will give twice the amount of energy in a given volume. Consequently, the model is almost on par with the lithium- Ion battery. This battery will be yet another challenge. So. to the vast amount of input and dollars that have been put into the development. Thus, of the lithium-Ion batteries. It will be a challenge to the statuesque. Offering power to the solar storage industry. Portable electronics such as mobile phones and naturally power the electric cars.

How does the Redox High-performance Flow battery work?

This is a good question and I am afraid that I can only give a simple answer. A much more in depth explanation is available in

The design of the High-performance Flow battery is made to form two electrolytes with an opposite charge. These make electricity through a chemical energy reaction by exchanging the ions that are produced through a membrane. The two electrolytes are kept in external tanks, making the system very easy to charge, you just have to change the electrolytes, which are also resistant to high temperatures, an advantage over the Lithium-Ion model.

At the moment a dis-advantage over the Lithium-Ion battery is the fact that flow cell only gives a third of the power?

The PNNL institute have already developed a first time battery, the high-performance zinc-poly-iodide flow battery. This battery can give a high density and it would be possible to increase this in the future, with further modifications.

Because size does not matter, there will be scope for this type of High-performance Flow battery is to be used in large scale storage applications, say for storing solar energy for whole communities, and this could put a spanner in the works of Tesla, who are now claiming a stake for their batteries to be used in the same field.

The new zinc-poly iodide flow battery, claim to be much safer than the other players in the battery field, because they can store more power in a smaller space and because there is no acid in the structure, then the battery is safe from catching fire and can work in much lower temperatures than the lithium-Ion batteries. This also eliminates the need to have expensive battery cooling technology, which at the moment takes up much room in a power train.

Further testing of the new battery is going onto solve a few minor problems and they will also be building larger batteries, that can also be tested over a period of time, but lithium-Ion battery makers will be looking over their shoulders with this one.


Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

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Graphene Could Kill Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Don’t break out the widow’s weeds just yet, but it looks like momentum is building for energy storage to move past the lithium-ion batteries phase and get into the more powerful territory of lithium-sulfur technology.


Lithium-sulphur batteries could take over the Lithium-ion batteries

The race to create the Elderado of batteries that will save our planet is truly on. Since the beginning of the year many new contenders have come forward.

The latest next one in line is the more powerful area of the Lithium-Sulphur (Li-S) batteries. A huge breakthrough in this technology has seen the use of “wonder material” graphene, which will be used as a bridge between the different components of the batteries.

Li-S contains a much higher energy density that the lithium-Ion counterpart and the breakthrough will come when the technology can be put into use by developing a commercial battery model. This will send a shudder down the spines of the Lithium-Ion Batteries manufacturers, such as Tesla cars, who at this very moment are building a giant factory to produce Lithium-Ion Batteries UK on a grand scale.

Zinc-poly iodide flow batteries know as redox flow batteries

Many new types of creations to help the planet achieve a greener future are now coming into fruition. PNNL have been working on a new type of battery known as the “redox flow battery”. This battery will also be a competitor to the Li-on batteries.

It will have great advantages over the Lithium-Ion Batteries ; one of them will be the fact that the battery contains no acids and can operate at much lower temperatures, eliminating the need for expensive equipment to cool the batteries down as used on the Li-in power trains. The new type of battery will at first be known as the “zinc-poly iodide flow” batteries.

Nano Flow batteries are also here.

Another contender in the fight for the battery future is the “Nano flow battery”, which has already been fitted into a road car by the Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC) Company in Lichtenstein a small principality in Europe. The car can now legally drive on the roads and is very snazzy looking; the name of the model is the “QUANTe”.

We also have many other technologies that are in development, including the Hydrogen car developments, taken up in Japan by Toyota and Honda. With more and more car companies trying to gain a foothold in the market place by building cars that are zero emissions. This will, as I have predicted,  give the auto industry a very interesting future and it will be interesting to see if any one player will eventually become the winner, and could it be the end for cheap car batteries online.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of batteries. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING- 8 Amazing Green Vehicle Technologies from Recent Years


If present trends continue, the number of automobiles on Earth – now at one
billion – will double by 2030. The earth will be overrun by an alien
species with toxic breath…


The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sport limousine has now been given the clearance to drive on Europe’s roads

This new type of fuel could knock batteries from powering the cars of the future and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING?

This is a  great article and one of many to come out recently. It writes about what it thinks that the new technologies have brought to car manufacturing in recent times.

I am particularly interested in the piece about Nano Flow cell, because of my business interests in car batteries and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING!!!

This all new type of car was introduced at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and has indeed been turning some heads.

The new car is named the “QUANTe” and is made by a small company from the principality of Lichtenstein by the name of Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC).

The car not only looks fantastic, but the part that interests me is the fact that it is powered “flow cell” technology, that is run on “SALT WATER”, yes, “SALT WATER”?, well a type of metallic salt electrolyte.

The technology for this came originally from “NASA” way back in the 1970’s,but for some reason the idea was not followed through and the patents have since expired. Now because of the new surge in interest to make more fuel efficient cars that do not run on fossil fuels, the interest in flow cell technology has been re-ignited by several companies.

In real simple terms the flow cell is a battery that will operate like a fuel cell

the thing that holds the energy are liquids and the power that is generated uses a membrane and electrodes. The car is powered along using an electric motor fitted to each wheel (so four in total). To enable a charge or discharge the nano flow cell, there are two kinds of different electrolytic solutions that are pumped through the appropriate battery cell in which an electrode (anode or cathode) is located. A partition separates the two electrolyte holding chambers and their different  chemicals. At a nominal voltage of 600 Volts and 50 Amps nominal current, the system in the lab is achieving a steady steam of output of 30 kW.

The new car is expected to have a driving range 375 miles and they can be filled up with electrolyte fluid, the experimental car carries two 200-litre (53 gallons US) electrolyte tanks on board, for a total energy capacity of 120 kWh, to give a similar experience  to the driver filling up with conventional petrol or diesel. Unlike conventional fuel though when the electrolytic fluids in the tanks are discharged, the contents of both tanks must to be replaced. The prototype features a double tank system with dual filler necks, one for each electrolyte, to keep times for the electrolyte liquid replacement to a minimum. This new flow cell car will not have the same inherent dangers that the Lithium-Ion batteries(BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING) poses at the moment and a flow cell will be able to run for a very long time.

This brings up my personal theory once again that each car technology is starting to outstrip another. On face value this fuel method looks like the best one?


the quant nano flow cell car a great looking car with a green future

This type of fuel cell will not be explosive and dangerous, like the hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy technology that car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are favouring, or as I say the Lithium-Ion battery technology that Tesla are investing in.

Also the flow cell are not made from precious metals, and this is another blow to all the other players in their quest to provide the car that will travel a good distance and compete or even better the performance of the petrol driven car that we all rely on at the moment, only the future will tell us who the winner will be, but at the moment, this flow cell car is going to take some beating.

For more reading …


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Varta Batteries Driven BMW…All Electric of 1972 – Top Gear

Varta Batteries

Varta Batteries powered 1602e was BMW’s first EV, and grandaddy to the i8. Here’s its strange story


This was a surprise to me when i read about it?

I knew that battery driven cars are nothing new, but have never heard of BMW getting involved, and using Varta Batteries . We are now developing the electric cars driven by a different type of battery, but BMW apparently used the only technology available in those, the good old lead acid battery and Varta ones to boot.

Electric cars driven by batteries are nothing new?

Many car manufacturers have tried to produce the electric cars, going back to the 1800’s. One of the efforts came from Ferdinand Porsche, the guy who started the Porsche car

Varta Batteries

This Renault was an early experiment into electric cars, but the lead acid batteries were too heavy.

company. He developed an electric car known as the P1 as far back as 1898. He also developed what could have been the first hybrid in the world a car that was powered by a gasoline engine and a battery.

Thomas Edison also thought that electric cars were going to be the future and was always trying to improve a better batter to drive cars. Edison teamed up with Henry Ford to try to create lower cost electricity. Bur it was Ford who scuppered Edison’s plans by bringing out the model T, which would run on a petrol engine and not battery driven.

The cost of the cars driven on a gas engine was half the price of a battery driven model. The gas engine cars out sold the battery cars and this was amplified even more when the starter motor was invented and it became far easier to start a car by pressing a button, than by hand cranking the engine to start the car.

Varta Batteries

The Urbee experimental electric car

Petrol became more popular, as oil was discovered in more and more of America. This meant that the new roads that were been built all across the States were serviced by petrol filling stations all across the country, giving the gas powered engine an even bigger advantage to the consumers who were buying these affordable cars in droves, a new freedom had arisen and people were wanting to explore the new rod networks that were opening up all over America.

Petrol shortages spark interest in  electric vehicles driven by batteries

Nothing much happened in battery development for years and this brings me up to the time when I became interested in cars and went to work as an apprentice mechanic, here in Yorkshire my home county.

The 1960’s and 1970’s the world was shook by the Arab Oil Embargo (1973), which worried the USA about importing oil and in 1976 they passed a law authorising the development of battery driven electric and hybrid vehicles, nothing new here, what goes round comes round?

General motors developed an urban electric car, in 1973 and the American Motor company developed an electric battery driven jeep to be used by the American post office in 1975, things were starting to move but the problem of distance traveled on one charge, was rearing its ugly head, the same old problem that we are getting in today’s Lithium-Ion battery power trains.

Interest in the electric than slowed down and there were no further developments to name, regarding battery powered cars. That was until the 1990’s came along and the desire for cleaner air and pollution controls, Increased the interest once again, about developing the battery driven electric car.

Governments were introducing clean air acts and implementing emission controls on the car manufacturers. Unknown to the public which includes myself, governments were throwing billions of dollars in the surge to develop a better battery that would drive the electric vehicle of the near future. Oil prices were rising after the relatively cheap price of gasoline in the 1990,s and a similar scenario to the 1970’s was now emerging.

The world needed electric cars powered by batteries again

The race was on between the huge car companies in different parts of the world. Toyota of Japan was the first car maker to make big inroads into the electric car developments. In 1997 they introduced the Prius, which became the first mass produced hybrid car, a car with a petrol engine and a battery train. This to me is still the better option than the elusive all battery driven car. Toyota used a Toyota used a nickel metal hydride battery to power the Prius and as I stated earlier the gas prices were starting to rise, which made this car a very popular choice for consumers.

Honda had also produced their new hybrid in 1999, but the developments after that are another story, this article gives my readers a little insight of a period before the development of the new technology batteries, such as the popular Lithium-Ion batteries, that scientists are still trying to perfect to this day.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy Varta Batteries products online.

Storage Batteries-The Battle is on for home power storage.

Original article written by Eric Roberts on…

With the ever increasing amount of solar panels, comes the question of how can we store more of the power that we produce? This is more topical to the home owner who may be isolated from the national grid of the country that they live.

Things though are moving forward, and in recent times it has become possible to rig out a whole island community with its own solar and wind power supply, that is used to charge a giant bank of solar storage batteries. These batteries will store the energy from the sun that is collected by day, and then released into the system when the sun goes down, to power the

Storage Batteries

A modern village with built in solar panels

islander’s houses and businesses.

Individuals have come up with great ideas to form their own electric Storage Batteries system using all types of batteries. In my opinion the best batteries to use are the AGM batteries that are made by Trojan and the America battery company.

Trojan batteries specify their RE Series of batteries and are available in 2-volt and 6-volt sizes and offers brand new features and benefits unmatched in the industry: These batteries are a much tougher version of their other deep cycle batteries especially made for solar panel Storage Batteries and wind turbine power.

US Batteries also make home power storage batteries

Another American company also offer a great range of Deep cycle batteries that are suitable for solar power storage, called simply US batteries. As UK agents for both these brands we can only say that they are the bee’s knees of deep cycle batteries.

Many of the home owners that use solar panels to produce power (and that includes myself), sell the electricity that is produced back the utility companies. As far as I know the system in the USA is different. The utility companies offer variable rates of payment, using different rate plans. They have to draw power from the grid in the afternoon and evening, when the sun goes down. They could keep costs down by drawing from the battery bank instead, and recharging the battery during off-peak hours.

Boat and motorhome users now use solar panels to charge up their batteries

Storage Batteries

Solar batteries for storage on a large scale

The solar panel market has now spread to mobile home owners and boat owners, a walk down any canal in the UK and you will see the solar panels on the roofs of the house boats. These vehicles are not connected to the power grid and therefore require some kind of battery storage, for use at night time, when the sun goes down. The same applies to them as to householders and best batteries to use are the Trojan Batteries and the US Batteries. These batteries cost more but will last a whole lot longer over time, like anything else in life “you get what you pay for”.

What is the future of storage batteries?

Tesla car manufacturers in the USA are looking ahead to the future use of the Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in their cars. Because they are a world leader in this battery technology then one area where Tesla might stand out is in cost. Tesla builds its battery packs from battery cells provided by Panasonic, and is about to do it on a massive scale as soon as 2016 at its massive new factory currently under construction in Nevada, USA.. Such an economy of scale – producing 50 gigawatt-hours of battery capacity each year – is expected to push the company’s car battery costs down by 30 percent. Based on the same technology, and because these batteries can be used in home use Tesla’s home battery costs should come down as well and make them much less expensive, and making them affordable to the other communities of the world who at the moment do not have electricity, countries like Africa, where whole villages still rely on kerosene lamps in the dark of night.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

AGM Batteries-Versus Traditional Batteries-VSP News: Kolman’s Korner, Episode 69 –

AGM Batteries

Trojan AGM batteries are being promoted to upgrade the power needs for more powerful cars and trucks.

Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, for the Trojan Battery Company, discusses the differences between AGM Batteries and traditional batteries.


A good battery video to watch for the Trojan battery fans amongst,us and this includes me.

Trojan batteries versus traditional batteries

AGM batteries are once again becoming more popular in the car and transport industry, because of the constant strain that on board computers and other electronics have to absorb on the modern vehicles of today.

This is most evident on the start-stop technology that we use in today’s cars. This system requires many more starting cycles that can only be handled by a start-stop AGM battery. These batteries come to us in the Varta brand, one of the companies that are owned by Johnson controls who are the world’s number one battery manufacturer.

Deep cycle AGM batteries are made with thicker plates and a stronger grid system. They are also practically dry compared to a normal free flow lead acid battery, that are fitted into the regular gasoline engine car, that are primarily used to start the car and also for the cars lighting. The plates are much thinner and perforated with small holes; this gives the battery more power up front to start the car’s engine and is known as CCA (cold cracking amps).

The AGM Batteries have much thicker plates and is virtually dry and is completely sealed. The plates are covered with glass matting that absorbs the acid, making the battery virtually dry and able to take a much larger charge and discharge. This was found to be the best option for the new start-stop technology.

There are now other makes of cars such as the Jeep models that come with an Optima AGM battery that does the same job of supplying a good CCA for starting purposes and also keeping the cars computer system and many on-board electronics fully serviced, by the fact that the battery has a deep cycle capability.

This also applies to the trucking industry. Trojan are informing truck fleet users, the benefits of fitting Trojan batteries to their trucks, replacing the normal lead acid batteries that are fitted as original equipment.

The Trojan  are one of the best quality batteries in the world and are manufactured to alloy very deep cycles, without damaging the battery. The necessity to upgrade the battery comes with the fact that these vehicles use much more power with high demand at certain times, making it necessary to fit a deep cycle battery. The drivers sleeper cab is very often fitted with cooking facilities and even a TV like a mini RV vehicle, and so requires an AGM battery such as the Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries.

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