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Nissan Leaf Batteries-Want To Buy, Not Lease, Replacement- Electric- Car Batteries

Nissan Leaf Batteries Nissan Leaf Batteries Owners Want To Buy, Not Lease, Replacement Batteries Nissan North America in June launched its LEAF battery replacement program, designed to give owners of high-mileage LEAFs a way to ensure that their…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Lithium-Ion Electric car batteries

This is news to me but possibly good news, I wonder if in the future the battery market will be like it is today. With many manufacturers selling to many dealers as a World wide

Nissan Leaf Batteries

Hydrogen cells are one of the competitors to the Nissan Leaf Batteries lithium-Ion cars of the future

market, or will the car makers try to keep the cheapest car batteries to themselves.

Certainly according to this report the customers want to buy their own Nissan Leaf Batteries and source them at the best price when they need replacing, at the moment i can not think past the post and can not imagine what the size of the battery market will be  when the cars become second and third hand.

At the moment we have a vibrant battery market, with many companies large and small having a share in the market ,but will this always be the case ?. Lithium-Ion batteries are now looking like the battery that will be used as the Nissan Leaf Batteries , along with other technologies, such as Hydrogen fuel calls. Another big development is with the Start-Stop car battery. You may ask How Does Stop Start Work?. This operates on the what you could call standard type vehicles and works by the cars engine being switched off when the car stop and re-starting when the car starts again saving fuel in the process. These batteries are 12 Volt Battery technology and are lead acid batteries and AGM batteries, this is because of the higher charging cycles that are available with different materials used in the making of the plates.

What do you think Eric Roberts..

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Solar Power-Used for use With Battery Charging and night battery storage

Solar Power

Waka-Waka bring out new SOLAR POWER battery charger

A Dutch company who have invented many types of Solar power battery chargers and light, mainly for the developing countries, who do not have a stable electric power system, has come up with a great product now named as the Waka-Waka-power .solar power battery

The WWP (WAKA-WAKA-POWER) has been designed with a joint venture from a team of micro chip makers to make the WWP much slimmer and more lighter than its predecessor the WAKA-WAKA-LIGHT.

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“Place Waka Waka Power in direct sunlight for a whole day and you will notice that the battery will be completely full, even if you live in New York or Seattle (where the intensity of the sun is far less than in Texas). The capacity of the battery is large enough to fully operate most mobile phone from completely depleted, to practically full. On top of this, you will have 10 or more hours of excellent reading light as well. If you don’t charge your phone or tablet, as said before, you can have more than 40 hours of light.”…

New technology used in developing countries.

In my opinion this is a great breakthrough for suns energy, both in the developing countries and to contribute towards the rest of the Worlds green energy and storage problems the combined saving in energy costs must be phenomenal, if people used this charging device to charge up their mobile phones including the new type phones from this sun powered WWP  solar charging machine.

This is truly a great invention by this Dutch company and in my opinion the way forward and will also eliminate the use kerosene, that is the liquid fuel used by so many African families for their lighting on a night time and causes so many burning accidents to the users.

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 Solar Power More Reading…

“ You live in a place near the equator. The climate is nice and your bananas grow well, but due the latitude it gets dark at around 6pm/18.00 hrs. And pretty fast as well,

solar power storage

Roof tiles that blend into the rest of the roof are now the latest solar panels to be used in the building of new houses in some countries.

there is hardly any twilight as many people that live at higher latitudes know it. Here, it is like a light-switch has been turned off: within a few minutes it is dark. Pitch dark”…

The WWP company brought out the WWK Light to try eliminate the use of kerosene fluid for lighting. This new invention has taken to the next stage the power of the equipment to use solar power to help these people and now the rest of the World in the quest for greener and safer energy.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and the Cheap Solar power Storage Battery business now for 40 years. Working for a couple of national tyre companies. Hence, before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated-Bank of 1440 lithium-ion batteries to make power grid smarter

Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated

lithium-ion batteries

Banks of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Post Updated 10th Jan 2014

Wall Street Journal

Bank of 1440 lithium-ion batteries to make power grid smarter

A bank of Lithium-Ion Batteries Updated- big enough to supply about 500 U.S.

Great way to use lithium-ion batteries

This is one of the most productive ways I have seen. Hence, to produce battery power from lithium technology. Including, the run of things going wrong with this battery type.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries warning sign

May be coming to an end but only time will tell. Scientists that constructed this giant  bank. As a result, must be confident of its success.Experimenting, by using smaller banks.So before en- barking on this massive 1440 batteries in one system. Also noticing the large amount of fire extinguishers in the image.

lithium-Ion technology is now used on many applications.Therefore, I have just been offered some 22amp golf batteries built with Lithium technology. Of course,I am not sure if they stand the test of time. Thus, regarding the fire problems that they have been only time will tell. Of course,the use of them in battery storage will be strictly controlled by temperature monitoring having on certain aircraft, i suppose devices, so i suppose that the overheating and fire problem will not exist.

To update this post, Lithium-ion batteries are now taking off and are used on a number of applications. These are from portable power drills to golf trolley and mobility vehicles. i still feel though that other technologies will be around in the near future, including our old favorite, lead acid batteries.

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Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Now owning a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

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Golf cart batteries-Deep Cycle- are also deep-cycle and are the most suitable for…

Golf cart batteries-Deep Cycle

Golf cart batteries-Deep Cycle

Pro Golf 16 amp lithium battery

Golf cart batteries-Deep Cycle

Golf cart batteries are also deep-cycle and are the most suitable for use in electric car conversions, where you do not have the access to state-of-the art technology, like electric car manufacturers have.

Deep cycle batteries can be depleted to 80% of their charge before they need to be topped up.

( Marine batteries, are sometimes called ‘deep-cycle’ and sometimes used for electric vehicles, but are not recommended because they are not true deep-cycle, more like ‘mid-cycle’ and have too short a life.).

Electric car batteries work the opposite way.

Batteries are used in gas car engines as well as electric cars. Electric car batteries are deep-cycle ones. Shallow-cycle means that if you leave the lights on overnight, 5% of the battery will be depleted and it will go flat. You’ll have to find some kind person with a jump lead to give you back enough charge to get you going again.

Golf cart batteries-Deep Cycle

Batteries are used in gas car engines as well as electric cars. Gas cars use shallow-cycle batteries. Electric cart batteries are deep-cycle ones. Deep cycle batteries are used in solar panels, so that when the sun does shine, you can get most of that power over a long period. Other types of deep-cycle batteries are those used in heavy-duty machinery, like forklifts.

Electric car batteries work the opposite way. They are made of stronger, metal electrolyte plates. They are ‘deep-cycle’, because they need to provide a lot of power over a long period before recharging is possible. A gas-car battery is made up of light foil electrolyte plates. This small battery is only needed to power the ignition, lights and other accessories. As a result AGM deep cycle batteries are still king.

Eric Roberts

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Solar Panels Quantity- How Many are Needed To Power supply your House with energy?

If you care about the environment and want to lead a green friendly existence then solar panels are fantastic! What Solar Panels Quantity will reduce your carbon footprint.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Many people use Battery storage systems now with solar panels

Solar Panels Quantity

A small battery bank that can be used for solar energy storage


Solar power is now getting more popular, even here in the UK. You have only to drive around to see that many homes have now got solar panels on the roofs of their houses.

Solar Panels Quantity

The legal amount of Solar Panels Quantity in the UK is for a 16 panel system.

Here in the UK the Solar Panels Quantity is 16 panels per roof and the power produced goes in to the National Grid system. The money that is generated on the reverse meter is then deducted from the electricity that is used.

People also use solar panels on their mobile homes and touring caravans. This can also be used for power storage using an inverter and deep cycle AGM batteries to store the electricity for use at nigh-time. Many changes are now happening due to the increasing amount of homes across Europe that are taking up the generous offers from the various governments to install Solar Panels Quantity (Government Grants Solar Panels). Indeed i believe that  Germany produces half the electricity that the whole country generates. The UK are a bit slower but as i travel around you can see more and more homes installing the correct Solar Panels Quantity to their roofs, and now you can buy a Solar Panel Caravan.

Solar Panels Quantity, is also going to play a huge part in electric supply systems via solar power and wind turbines. The problem is at the moment, that the national electricity grids are having to cope with too many peaks and troughs. This can only be corrected by a battery system, a way of storing the energy supplied by the sun and then releasing it at night when the sun has set and the electric can be used to power households. The most efficient way to store the batteries at the moment is to use Deep Cell batteries, connected up in a battery bank and depending on what size you will need for your particular storage needs.

Tungstone Car Batteries- are Re-born again after closure due to imports

 Tungstone batteries stand for quality ?

As a car battery dealer for most of my working life, I am not surprised that this famous battery name from the past has cropped up again. The Tungstone Car Batteries name comes from the period that included other well known battery names such as Crompton  and indeed Oldham , who had a TV advert, which gave the battery an unforgettable slogan, “I Told,em Oldham”, probably best remembered by us older people. Tungstone Car Batteries

The difference now is that in the seventies they  were made in the UK, and now the batteries are imported and use the Tungstone Car Batteries name and logo. This came about because of a battle that took place between two of the largest battery wholesalers in the UK. Manbat and UKB are both from the Manchester area originally, and like the two football teams “City and United”, the companies are both arch rivals.

The two companies were in a bit of a battle to buy the Lucas battery name and logo, from a battery company that went into liquidation, located in Corby, in the Midlands area of the UK. I do not know the ins and outs of the different bids and how much the winners paid, but Manbat came away as winners and of course the famous name of Lucas batteries. Lucas no longer make car batteries and the products are sourced from battery manufacturers all over Europe, but the premium range of batteries are made by Johnson controls the same company that make Bosch and Varta batteries, and are of a very good pedigree.

In my opinion UKB were very disappointed that they were unable to acquire the Lucas brand name and so searched for the availability of some of the other battery brand names. They were able to identify the names that were up for sale and purchased the three names of Tungstone, Oldham and Crompton batteries, adding them to their own Platinum battery series. We at Batteriesontheweb  have now become Tungstone battery dealers in the West Yorkshire area of the UK and are very proud to be associated with this great name.

Tungstone Car Batteries bought direct

Eric Roberts remembers when he used to travel to Market Harborough and was able to buy a minimum of 100 Tungstone Car Batteries in a mixed order, my van was nearly touching the ground with the weight, but because we bought direct from the manufacturers we were able to make good profits, not like today when we only make a small profit, because we have to buy from the middle man as all the battery makers have moved out of the UK.

Tungstone Car Batteries

English: Filling a car battery with distilled water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article written by Eric Roberts

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of Discount Car Battery. The article may contain a link to BatteriesOnTheWeb where you can buy battery products online.

Spare Leisure battery-You Should Take Some Spare “LEISURE BATTERIES” On A Long Trip

Post Updated 9th Jan 2014

You need a Spare Leisure battery on land or at sea

When you think about it, it makes sense to carry at least one Spare Leisure battery with you, when you are traveling any sort of distance in your mobile home or touring caravan. I am sure that most sensible thing do is just that and take a Spare Leisure battery with you on their journey. I am of course talking about the people who go off religiously on their annual holidays and vacations,

Spare Leisure battery

As another update to this post i would like to mention the fact that many motor-home owners are now using solar panels to charge up their batteries and i think that this is a great move forward. A spare leisure battery would also be a good idea

touring on land or sailing the seas in their caravans, campervans , RV vehicles and boats.
The silver heads are the ones with the big budgets and have traded up to some wonderful and exotic vehicles that are the height of luxury , but large or small they all have one thing in common; that’s the fact that they all require a portable electric supply.
To keep up with the pace of the development of these vehicles, the manufacturing companies have come up with some great designs and powerful equipment for storing electricity. Our biggest seller at the moment is the 12 Volt Battery 110 amp maintenance free leisure battery that comes with its own carrying handle. This battery comes in single or double terminals, and comes in different shapes and sizes. This makes a great Spare Leisure battery?

The later makes it easy for connecting more than one  or connecting up other electrical items. They are available in a few brand names and comes sealed with a pressure blow off valve. This blow off valve makes them  leak proof but not totally sealed. This one is suitable for fresh water boats, but you would require a fully sealed AGM battery if you were using the boat at sea, this is because salt water and battery acid do not mix and if mixed they give off a poisonous gas.
Other leisure batteries are available and popular in 75 amp, 85 amp,and 100 amp sizes. The sizes depend on the room you have and also how much electricity you require to power your particular vehicle or boat, indeed not all travelers  need a 110 amp battery the other sizes are still very popular.
Going back to the Spare Leisure battery, it will help to ensure that boaters will not get stuck between ports, but remember make sure that you get the right battery for the water that you are sailing in, fresh or salt water. Acid

Just make sure that you  buy the correct Spare Leisure battery for the size of your RV or caravan, and make sure that you do not discharge it too much

Large motorhome ready to roll ?

from a battery will not mix with sea water and gives off poisonous gases.

Also whatever you are traveling in, make sure that you have a good charger, lack of charging,  is what causes many batteries to fail. If they are just not charged enough then the battery will  eventually  fail, this is where a Spare Leisure battery comes in.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind for you to find the correct marine batteries that is most suitable for the type of boat that you are going to be sailing in. One of the things that you have to decide on is whether to buy a portable battery charger or perhaps have one on board your boat all the time. You would not want to get stuck in the middle of the ocean waiting for help if your battery dies out, On board battery chargers will assure you that wherever you go a marine battery charger will always be available for emergency situations. A portable charger on the other hand is a great addition to any boat travel, as you can rest easy knowing that you have a backup if something happens to your on-board charger when dealing with dead batteries.

All the people who do there traveling on land do not have to worry about having to use AGM batteries or not,

Just make sure that you  buy the correct Spare Leisure battery for the size of your RV or caravan, and make sure that you do not discharge it too much, your Spare Leisure battery should not be discharged below 80% of its full capacity, this is thee reason that will cause a battery to fail and need replacing (Always keep a spare battery if possible). Leisure batteries can be bought online at great prices .
This article was written by Eric

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

096 Tungstone Batteries-are one of the best battery products you can find online.

096 Tungstone Batteries were always the best

096 Tungstone Batteries

096 Tungstone Batteries

A car battery is a very important part of you car. The  battery is essential as it starts the cars engine. If you own a car you know that a battery failure can lead to a lot of inconveniences. It is necessary to look for the best ones that will never fail you. When thinking of the best ones to buy it is essential that you consider 096 Tungstone Batteries.
There are so many manufacturers of car batteries. It is therefore necessary to consider the best. The leading manufacturers of car and motorcycles in UK for a long time are  Lucas and Varta .These are made by the famous Johnson Controls, who  have a reputable image in manufacture of battery products over many years. They have been known for offering the best types of car and motorcycle batteries.
Reliable quality is given the highest priority during the manufacture of these 096 Tungstone Batteries. These battery products are known for their exceptional quality and can be easily be distinguished from the rest. The 096 Tungstone Batteries are manufactured under very high level of technology. The batteries are also rechargeable. The batteries are manufactured in different sizes to fit different car needs of people. They store the energy for a very long time. Specialization in car batteries has ensured that our products are always at the front and leading in the battery market, including the leisure battery market.
These batteries are well known for their long lasting durability. They  have a life of more than five years and carry a manufacturers guarantee of three years . Once you buy them the  need to buy another battery can be kept completely out your mind for the next five years or more. Durability ensures you are always guaranteed proper function of the car, and  will always work with a minimum of fuss and problem free.

096 Tungstone Batteries are always available from our website

This ensures that the needs of all car drivers are adequately met. The battery products can be bought from online and shipped for those who live in extreme areas. Shipping is done at very low costs and should arrive on the next working day. This delivery is to most UK post codes.
Reviews from the customers are always welcomed by the manufacturers. They have made sure that customer needs are always met. The 096 Tungstone Batteries are sold with a warranty of three years. This is subject to the battery failing a battery test. The 12 Volt Battery are fitted free of charge when a battery purchase is made here at our Halifax fitting station
These battery products are available at excellent  prices. It is hard to find a high quality and reliable battery at such a price. The price of the battery is affordable by all car owners. An amazing thing is that the 096 Tungstone Batteries car products  are also sold at discounts on our website 

The price of the battery is affordable by all car owners. An amazing thing is that the 096 Tungstone Batteries car products  are also sold at discounts

By the early 1980s 017 Tungstone Batteries were one of the largest battery manufacturers in the country, producing more than 700,000 new ones every year.

When there are sales promotions our batteries are sold at a price that always leaves the customers happy.
A purchase of these products solves all the car batteries failure problems that you may of  experienced before. Many of our customers who have purchased our batteries have always highly rated them. Previous customers have always testified of the exceptional qualities of them. When one is thinking of the best batteries without any failure it is necessary to consider 096 Tungstone Batteries.


Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

069 Bentley Battery-Bentley Brooklands calls in to Pellon Tyres for a New Battery Fitting.

069 Bentley Battery

Beautiful Bentley calls in for a new 069 Bentley Battery fitting

On a  lovely sunny day last week. We had a very special car call in for the  Battery testing. Hence, the car was a Bentley. Subsequently, the owner told us a bit of the history of the car. For this reason he explained that the car was indeed a Bentley Brooklands . Because of special extras that the car was kitted out with. Thus , car shone in the Winter sun. Therefore, attracted attention from some of our other customers . Who were  in the garage at the time. As a result, I certainly had to go look and took this picture for my blog.

Incidentally the car was fitted with an 069 Bentley Battery, this is the most common battery fitted to these cars.  

 Brookland Cars continued Bentley’s relatively angular design theme. which was also used on contemporary Rolls-Royce vehicles. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Accordingly, the exterior design featured the classic Bentley waterfall grille . As well as dual headlights with wraparound parking lights. As in many Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles.

Then the Brooklands also featured the trademark descending boot lid and chrome B-pillars. Remarkably,the interior remained relatively unchanged . Thus, from previous Bentley models . With a more curvaceous design elements surrounding the leather-wrapped centre console. Moreover, the steering wheel and interior door panels remained unchanged.

Although the one major change . Would be the relocation of the gear selector to the centre console . For decades the standard practice among R-R and and Bentley models utilised a steering column mounted selector. The interior continued to be surrounded by ample wood grain which featured engraved, lighter-colored outlines on the door panels.In the U.S. prices for the Brooklands started at around $156,500…

The 069 has now become a very popular battery size. It is fitted to many car models, including many imported cars, such as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi and many more.

069 Bentley Battery

Beautiful Bentley Brooklands calls in for a 069 Bentley Battery


Free gift mobility Batteries- for Disabled mobility scooter driver Eileen in Lancashire UK

Free gift mobility Batteries

Eileen gets her Christmas gift 2x new 42 amp Free gift mobility Batteries

Free gift mobility Batteries

Happy on her mobility scooter with the Free gift mobility Batteries

Toronto Star
Star readers give gift of mobility
Toronto Star
The strangers were Star readers, who spotted my column on Christmas Eve and were moved by Daigle’s Dickensian predicament.


eric roberts‘s insight:

We  also gave a gift of two Free gift mobility Batteries ?

Just before Christmas. I was delivering a car battery to a customer in Dingle Lancashire the UK. Subsequently, I happened to take the the wrong turning into the neighbors drive. Soon, I realised that I was at the wrong delivery address. Because all that was there was a small wooden stable and a horse.

Consequently, I got out of the van. Soon, I was approached by a lady in her late fifties. To my surprise, she had lost her legs below her knees.As a result, she was walking on her knee stumps. The lady was stood up but only came up to my chest in height. My delivery van is covered with large pictures of mobility batteries for advertising. I noticed that the lady spotted this.

She asked me the price of batteries for her mobility scooter. Unfortunately, she said that she could not afford to buy any new batteries. As her present 12 Volt Battery was old and running down. For this reason, I felt very sad for lady.Hence, and continued to next door to deliver the car battery. Eileen is severely disabled after having both legs amputated.In a motorcycle accident. For this reason, her only means of getting about was on her mobility scooter. Which is battery powered. She does not have any prosthetic limbs for whatever reason. Eileen, relies totally on her mobility scooter. It was very strange to see her mount the scooter.Because she has developed a special knack for lifting herself up. Using, her now very strong arms.

Free gift mobility Batteries

The guy next door told me that Eileen could not afford to buy any new scooter batteries. Especially as how she was practically house bound. This pulled at my heartstrings. Therefore, being a good Christian i decided to give her two Free gift mobility Batteries. I returned to my stores in Halifax, Yorkshire UK and collected the two Free gift mobility Batteries to give to Eileen. I would have been choked to give her the  Free gift mobility Batteries direct and so i called into Eileen’s

 Free gift mobility Batteries

Free gift mobility Batteries for Eileen

neighbour who had bought the original battery.

The guy in and when i told him what i was doing he had a tear in his eye. I gave him the Free gift mobility Batteries, to give to Eileen, when i had gone back to Yorkshire. He telephoned me the next day to say that she could not believe what i had done for her, and she sent me a lovely Christmas card.

As an update to this Eileen is still going strong and looks after some horses for a good friend, she is still getting about on her mobility scooter and the Mobility scooter batteries, that i gave her are also  still going strong.


Mobility batteries


Post compiled by Eric Roberts…